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Bhagavatha Purana-Part II

Updated on December 14, 2011

Krishna, the charming boy in Gokulam!

Though mother Devaki gave birth to Sri Krishna in the prison cell, he has chosen to be brought up by his foster mother "Yashoda". In this respect, many acclaim the fortune of the foster mother more than the real mother. Yashoda never knew that her baby girl was replaced by a baby boy who was born to Devaki! She was tired and asleep after the birth of her baby girl. How all this happened is really a miracle since none knew what happened in the middle nor any body was aware of the birth of the baby girl. Everybody in the house was in a trance and none could recollect what happened in the middle. Only Devaki and Vasudeva who are in prison cell are aware of the events and they never revealed this matter to any fearing danger to their child at Gokulam.

But the baby girl who flew from his hand, revealed the fact to King Kamsa, that the boy who is going to kill Kamsa is already born and is growing in a distant village. In Gokulam, the baby was growing as a charming child and every visitor to the house came there under one pretext or other to fondle the baby. The baby was in cradle. King Kamsa has sent a demon to kill the baby who took the form of a woman. She came near the house, the baby was resting. When nobody was near the child, she took the baby in her lap and tried to suckle her. In fact, she applied poison to her nipples so that when the baby suckles, it will imbibe the poison and die. But what happened was a miracle! The baby Krishna suckled and in that process, it sucked the life of the demon. Immediately, the demon let out a horrible cry and died. On hearing the cry, the foster mother came to witness the strange scene!

In a second incident, another demon was sent as a big crane and flew over the place where Krishna was playing. It came near Krishna to devour the baby. But the baby boy caught hold of the beak of the crane and torn it aside and killed it. How it could achieve this was a divine miracle. The boys who were playing there were bewildered by the scene.

In the third incident, a demon calf was sent by Kamsa to finish the boy. The baby caught hold of the hind legs of the calf and dashed it on the ground to kill it. Likewise, all the attempts of Kamsa to kill the boy became futile. Now Krishna grew up as a beautiful boy and started going out along the cattle for grazing. He was fond of butter and he was indulging in many pranks like stealing the butter stealthily from the houses of gopis(who tend cattle and sell the diary products). Though they were fond of Krishna, they suffered at the hands of Krishna who used to break their pots containing butter milk for selling. They used to complain this matter to his foster mother Yasodha. His mother used to scold Krishna why he does all this when there is plenty of butter in their house? But, Krishna never stopped his pranks. His plays are charming. All the accomplishes of Krishna used to climb the trees and hand upside down. They will jump on the ground from the tree. They will run chasing each other. But, Krishna had a flute made of bamboo and he used to play melodious tunes. The entire cattle will stop grazing and come near the place where Krishna was playing his tunes. The entire place will become stand still. Even the birds stopped chirping and heard the beautiful music flowed from Krishna's divine flute! Rest in next part.

Baby krishna eating butter.


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