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Bhagavatha Purana - Part V.

Updated on December 23, 2011

Krishna kill many demons and releases the angels from curse.

The episodes of Krishna in Gokulam village.

Kamsa was wary of Krishna. He somehow wanted to finish him. But who can change destiny? As King Kamsa was sending more and more demons to kill Krishna, all of them were vanquished by Krishna in no time. Every body were thinking, that he is a boy but Krishna has revealed several times that He is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and he has come specifically to destroy the wicked and foster the people who are gentle and peace loving. He knew when and where he has to embark on his great actions. In the remaining time, he played with the boys of his equal age, tending the cows and calf and stealing butter whenever chance permits.

One day, the play mates of Krishna found that there was a big cave in a place which was not seen by any before. Krishna knew for sure that it is the handiwork of a ferocious demon came to kill him. He pretended he was innocent about the cave. Then he along with his entire group of friends and cattle went inside the cave which was long and deep. After every body entered, the demon closed its mouth. In fact the demon was deceiving the innocents cowherds and assumed the form of cave with his wide open mouth. None could surmise any mischief. After entering into the cave like body, Krishna started hurting the demon from inside. The demon thought that every one would perish. But Krishna assumed a big form and the stomach of the demon in the form of a big snake could not contain the big growing form of Krishna and ultimately the demon was killed and Krishna and the cattle along with his friends came out unhurt safely.

Hearing about the failure of his plan, Kamsa sent a demon who assumed the form of a cart and the cart was coming with great speed to dash Krishna to the ground. Krishna moved to the side and caught hold of the wheels of the cart and started rotating the entire cart with great speed. The demon in the form of the cart suffered untold misery and pain when Krishna turned it round and removed the wheels and broken it to pieces. The demon also laid down his lives as the cart was broken.

Here I remember one more child hood story of Krishna which is nectarine. When Krishna was a toddler, his foster mother Yashodha some times got angry with the child for the mischief it indulges. Hence, she wanted to tie the baby to a huge stone pulverizer in which the woman used to put the grain to pulverize. It was huge stone and hence it was very much heavy. Yashodha tried to tie the child Krishna to it. She brought a length of rope and tried to wound around the waist of the baby. But it fell short. Then she brought a lengthier rope. With that also she could not tie him since it was also short. Likewise she tried even lengthier one but none could tie the Lord in the form of Krishna. Finding that his mother is sweating to tie him with the rope, Krishna submitted himself. Then only she could tie him. Then she connected the rope to the stone grinder. She knew that even a sturdy man can not move it. She left the child Krishna there and went inside to attend some core.

The child Krishna tilted the stone without effort and it now resembled a roller. Then he dragged the roller stone behind him and he was moving towards the garden with the roller moving behind him. Suddenly, he went through the gap between two big trees. Unfortunately, the roller could not negotiate the gap. But Krishna pulled it from front. In the impact, both the big trees were uprooted and two angels manifested in the place of the tree. They prostrated to the child for relieving them from a curse. The recluse who pronounced the curse on the angels to become a tree told them the remedy too. When the Lord Mahavishnu incarnates in the world, he will release both of you even when he was just a child. Hence it happened in the exact way as the recluse promised. It is only for releasing the angels, Krishna dragged the stone roller behind him. Rest in next part.


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