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Bhagawatha Purana - Part IX

Updated on December 27, 2011

Krishna with his flute!

Arjuna brings the sad news of Krishna's departure!

Arjuna started back to Hasthinapura with a heavy heart. He could not save a single person as instructed by Krishna since all his valor left him abruptly after the departure of Krishna.

All his brothers meanwhile were in Hasthinapura after the great war of Kurukshethra. All the hundred sons of the blind king Dritharashtra perished in the war due to their own bad deeds. But Dharmaraja was seeing some bad omens all round. Wherever he turned his head, he received only bad tidings. His heart was aching apprehending some calamity. They were not aware that Krishna, their only guardian has chosen to exit from the earthly scene.

The brothers were concerned with the deep anguish of the elder brother Dharmaraja. Bhima told Dharmaraja, that he would go to Mathura to ascertain the welfare of Krishna and others. Meanwhile they found that Arjuna was entering the palace but he has not exhibited any signs of happiness. Dharmaraja could understand that something has transpired in Mathura. Hence as soon as Arjuna entered he caught hold of the hand of Arjuna. But Arjuna fell down at the feet of his elder brother shedding profuse tears. Dharmaraja could not contain himself. He was demanding from Arjuna about the welfare of Krishna and others. Arjuna could not talk coherently. His mind was vacant due to the sad news of Krishna’s departure from earth. After a while, Dharmaraja asked him the specific question about Krishna’s welfare. Arjuna told the sad news amidst sobs that “Krishna had left for His Divine abode”. It was as though a thunderbolt struck them. Everybody were wailing and crying. The youngest one closed the doors of entrance. Now Dharmaraja and brothers could understand the grief they had felt earlier. It was their affection and reverence to Krishna! They have escaped from many calamities only due to the grace of Krishna. Each time, they faced a mishap, Krishna intercepted and saved them! Hence none could contain the grief.

Arjuna has shown the handwritten message of Krishna before he departed to Vaikunta. Dharmaraja pressed the letter to his bosom and shed tears. He felt sad that Arjuna could not save a soul from the great catastrophe. News spread quickly to the inner apartments of the palace. Mother Kunthi reached the place where her sons were wailing. She heard the news. She said, Oh Krishna Krishna and fell down leaving her physical frame. Rest in next part.


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