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15 Tips for Bible Verse Memory - Learn to Memorize Scripture Today!

Updated on September 19, 2013

Bible Memory - Tips to memorize more

Are you having a tough time memorizing the Bible? Try some of these tips today! (Photo by Darren Hester)
Are you having a tough time memorizing the Bible? Try some of these tips today! (Photo by Darren Hester)

Memorizing the Bible can be a great way to grow spiritually and learn more about God

Are you having a tough time with Bible memory? Do you feel like it just isn’t all that important? Well, do not worry, because lots of people find if tough, or uninteresting, but the key is to keep working at it. Hopefully some of the information here will also help you out.

There are several different methods for memorizing scripture. One that is very common is to simply write out the verse or verses you want to memorize on a small index card and then carry that with you and read it as often as you can.

Another option, that is very new, is to use Bible memory software on your computer. We all spend lots of time on our computers, and now with this software, you can spend some of it memorizing the Bible.

A website called LeaderNexus offers some great spiritual growth software that also allows you to practice memorizing scripture. Check out the software at their website if you are interested in that. Their link is in the links area below.

Bible Memory: Why it’s important, and how you can start memorizing today!

Why is Bible memory important?

Memorizing the Bible makes it possible to always have the Bible available - even when you have no written Bible with you. It is important because you can rely on scripture when you face a tough situation or serious temptation. Scripture can also be uplifting and comforting when you are having a bad day.

But one of the most convincing reasons for memorizing the Bible Is found in John Piper's sermon ”If My Words Abide in You”. When you memorize scripture, it will have a profound effect on you and will change even the way you think and act. (Check out Pipers video, its just below this article!)

Want to learn about Christian Spiritual Growth? Read my hub about it!

So, Bible memory is important, but how can you do it? Continue on to find out!

15 Strategies and Tips to Memorize the Bible

15 Strategies for memorizing the Bible:

Whether you are trying to memorize your first verse, or you already have chapters done, these tricks should help you memorize more scripture!

1. Read it over and over. Did you know you can memorize the Bible while doing your morning devotional? Instead of charging through your reading for the day, take time to carefully read, and reread a small section of verses.

2. Stay on track. It is easy to let the mind wander, so keep it focused while you are memorizing scripture. If something important does pop into your head, write it down and then go back to memorizing. Also, make sure that all distractions are gone. That means turn off the TV, turn off the radio, and just focus on the Bible.

3. Visualize what you are reading. Try to make a mental picture of the verse in your mind. Everyone memorizes things differently and for some this might be the best way to remember scripture..

4. Create anchor words. Pick out key words in the verses you memorize that you really focus on remembering. Use these words to help remind yourself of the verse.

5. Recognize patterns. Sometimes a verse, or collection of verses, follows a pattern. If it will help you, try to pick out patterns to help remember the verse or verses.

6. Start off easy. There are some very long and difficult verses in the Bible, do not start with these! Instead, try some of the shorter, more easy to memorize verses. A good one is John 3:16.

7. Keep it varied. What I mean is, try memorizing a shorter verse, and then work on a more difficult one. Or try a verse from the Old Testament, and then one from the New Testament. That way you will keep your brain from being burned out by trying to memorize too much.

8. Build associations. If it will help, try to associate certain verses with thoughts or mental images to make it easier to remember hard verses.

9. Use a reminder. Once you have memorized a group of verses, don't be afraid to keep a sheet of paper nearby with keywords or section headings to help you out when you need a reminder.

10. Stick to a ritual. If you find that you can memorize best in the mornings after your devotion time, then stick with that. Don’t be afraid to try memorizing at different times and places, but if you find a good time, stick with it. Some people like to memorize while they drive, or others while they work, find a time that works best for you.

11. Turn it into a song. Sometimes a great way to memorize is to sing the verse or make it a song. Verses, especially psalms, are great to sing. So give it a try sometime.

12. Try mnemonic devices. Many of us learned ROY G BIV to remember the colors of the rainbow. Make up your own device to help you remember verses.

13. Type it up. A great way to help you memorize, especially while on your computer, is to try typing it up. Not once or twice, but maybe around 10 times. Whatever helps to make it stick in your mind.

14. Listen to it. Try buying CD’s with the Bible on them and then go to the verses you are working on and listen to them. This would be a great thing to do especially when you are driving or working.

15. Finally, use Bible Memory software. Bible memory software can help you memorize the Bible while you are working on your computer. If you spend a lot of time on your computer, consider checking out some Bible memory software today!

Now it's your Turn,

So now it is time for you to go and give some of these tricks a try. If some of them don’t work for you, that is fine, just move on and find what does work well.

If you have any more tricks or methods for memorizing the Bible, please post them in the comments!

Memorizing the Bible

Bible Memory index cards that help with memorizing verses of the Bible.
Bible Memory index cards that help with memorizing verses of the Bible.

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    Peter V 5 years ago from At the Beach in Florida

    MarleneB - Thanks! I wrote this hub a few years ago when I was also writing for the website Sadly, I don't think the website has been kept updated but I did write a lot of articles on leadership for that website that are still up. Thanks for dropping by!

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    Marlene Bertrand 5 years ago from Northern California, USA

    These area lot of excellent tips. I'll also look into LeaderNexus.

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    Betty Bolden 6 years ago from Bucyrus Ohio

    great hub, when i need a scripture God sends it to me right at that momenty

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    A great resource - 15 Strategies for memorizing the Bible. Thanks for the hub. Keep it coming.

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