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Bible Prophecy - Toward the Cross

Updated on March 9, 2013

Jesus Christ was condemned at the Roman judgement seat, Bema Seat, located in the Antonia Fortress. Once driven outside, he carried his cross along the "Via Dolorosa", Latin for the way of suffering or grief. He carried it from the Judgement Hall through the City of Jerusalem. He exited (probably) at the Jaffa Gate of the West Wall. It is known as the "gate of the friend."

The West Wall is the "Wailing Wall" of today. It is all that remains of the Jerusalem of that day.

Once outside the city, He ascended the rise called Golgotha, the Greek transliteration of the Aramaic (quasi-Hebrew) word "golguleth" meaning (the place of) the skull. It is the same place we call Calvary, from the Latin, Calvariae Locus.

The actual locations and pathsof Jesus ordeal are not known. Most are supposition based on tradition and facts of architecture, and may be correct in certain presentations.

There are many traditions associated with this journey. Most are traditions and facinating but untrue stories as the Bible gives little information about the half mile gauntlet of Jesus.

Simon of Cyrene was made to carry the cross, and Jesus conversed with the women following his journey, Luke 23:28, but that is about it. There is no mention of Mary having given Jesus a sip of water or that He fell on the Via.

Some incidents, such as signified by the "stations of the cross" may have been so, but the Bible does not record it.

And then there are other stories which on their surface show themselves to be imagination, such as the following two stories.

The robin got its red breast when it got the blood of Christ on itself while plucking thorns from Jesus brow on the way to the hill. A facinating childrens story.

But then other stories are not "bedtime stories." They actually go against scripture yet are believed by many. The state of Grace of Gypsies is one of them.

Gypsies are forgiven for all wrongs because Simon of Cyrene carried the cross for a while, Luke 23:26.

Simon was from Cyrene in northern Africa. Cyrene is in Libya. But, more properly Libya was a part of Egypt of the day, both of which were part of the Ptolemy empire. Gypsy is an English corruption of Egyptian. Simon's action of assisting Jesus was the basis for God granting eternal forgiveness of all sin to all Gypsies.

Of all the issues and stories regarding the journey from the judgement hall and up the Via to Calvary, only the act of Simon carrying the cross is a Biblical fact and a conversation with the women that following the procession have a Biblical basis. And none of these are prophesy. They are truth, traditions and fairtales.

From the hall of judgement to the top of the hill, the Bible is silent as to any other happenings along the Via Dolorosa.

And the configuration of the "cross" is another of the time consuming debates regarding the crucifixion. The Greek word, "stauros", which is used includes several configurations, the two most noted are the single straight post and the double crossed timbers. Each was used by the Romans. As to the actual configuation, that is a study itself.

But then comes several of the most profound Bible prophecies ever fulfilled by the enemies of God.

As we read the accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, regarding those around the actual cross on which Christ died, we need only turn back to Psalm 22.

Psalm 22 was written approximately 1000 years before the Four Gospels. One may argue that the Gospels were written with the knowledge of Pslam 22 to complete the prophecy. But this does not negate the actions of the players at the crucifiction site, Jews and Gentiles alike.

Nor does the lack of argumentative history support this goal. On the contrary, there is historical text available from ancient writings of Jews and Gentiles attesting to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ as presented by the Bible.

We'll examine what happened "At the Cross" next time when we will once again see the enemies of God fulfilled the prophecies of God.


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