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Bible Prophecy - At the Cross

Updated on March 24, 2013

"At the Cross" on Calvary, we find the most profound prophecies to date.

We have been told that many things would happen to our Lord at the hands of the "religious leaders" of the day. Some of these were not were not direct prophecies of the Bible, but an insight into the evil of man’s heart. These things were fulfilled.

We are seeing that same evil evolving in what mankind, especially in America, has termed "diversity." This same diversity manifested itself 2000 years ago in the actions of those that would kill Christ for gain of power and money. And that diversity included manipulating people to be a part of a plan so that none could point a finger at another and say "It was your fault alone." This is the outcome of such diversity. It is like a drunkard buying another drunkard’s drinks or a harlot enticing another with words and actions, "Come be apart of my world." It satisfies the moment.

Jesus was brought before his own people. Then he was taken before a foreign people. Then he was taken before people that had an ancestral connection, a mixed race. Then he was paraded before all of them and was tried and convicted by them. He was convicted not for what he did but for what it did to their importance and desires. So now we see that the many heads of sin; greed, hate, envy, "diversity" and all the rest drove him to Calvary.

But let’s understand that when we say "drove" it was not their sinful ways that drove him, but because of their/our sinful ways. He did it voluntarily because of the love he had for them/us.

He knew the pain of what lay ahead and sweat "great drops of blood," Luke 22:44, but went anyway.

And his last act was one of giving, not their taking "He gave up the ghost" and died on that cross, Mark 15:37. And all the while those around him fulfilled the final prophecies of his earthly life.

Psalm 22:7 - Matthew 27:39-41; Psalm 22:8 - Mark 15:29-32; Psalm 22:12 - Luke 23:35-37; Psalm 22:16 - Luke 23:36/John 20:27; Psalm 22:17 - Mark 15:39-40;Psalm 22:18 - John 19:23-24.

Jesus Christ fulfilled these and many more prophecies, but as a non-participant as it were. Others did the machinations. He suffered and died as prophesied.

But he rose again, three days later. And that is the point of the work and prophecy.

Jesus Christ "is the end of the law for righteousness to every one tha believeth.", Romans 10:4. He is the one true savior of mankind, and none other, Acts 4:12.

This includes all those At the Cross.


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