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Bible Prophecy - The Pain of Love Begins

Updated on February 7, 2013

When Jesus was arrested, he was paraded before the three powers of the area. In each case he was mocked and beaten and spit upon, and finally scourged, all in fulfillment of prophecy, Isaiah 50:6; 52:14; 53:5.

Jesus was first beaten by the Jews, Matthew 26:67. Contrary to some thought, the soldiers here were the Temple guards, a group of Jewish soldiers. We find them again in Matthew 27:65 and 28:11.

Next he was beaten by the Idumeans, Luke 23:11. These are the personal guard and army of Kind Herod.

And last, he was beaten by the Romans, John 19:3. At this time, Rome ruled in Israel. Her soldiers were the policemen of the day.

And note here, the three sons of Noah are apparent.

Shem is the father of the Hebrews/Jews.

Edom/Esau is the father of the Idumeans, the progeny of Esau’s marriage to a Canaanite, the family of Ham.

And the Romans represent the gentile races fathered by Japheth. We find all their beginnings in Genesis 10.

In these "three sons" we find another prophecy of fulfilled, Isaiah 53:3. The word "men," by context, is all inclusive of mankind. All mankind is descendent from the sons of Noah.

We have to add that Jesus was crowned with a crown of thorns. There is a belief by some that Hebrew tradition crowned false prophets with thorns. But here the Romans are the ones that plaited the crown. If there was such tradition in Judaism, it is possible that the Romans are mocking the Jews for not following their own traditions.

While we can’t say it’s the reason for the crown, we do know the crown was made and placed on Christ’s head, Matthew 27:29, adding to the prophecy of abuse stated in Isaiah, above, as well as Psalm 22.

The specific thorn of scripture is not given but the Zizyphus Spina Christi or Christ's Thorn Jujube is believed to be the plant used. This tree may have thorns from 1 to 3 inches in length. If this is the correct "thorn," it makes the abuse even more painful.

The thorns on the Jujube’s are paired at each point of growth. The is a straight thorn and a hooked thorn. In order to place the crown so as not to fall off, it would have to be pushed on which would cause the strait thrones to penetrate the skin on the downward motion. Then, as the crown would move about, the hooked thorns would do their work grabbing at the flesh to keep it from falling off. The pictures we see of Jesus and his crown, with few exceptions, do not depict this duality of pain.

In all this, Jesus had no say or part. His wicked adversaries, once again, fulfilled prophecy in and effort to disprove prophecy.


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