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Bible Prophecy - Total Rejection

Updated on February 17, 2013

In our last Hub we saw mankind, as a whole, debase and reject the Savior as predicted by Isaiah. In actuality, those that we named in the previous Hub were just representatives of the brutish behavior of which man is capable.

They were "soldiers" for the most part. They lived a brutal life and it became a part of their natural self. Except for the Bible saying we "are without excuse," Romans 1:18-20, one could understand their ignorance and debased morality. Yet, they were there all along as witnesses directly or conversationally, so they "are without excuse."

And later, we will see a change of heart in one centurion, Mark 15:39, and further on an even more debased person, a jailer, Act 16:30, so we know that no matter how bad one's morality is, God can shine through and save a soul. Normal intelligence will recognize the presence of God.

But now we look a little closer that this "rejection." The very people that "lived by the Book," that could recite Old Testatment verbatim, put the stamp of total rejection on the Lord. And, with an over abundant evil greed, used their office as "men of God" to incite others.

We note the attitude of the common people a week before the crucifixion, Matthew 21:8-9. This was a festive occasion. Their Holy Days were upon them. People from all over the Jewish world were gathered here to celebrate the Passover. Their minds were on the Book, and they recognized that Jesus fulfilled prophecy. They were calling on him directly to renew their kingdom. The recognition of who he was, was undeniable. Yet, some refused to see it.

The powerful, religous leaders could feel their "power" slipping away. Something had to be done to eradicate their opposition, Jesus the Messiah, Luke 19:47. But they did not want to just destroy him and his ministry, the wanted him "dead," Matthew 26:4.

These men were so blinded by greed which manifested in hatred, that they could not see, they were fulfilling prophecies, the same prophecies of the Messiah they preached each week in the Temples of Israel.

So in the first part of the week, the people were ecstatic and the priests were enraged. Now comes Friday morning and Jesus stands before Pilate. Pilate doesn't care one way or another if Jesus dies. He only wants a peaceful solution.

He knows the hypocrisy of the priests, Mark 15:10, but he totally misreads their power over the people.

Pilate offers a compromise and offers Barabbas, a convicted seditionist and murderer, confident the people will chose Jesus. One has to wonder why he even offered. Was there something Jesus had said that was on his mind? Tradition is Pilate and his wife later became believers.

But to Pilate's surprise, the offer was soundly rejected. The priests had already done their evil, Mark 15:11 and the people now voiced their demand, "crucify him," John 19:15.

Isaiah 53:3; He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.

The rejection prophesied by Isaiah is complete, by two standards; the prophesy is completed, and the people are complete in their rejection.

Once more, prophesy is completed by those that would disprove a prophesy.


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