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Bible Quiz

Updated on October 18, 2016

Kill all the Canaanites? Wouldn't that set a bad precedent?


Section I

Here is a short quiz to test your understanding of The Bible. Sections I and II cover The Book of Joshua. Answer the questions in section I True or False and then check your answer in section II.

1. The Lord made a covenant with Joshua and the Hebrews to enter the land of Canaan and take it as their own.

True or False

2. Jerusalem or Israel is the Holy Land.

True or False

3. The Lord fought for Israel.

True or False

4. The God of Israel is the God of Jesus.

True or False

Do not go to Section II until you have answered Section I.

Jesus did not condemn.

Jesus healed with forgiveness.
Jesus healed with forgiveness.

Section II

  1. False, The Lord did not make a covenant (agreement, contract, pledge) with Joshua to invade and kill for land because The Lord does not command or condone violence at any time. Any act springing from violence is void. If Joshua misunderstood The Lord, no covenant could form. Therefore there was no covenant.

  2. False, no land is holy because land is not alive. Only people may be more or less holy because people are alive. Land is certainly not holy if someone kills to get it. There is no holy land.

  3. False, The Lord does not use violence. The Lord certainly did not kill the women and children of Canaan and deem it holy. The Lord does not take sides in battles among his children. All people are the children of God.

  4. False, Jesus came to preach a new and different message from the Old Testament Judaism. In order to follow the God of Jesus you must renounce the God of Israel. Jesus taught a God of peace and forgiveness; Judaism teaches a God of Violence who takes the side of Israel. Choose peace.

Land does not become holy if you kill for it.

Jerusalem is not holy.  Land is not alive.
Jerusalem is not holy. Land is not alive.

Raise your ideal.

Raise your ideal to have a God who loves all his children and would not do violence to any of them. All violence in the world is a projection of Men, Not of God.

God is good and always has been good. God does not change. God is Not schizophrenic having outbursts of violence.

Will you renounce the depiction of God in the Old Testament for God depicted as Jesus?

See results

Section III

Here is a short quiz to test your understanding of The Bible. Sections III and IV cover The death of Jesus. Answer the questions in section III True or False and then check your answer in section IV.

Do you believe Jesus taught:

1. assisted suicide

2. government torture

3. the death penalty

4. crucifixion

Section IV

Jesus must have been in favor of assisted suicide, government torture, the death penalty and crucifixion or he would have left town and not participated in them.

Moral: Do not participate in activities you do not support or

Participate in activities you support.

Remember, sacrifice does not remove sin. It never did. The crucifixion of Jesus was unnecessary.

The Crucifixion of Jesus was unnecessary.

Suicide is Not the answer.
Suicide is Not the answer.


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