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Bible Sense For Today

Updated on February 13, 2010

Applications For Today

 The more I read Isaiah, the relevant his writings become for today. Not only does he give the most complete picture of Christ, but the Word the LORD has him deliver to Isreal is so relevant to us today.

Right off the bat in Chapter 1, he (The Lord) gives Isaiah the message for the people to "Give up your wicked ways." We all have them, at least I do. Wicked doesn't have to be going out and killing someone, but it could be how we misuse people that we live with, work with, go to church or school with, or live next door to them. Maybe we aren't into physical abuse but we sometimes purposefully say ugly things we know will hurt someone else.

Then he follows that with "Learn to do good, and see justice." How hard/easy is that.  I love watching children. Most of the lil' kids I know have been raised in homes where the parents are honest, and teach the kids to be honest. But when you watch a two or three year old who wants something that doesn't belong to them, they lie about who it belongs to, try to hide it from the adults who they already know will make them give it back. They must be taught how to do good, and why that's important in our families. Learning to live fair sometimes is easier said than done in a society of "I wants just because I want."

Then the LORD moves into telling Isaiah to tell the people to "Help the opressed." If we look at what is going on in the political arena, we see cutbacks happening to people who do not have the best financial means to represent themselves. Healthcare (medical and mental health) in some form should be a given to every person who is a legal citizen and has paid taxes. Medication should not be so high priced that the people who need them cannot afford them. Never should there be people sleeping in alleys, with only a piece of cardboard as their mattress and cover. Jobs are a must for any society.

"Defend the orphans."  How many children do we have in the system that have no permanent home? Yet, services (public and private) that would help these kids are the first to be cut by state and federal budgets.  Early education, prevention, recreational, and creativity programs are deemed unimportant to those who handle the money.

Next He says to "Fight for the Rights of widows." I don't know about other countries, but I was alive when the current welfare program actually rewarded needy families when there was no man in the house. Underemployed and unemployed men left families by the thousands so their wives and kids could benefit (eat/rent) from this "free money" the government offered. I remember when social workers would even make night time checks to peoples homes just to make sure a man was not there, or there was not a TV, toaster, or record player that shouldn't have been in the house - for real! Our government helped to make a lot of "widows and orphans" by creating policies that discouraged maintaining families, and encouraged separation, even giving timelines for filing for divorce.

Okay, so I've given some negatives that we can (I can) relate to today. Now, is it to late to reverse the situation that millions find themselves in?  I don't think so. We are a determined people. I believe that with the LORD all things are possible, and I believe in the power of prayer, united, consistent and fervant prayer. There is really power when each family teaches their own. The influence one family can make in a neighborhood is outstanding. Then when there are two or three that are doing the same thing we have a movement, and movements spread.

It's like the movement of the testimonies and steadfast love the disciples of Christ had for Him after He was gone. 2000 years later we are still devoted to Christ. When we live the precepts of Christ, we can change a nation back to the positive. This nation that through the good and the bad actions and decisions of the founders was started on the belief of "IN GOD WE TRUST," has been protected and blessed. We really need to get back to the living of INGOD WE TRUST. Now we see a weakening of everything we believed in... our educational system, our government and the people we send to represent us, our court system who all to often leave the poor out to hang in favor of the rich, and a weakening of our churches who seem to be afraid of stating what "Thus Saith the LORD." Following the example of Christ we as a country, as families, as individuals can only become stronger.


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    • writerjay profile imageAUTHOR

      Jay Johnson 

      8 years ago from Bellingham, WA

      HI Michael,

      Jay is my name and I am a preacher woman of 64 years old. Denomination christian, but am part of the Church of God, Anderson, Indiana. The Bible is so very facinating to how nothing has really changed but the style of clothes we wear, and the new technology. But as for us folks, we have stayed the same. Blessings to you, may the Lord and the gift He's blessed you with bring much favor.

    • Michael Shane profile image

      Michael Shane 

      8 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

      Nice Hub Preacher Man! I agree, we should help the opressed, defend the orphans, & definitely help the widows. I look foward to more sermons...What is your denomination?


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