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Bible Story of the Day: Holy Spirit

Updated on May 10, 2018

Bible Story of the Day

Scripture is the story of Jesus, from Genesis to Revelation. There are over 400 prophecies and representations of Jesus in the Old Testament alone. The Old Testament pointed forward to the coming Christ, and the New Testament points back to Jesus. The Bible is a record of redemption through Jesus Christ who conquered sin and death when He died on the cross and resurrected three days later. The New Testament was written almost 2000 years ago. Some of the Old Testament was written over 4000 years ago. The Bible Story of the Day not only shows Jesus throughout scripture but shows how scripture is relevant to our lives today. Seeing Jesus in scripture is a major step into understanding who our God is, and how He impacts and affects our lives in every moment. I pray that the Holy Spirit opens your mind to understanding the verses and how they affect your life and gives you a better understanding of our Lord Jesus Christ. I will post a link to the chapter that each passage is from, so that you can read further on your own.

Holy Spirit

Proverbs 1:23

“Turn to my reproof,
Behold, I will pour out my spirit on you;
I will make my words known to you. (NASB).

Where is Jesus and What Does This Mean to Us?

Jesus is speaking to us in Proverbs 1:23. He is telling us about the Holy Spirit. God, the father, Jesus, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the Helper are three persons of God. The word Trinity is not mentioned in scripture, but is a word created years later to explain the unity of three in one. This is a complex concept to understand and has caused division between Jews, Christians, and Muslims. All three religions believe in the God of Abraham, but Islam and Judaism do not accept Jesus as the Son of God. There are many more differences between the three religions, but for this piece I will only cover that major difference. The belief that it is Jesus speaking in this verse of Proverbs comes from a related verse in the New Testament:

John 16:7, "But I tell you the truth, it is to your advantage that I go away; for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you; but if I go, I will send Him to you." (NASB).

The true author of Proverbs said He will “pour out my spirit on you.” John writes that Jesus told them directly that, “I will send Him to you.” The connection between Old Testament and New Testament are clear to see. This is an excellent example of scripture proving itself and fulfilling itself. Jesus proclaimed that He would pour out the Holy Spirit onto us 700 years before He was born. His fulfillment of that promise occurred after His resurrection as He was speaking to the Disciples before He ascended to Heaven. The Holy Spirit is here now, available to all of us because Jesus sent Him.

What does this mean to us? Jesus keeps His promises. We are not alone. Times have changed from Old Testament and New Testament in what we call the “New Covenant”. Jesus told the people during Old Testament times that He will pour His Spirit onto us. Today, that Spirit is here for us. We do not have to wait. We can all receive the Holy Spirit. The days of David the Spirit was not available to everyone and would come and go based on God’s will. David wrote in Psalm 51:11, “Do not cast me away from Your presence, and do not take Your Holy Spirit from me.” (NASB). The Holy Spirit will not be taken away from anyone who receives it because Jesus has come and made a new covenant. God’s will is at work and He has given authority to Jesus. Jesus has allowed all of us to receive the Holy Spirit. This means that there is a guiding element in our lives that we can lean on and turn to that will help us live righteously in a fallen world.

The Holy Spirit convicts us of our sins. This is not a conviction like our justice system; this is an awareness brought to our minds when we live or act outside of how God wants us to live. The Holy Spirit does not condemn. That is Satan. The Holy Spirit tells us we have done wrong and to not do it again and leads us back to Jesus. He is our GPS. He helps us get back on the path. Without the Holy Spirit we are lost in the wilderness. Praise God that Jesus has sent the Helper.


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