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Is the Bible translated correctly?

Updated on June 27, 2014

Holy Bible

The Holy Bible was written over many years by many different people. It has also been translated into many different languages. Since man is sinful,how do we know the 66 books of the bible are what should be used? How do we know the various translations of the bible are accurate?

For Christians it should be pretty simple. Christians believe in God. We believe that God created the heavens and the earth. We believe that God created man, woman, all the creatures on the earth and in the earth. He created all the creatures in the seas and the birds of the air. We also believe that God has performed many miracles including the parting of the Red Sea as he had Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt. In essence we believe God created everything and can do anything.

We believe that the Holy Bible was written by men and women and was inspired by God. We believe the bible is a combination of God's love letter, history book and instruction manual for us. So let's stop and think about this for a minute. If God created everything and can do anything, and the Holy Bible is his instruction manual for us, doesn't it make sense that he would be sure that it is accurate? He would be sure that all of the books of the bible are the ones he wanted us to have. He would also be sure that all of the various translations were accurate.

Some may argue that there are not words in some languages that accurately translate into other languages. For example, some people say that there was not a Greek or Arabic word for "homosexual" and when the bible was translated to English, "homosexual" was added. This is the basis for some people's belief that homosexual marriage is okay. You must remember, however, that God can do anything. If God didn't like the English translation, He would not have allowed it translated the way it was. He could have even created a new word to mean what he wanted it to say. So when the English version says God does not approve of homosexuality, that is what he wanted it to say.

God created everything and can do anything so the bottom line is that God is going to be sure that His instruction book has all of the necessary books and is translated the way He wants it in any language. He wants us to be able to easily follow His instructions. After all, if you were going to give your children an instruction manual, wouldn't you be sure that it was accurate and they could understand it?


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