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Does Believing In the Bible Eliminate Believing In Life On Other Planets?

Updated on January 8, 2010

Does the Bible forbid life on other planets?

No it doesn't. When the Bible was written/organized, there was very little to no knowledge that planets existed, let alone other star systems with their own planets, and especially they were not aware of the billions upon billions of stars in our universe. So, for something written/organized thousands of years ago to deem that life does not exist on other planets is a bit of a stretch.

And if you were to look at it another way, had God and/or the writers of the various chapters of the Bible even so much as MENTIONED life on other planets - even to say that such does not exist - it would've forever given credence to the possibility. Have you read this verse: "Oh, by the way, all those billions upons billions of stars and their possible planetary systems you notice at night, there isn't life on any of those so you don't have to think about that ever again. God has spoken, so mote it be."

And what if it did? How would life on other planets affect Earth's spirituality, Heaven, hell, Jesus, and so on? The only way it could is if religious leaders told us to not believe and if we DID believe, then we'd go to hell. Otherwise, what are some religious people worried about? Heaven becoming overcrowded? God spending too much time at the other planets? It just doesn't make sense why there shouldn't, from a Christian/religious/biblical point of view, be life on other planets.


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