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Christian Games: Top 5 Bible Board Games

Updated on February 1, 2015

My family and I just love playing board games together, so much in fact we've instituted the famous Family Game Night into our household!

However one unique twist we've incorporated in our family night of fun and games is our faith in the Lord! Let me explain.

You may be surprised to know that many of your favorite party and board games are offered in Christian or Bible editions, ideal for Thursday night game night or as a family reunion game for next year's reunion!

So we've ditched the typical game of monopoly and poker, to play games with a little more substance. These games do more than just bring families together for a night of fun and games, but also teach children about life and love of our Christ and open the doors to communication with your kids.

These Bible board games are for older children, teens, and adults, but for families with very young children, check out this article about "The Top 5 Christian Games for Kids" for great Christian game options from toddlers to kindergartners!

1. Bible Trivia

The greatest book of all time comes to life in an awesome board game a favorite of my family! Over 700 trivia questions challenge players to relive the history, heroic characters and inspirational messages found in both the Old and New Testaments.

After playing this game, I could recite back several of the questions and answers back by memory. Learning about the Bible was both simple and fun!

Identify people, places, and events found in the sacred text, visiting biblical lands and remembering the men and women who lived and carried forward God's word.

Recommended for ages 7 and up, 2 to 4 players or teams.

2. Apples To Apples: Bible Edition

Prior to owning this version, I had never played a single of Apples to Apples, the game of making comparisons. In fact, while I stood at the store, reading the box, I thought to myself, "How could comparing words be fun, even funny?"

After fighting my hesitation, I bought it anyway and I'm so glad I did! Apples to Apples Bible Edition was a hilarious surprise, to say the least! It's one of the funnest Christian games we own!

One occasion while playing, the judges word was "Delicious," and the most comparable card from the other players was "Burnt Offerings." Even trying to give your reasoning can be hilarious! "It's like barbecue!"

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

3. Guesstures: Bible Edition

Guesstures Bible Edition turns up the heat on the tired game of charades. Use gestures to help your team guess the word printed on the card in only a few seconds without saying a word! If, and when,  they guess correctly, grab your card before it gets swallowed up by the word-hungry Mimer-Timer.

It's hilarious watching friends and family members act out scenes, words, or characters from the Bible! Not to mention seeing the look on their faces as they grab for falling cards just a second too late!

My family and I love to play this game. The range of questions makes this game fun for everyone, even children! It'll have you on your toes, that's for sure!

Recommended for ages 12 and up, 4 - 8 players, divided into teams.

4. Outburst: Bible Edition

Outburst Bible Edition is a fun, trivia-packed party game that's sure to get your family both laughing and learning at the same time! Its as easy as it is fun.

Each topic has 10 target answers. How many can you get? The fun begins when your team draws its very first topic. It could be “Names for Christ”, or “Animals in the Bible”, or “Sons of Jacob”.

Once you turn the 60-second timer, pandemonium breaks out! The team will be pouring out answers, shouting out possibilities, but remember only the 10 target answers score point, and they're real toughies!

Recommended ages 8 and up, players are divided into 2 teams.

5. Scattegories: Bible Edition

Silence is the name of the game, well actually, it's Scattegories, but you get my point. Although it may not be the loudest game, Scattegories Bible Edition will certainly entertain you and your family for hours of fun game play!

Roll the letter die to determine the key letter for that round. You roll a “C”. Now start the timer. How quickly can you think of a “Place Christ walked?.” Capernaum! “A name for the Holy Spirit?.” Comforter. You get the idea.

Scattergories Bible Edition is great family fun and a real discussion starter as you review your answers to categories such as “Things to forgive.”

Recommended for ages 8 and up, 2 to 4 player.


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    • profile image

      Valerie 2 years ago

      I just lucked up on this site and finding these board games and their description of how they are played I definately plan to buy a few to share at our family gatherings. Praise God!

    • profile image

      Christian Games 5 years ago

      I really like these games you have. My family and I love playing games that teaches about God.

    • Michael Adams1959 profile image

      Michael Adams1959 7 years ago from Wherever God leads us.

      I did not know about these games, thanks for the info!

    • In His Light profile image

      In His Light 7 years ago

      Awesome page, like seeing the variety that you have shown. Will have to check a few of these out. Thanks for all the info and God Bless. IHL