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Bible history - the building of Solomon Temple

Updated on November 26, 2010

The servants of Hiram bringing presents to King Solomon

Israel alliance with Phoenicia

At the establishment of the Israelitish monarchy Phoenicia was the chief commercial nation of the globe. Tyre, one of its cities had brought all other Phoenician cities under her supremacy, and had become the capital of the kingdom. Her ships ranged far and wide and brought every imaginable wealth from faraway ports to her shores.  Hiram, King of Tyre, made an alliance with David, and became the friend and ally of David's son and successor, Solomon. At the commencement of Solomon's reign, Hiram sent him rich presents. It was this alliance that enabled Solomon to secure the services of the Phoenician architects, the most skilful of their day, and the wood and stone needed, for the construction of the temple at Jerusalem. The Phoenician architects also constructed a palace for David on Mount Zion, and a larger and more splendid palace for Solomon, which is believed to have stood on Mount Moriah, adjoining the temple. The alliance with Phoenicia was of the greatest value to Solomon, but of little service to his people, enabling him to establish a valuable commerce with India and other nations which yielded large sums as profits to the royal treasury. It added nothing to the wealth of the people, who were required to contribute to its expenses without enjoying any of its profits. The connection of Israel with Phoenicia had a most pernicious effect upon the former nation. It established within Israel the worship of Baal and Ashtoreth, the chief deities of Phoenicia, and led the nation into a deep and most degrading idolatry, from which it took centuries of severe punishment and suffering to extricate it.

The building of Solomon Temple

Building the Temple

THE actual building of Solomon's Temple was commenced in the fourth year of the king's reign, and the four hundred and eightieth year from the Exodus, B. C. 1012. So complete were the preparations, that no sound of axe or hammer was heard about the building during its whole erection; and it was completed in seven and a half years, in the eighth month of the eleventh year of Solomon's reign, B. c. 1005. An arrangement was made, by which Hiram, the King of Tyre, gave cedars and fir-trees out of Lebanon, which his servants felled, while those of Solomon squared and fitted them for their places in the building. The prepared timber was brought down to the sea, and floated round to Joppa, whence Solomon undertook the thirty miles transport to Jerusalem.


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