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Daily Bible reading will help you get closer to God

Updated on March 14, 2015
Holy Bible
Holy Bible | Source

Why read the Bible

One of the most important thing for a Christian to do is to read the Bible daily. Daily Bible reading is important so you continue to learn and grow in your walk to be more Christ like. There are many Bible reading programs that people use, all of which are good if they get you reading Gods word every day.

I’ve come up with a system that I feel works great, this system gets you reading the books of the Bible that are the most useful to help you grow and learn more about Gods word, and you still will get through the entire Bible in less than a year.

For the past several years I have used different read through the Bible in a year plans, but I felt that I was spending a lot of time reading less important books and not reading the right books as much I needed. About five months ago I found a different plan that really made sense to me because it focused on spending more time reading the parts of the Bible that pertain to the things we need to know for living now. The plan I found was created by professor Horner. I loved the concept of his plan and was very excited about it.

End times

New book on signs of the end times. Are there signs of when Jesus will return.

Professor Horner system

Professor Horners system has you read ten chapters per day from ten lists of books of the Bible. The lists are set up so you read the best books more often. For instance, you read Acts and Proverbs, every month, while reading some of the Prophets and old testament history only once per year.

After reading with this program for 90 day I had a couple of things that I just didn’t like about it. One is the system is very complicated to track, you need to have ten bookmarks in your Bible and you can only use the same bible for all your reading or you don’t know where you are. The second thing I didn’t like is reading only one chapter from each book then going to a completely different book didn’t give me enough in each book at a time.

My system

My system uses the same concept but is much easier to track. You still read 10 chapters per day, but not out of ten different books. You read 10 chapters out of 1 or 2 books while still getting through the entire Bible in 308 days. You will also read through Acts and Proverbs in 42 days, the gospels in 63 days, and the entire New Testament every 63 days.

My system has 7 lists, one for each day of the week. You start at the top of the list and read ten chapters each day. For example, you read Matthew 1 thru 10 on Monday, then Tuesday you read Romans 1 thru 10, right through the week. The next week you read Matthew 11 thru 20 on Monday and Romans 11 thru 16 on Tuesday, as well as I Corinthians 1 thru 4 to get your 10 chapters in on Tuesday, etc. through the week.


As for tracking your reading, I have made a spreadsheet that you can download and track it on your computer, or you can print it out and carry it with you. In the narrow column next to the Bible books, just write down on paper, or enter on the computer the last chapter you read next to the book on the day your reading, do that every day to keep track of where you are, it all makes sense when you look at the spreadsheet.

Reading this way gives you a bigger chunk of the Bible book each day. I feel like I’m learning so much more reading the Bible with this plan than I have any other way I have read the Bible. It’s made a huge difference to me and I wanted to share it with everyone who is interested..


Another great thing about this system is if you would rather listen to an audio Bible, which I do sometimes, it’s much easier to listening to 10 chapters in a row, then to have to change to a different part on the audio every chapter. It makes it possible to listen on the drive to work or home after work.

It takes me about 35 to 45 minutes per day to read, a little longer if I listen to the audio. If you don’t have that much time, you can read any number of chapters per day and use the same system, you just won’t get through it as fast as what’s on the spreadsheet, but it will still serve the same purpose of getting you in the Bible every day, which is the most important thing.

Look at the spreadsheet, check it out and give it a try. I think you will like the system, and hopefully be as excited about it as I am. Drop me a note and let me know what you think, I would love to get your feedback.

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    • bockshiner profile image


      6 years ago from Dallas, TX

      Interesting. I've used Professor Horner's system before. I agree that it can be hard to track. I have an app on my Kindle Fire that will track the Prof. Horner system. I'm starting to do most of my Bible reading on the Kindle anyway. Your plan looks good.

    • spease profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Minneapolis Mn

      What I meant by more important parts I explained as parts that help up living to be more Christ like. The history parts in the Old Testament are important, but some books are more relevant to how we live.

    • liftandsoar profile image

      Frank P. Crane 

      7 years ago from Richmond, VA

      Have a problem calling some parts of the Bible more important than others. If it is all inspired and "profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work" then, how can we say one part is more important than the other?

    • Wealthmadehealthy profile image


      7 years ago from Somewhere in the Lone Star State

      I love reading my Bible. Yet, I do not skip around in it. If I am going to read the Book of Matthew, I will read several chapters, but bookmark so I may return to it the next time I pick it up. I also use eSword, which a free downloadable bible to your computer. For reference study it is wonderful, as it has a Lexicon for easily looking up the meanings of different things...Also it has as you are reading a chapter, other chapter and verse which are applicable to the verses you are reading. Enjoyed this. Everyone should have a plan to read as much as they can of this wonderful guidebook for life on a daily basis..


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