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Bigfoot - Has He Been Found?

Updated on November 7, 2017
Bigfoot in Leadsville, Colorado
Bigfoot in Leadsville, Colorado | Source

To date, there are no digital images or recent videos of Bigfoot. A poor, grainy-type footage is all we have and this is inconclusive. Most Bigfoot data is just that - inconclusive. But to this day, people are still claiming to see Bigfoot. So, we are to think . . . . what?

There is a woman living in Texas, Linda, has three kids, and she claims to have come face to face with Bigfoot. Her opinion is no one thinks twice if you tell them you've seen a UFO - they want details. Tell them you've seen Bigfoot, an animal of some kind that's never been discovered, totally different ball game.

Here's her story: she and her ex-husband decided to go hiking back in 2008 in Arkansas. While on their hike they saw something on the other side of the stream,maybe 75 yards away. This "thing" appeared to be tall, like seven feet, maybe more. It was covered in fur, brown in color, and stood upright in two legs. Both Linda and her ex-husband just watched the creature stand there, just staring at them for approximately ten seconds. The creature turns, then walks away quietly into the brush and disappears.

This entire event occurred so quickly that neither of thought to pull out a camera. The unfortunate decision to not get a picture bothers the couple to this day. A photo would put to rest the doubts of their friends.

According to Linda, the first question she gets when telling this story is "Where's the picture?" She claims she was so caught up in the moment that she wasn't thinking about a camera or getting a picture. Since she is still not quite sure what she saw that day. a photo would be helpful. Knowing what a bear looks like and having seen plenty of hairy men, Linda knows what she saw that fateful day was neither one of them. She feels what she did see was an entirely different creature.

Regardless as to what was walking around Arkansas that day, Linda wasn't the firstto have spotted it. Reports of a large, hairy hominids have been told for hundreds of years in many different cultures around the globe. Just here in the United States alone these sightings are being cataloged. The Big Foot Researchers Organization (BFRO) has documented these reports in every state but Hawaii. In 2014 alone, multiple reports have been listed, running from Minnesota to Florida and Washington to Pennsylvania.

When people report these sightings, most are eerily similar. This creature seems to stay in remote wooded locations, typically coming out at night. In a few casesreports of shrieking or howling sound is heard. Some times an odor of rotten eggs or a skunk is present before the creature is actually seen. Some claim to have also seen what they describe as inhuman, glowing eyes.

Basically all the descriptions of the creature tell the same story. The creature is a large huge thing, standing any where from six to nine feet tall. The body is covered in dark brown or dark red hair and has a head that looks like a gorilla. The arms are extremely long with a walk that doesn't appear to be human.

The sightings are unique and fascinating. The problem is there's no data available that can be tested or proved scientifically. No hair or bones have ever been located for DNA testing. For this reason, zoologists, anthropologists, and paleontologists have a hard time accepting that some kind of unknown great ape exists. But even still, evidence is there for those that are inclined to believe.

There have been a few things to substantiate the existence of Bigfoot. Massive five-toed footprints have been spotted, the first was described in 1811 in a journal entry written by David Thompson. David Thompson was the first white explorer of the Pacific Northwest. These footprints are still being found to this day. Stool samples and unidentified strands of hair have also been found. Last, but certainly not least, you see the occasional brief glimpses of the creature, usually captured on shaky video. The video almost immediately gets uploaded to YouTube or passed onto the BFRO.

Back in 1967 the Patterson-Gimlin video became the most famous of these videos. This film claims to show a large female specimen spotted in Bluff Creek, California. As the years passed, several men claimed to have put on an ape suit, making this a fake. Roger Patterson, who passed away, maintained to the end this film was real. Robert Gimlin still insists to this day the film is legitimate. The film has been examined by costume and special effect experts. None of them can find any aspect of the film that makes them feel the film is a fake.

This film is like Ground Zero for the Bigfoot story. It has been the inspiration foramateur hunters to go looking. The reality show from Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" is an example of this. Not everyone feels shows like this help the cause. Lyle Blackburn, a Texas author as well as a cryptozoologist, is one of these people.

Blackburn did an interview on the subject in 2013. He feels these types of showsare fine in the respect that if someone reports a sighting, most people won't be labeled as crazy. But at the same time, he feels these shows don't do research like the field of science does in these types of cases. Blackburn prefers people form their own opinions and views based on scientific facts as opposed to the views the cast members of the network hosting the show.

These shows haven't uncovered anything conclusive but reports keep coming. All these reports can't possible be all pranks or mistaken identity, can they? Maybe Bigfoot is just really good at hide and seek.

Science seems to have a pretty high bar set on this subject. Linda, on the other hand, doesn't need any outside help to come to grips with her sighting. Linda feels that there's a lot more out there than humans will ever fully know. Bigfoot is one of those things.

Bigfoot in North Carolina
Bigfoot in North Carolina | Source


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    • cjnileski profile imageAUTHOR

      Cynthia J Nileski 

      12 months ago from Somerset, New Jersey

      Thanks for the comment! I also believe in UFO's as well as other things, such as paranormal activity and not degrading cemeteries as to not disturb the deceased.

    • Liztalton profile image


      12 months ago from Washington

      I personally believe in bigfoot. But i also believe in ufo's as well. Just because there is no concrete evidence of bigfoot's existence doesn't mean he isent out there somewhere. New discoveries of species are made everyday! Great and interesting read!


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