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Black Eyed Children - History, Legend, and Encounters

Updated on November 19, 2017
Group of Black Eyed Children
Group of Black Eyed Children | Source

I never heard of these kids, Black Eyed Children. I literally stumbled upon the subject as I was researching an entirely different topic. I decided to do my own reading on these kids and found some interesting information.

The Black Eyed Children are said to be an urban legend. These 'kids' are thought to be paranormal creatures which resemble children. Ranging in age from six to 16, their skin is pale white and their eyes are black. People claim that these kids are seen hitchhiking or panhandling. They have also been known to show up on the doorsteps of residential homes. Since the late 1980s, tales have surfaced of these black eyed children in pop culture.

Texas reporter Brian Bethal, back in 1988, had posters made about alleged encounters with "black eyed kids" in Abilene, Texas and Portland , Oregon. These stories gained popularity so quickly that Bethal did a follow up FAQ in an attempt to keep up with people looking for more information on this new urban legend.

Bethal, in 2012, took part in a reality television series entitled "Monsters and Mysteries in America". On this program he recounted his claim of the Black Eyed Children story. After this program aired, he wrote an article for the Abilene Reporter News. In this article he insisted his experience was real and legitimate.

Other articles by other people have been written on this subject matter as well. MSN's program entitled Weekly Strange did an episode one time on the Black Eyed Children in 2013. This episode is thought to be what spread the legend across the internet.

The British tabloid Daily Star did front-page stories about these supposed sightings of these children in September of 2014. Their stories claimed that there was a shocking rise in sightings of these children around the world.

Sharon A. Hill is a science writer with her own take on this legend. She feels these stories are like spooky folklore stories. She also feels this falls into the same category as phantom black dogs, apparitions, and strange mysterious monsters. Hill doesn't feel there's anything supernatural about these kids. She's not even sure about the alleged encounters. But she knows that none of this will stop people from claiming they have seen these children or fear them. The tales will continue.

People around the world have claimed to have actually seen these children. Ghost hunters have taken these sightings seriously. Some of the ghost hunters believe these children to be extraterrestrials, ghosts, or vampires.

Always intrigued by scary and creepy stories, I found some interesting stories on the Black Eyed Kids phenomenon. These kids have eyes that are completely black. They insist upon getting into your vehicles or home. Whatever you do, don't let them in! When people encounter these kids they claim to have an overwhelming sense of fear and panic. I have come across some of the creepiest stories about these kids that real people have had an experience with and reported. I would like to share a few of them with you.

Encounter on a Bus - reported by Anonymous

Anonymous often takes the bus home as he is a security guard who works odd hours. One night while on the bus at 1am, Anonymous sees this guy sitting across from him. The guy appeared to be in his 20s and was chewing on a cigar. That's right, chewing on a cigar. As this man is staring out the bus window our witness is staring at him. Suddenly the cigar chewing passenger turns and looks straight at our anonymous person. Their eyes were pitch black.

Anonymous goes into a complete panic with his heart beating like crazy. He was completely terrified but didn't know why. Then the strange passenger smiled with teeth full of tobacco and juices while the cigar is still clamped between his teeth. Although tempted to scream, our observer just moved to a seat behind the driver. He continued to keep an eye on this guy and did eventually calm down. The stranger ended up talking to some girl who had gotten on the bus. They were chatting when the observer got off the bus. Later on after he was home, he felt that maybe this strange guy was just being a wise guy with him, using contacts. But he's really not too sure about that either.

Let Me In - reported by Bigtaco 123

At the age of 12 I had my only encounter with a black eyed kid. This happened on March 17, 2008. I had never heard of these kids prior to this experience. I was waiting for my mom to get her hair cut and I was outside sitting in an old Chevy pickup. About 15 minutes into my waiting I saw a kid walking around the sidewalk in front of my parked car. I thought he was a friend from school so I banged on the windshield to get his attention. When he looked my way I realized I didn't know him. The kid walks over to the car and just stares at me. At this point I got a real good look at his eyes. This totally freaked me out as his eyes were as black as the night sky. If you have never experienced this it is really frightening. Then the boy whispers "You must let me in". At this point I locked the car doors and got down in the space between the seats. Five minutes later the kid disappeared. Finally my mom comes back and gets into the car. She then told me this boy had entered the hairdressers and insisted she give him the car keys. She refused - good thing she did, thank God!

Stared At - reported by Freelancer47

It was early 2010 and I found myself walking home from work, escorting a young lady to her car. She had asked me to walk with her and I agreed. She looked really scared. Trying to find out what was frightening her, all she would say is "creepy looking kids". Well, we were in the Downtown Seattle area.

We kept walking, talking, and I kept looking around for these kids. Then the woman grabs me by my arm real tightly and whispers "That's them!". These kids were about a half a block ahead of us, standing there, staring at the woman.

I decided to cross the street at this point. I made sure l made eye contact with the big one, deciding I would give them a piece of my mind once I got the woman safely to her car. I was going to let them know about scaring a lone woman in a metropolitan area. I don't normally scare easily but I did notice one thing I thought was really strange: those kids never broke eye contact with me.

My appearance is one that most people are a little leery of as I am a big man. I kind of remind others of a Skinhead or Club Bouncer. Because of this most people will break eye contact with me...these two kids did not. As far as I'm concerned that was a red flag.

Once I had this woman safely to her car I let her know where the local police station was located. The precinct was about five blocks from where her car was parked.

My Friend, What Happened to Him? - reported by PsycoticLandShark

Some time ago I was talking to one of my friends. He was telling me about these creepy kids that kept hanging around his house. My friend doesn't usually scare easy but in this particular case he was scared to death. My friend said these kids always wanted to come in and use the phone. He kept telling them no.

One day my friend told me he was going to let them in the next time these kids came to the house. I never paid any attention to this or gave it a second thought. Now my friend is missing. I have gone to his house and no one is there. His cell phone doesn't work either. I have just recently found out about these black eyed kids but I don't what they do.

I need to know if I can still find my friend. I don't even know if he's alive. This whole thing has me totally freaked out!

There are so many more stories out there like the ones mentioned here. Entirely too many to count. To me this is really scary and bizarre. I may be doing more research on this subject matter to see what I can find.

Two Kids Hanging Out in Parking Lot
Two Kids Hanging Out in Parking Lot | Source


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