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Black Eyed Requests

Updated on September 21, 2015
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My one and only goal in writing is to increase the likelihood of intellectual thought coupled with critical examinations of societal trends.

When you think of horror, no not like the film genre, but actually horror what monster is the one that you just couldn't handle? For me, it is the black eyed children. While I am not saying that there are some other stories that I have heard that make my skin crawl (case and point the Mexican faceless wailing mother), the black eyed children stories have bothered me for sometime. What is perhaps the most disturbing about these sightings is that there is very little reported. In fact, we have such a lack in details regarding these incidents that really all we have is the the stories. Because the black eyed child sightings have been reportedly growing in both the United Kingdom and the United States, I think it is high time we took a serious look at the BEC's. I would first like to take a look at the trends I see in the different sightings.

Most, if not all black eyed child sightings have involved someone answering their front door. This is one of that few beasties that will come to you as a posed to you finding it. A quality that bothers me quite a bit. What is more interesting than this is that the creatures appear to take the form of a child and travel in small groups. These children ask politely if they can enter your home. For some strange reason, there is no way for them to enter without your allowing them admittance. This reminds me of some of the old vampire tales in that they also seemed to be physically bound by courtesy. While they may be undead and black eyed, they are still more polite than most children in today's age. Some individuals have claimed that they fell under some kind of spell and allowed them in despite their better judgement. Many people also claim to have felt intense fear while in the presence of the children. So let's have a quick review; people are seeing more magically demonic, undead, black eyed children in groups around the world, Delightful. My question is " why children"?

Of all the forms to take which one appears the most innocent? which one would put you more at ease? Keep in mind that the BEC's are not showing up like a cliche' demon child from a film. The show up together rand feign being frightened. I have a soft spot for kids and I freely admit that if a group children showed up on my doorstep asking me for help, I wouldn't think twice about letting them in. My kindness would be my downfall which logically means I should never open my door and completely avoid children that are pale. This could be difficult considering I live in Washington. Over all, They strike me as creatures that know how to put their prey at ease, but could it also be that they have an inability to hide all of their natural traits and features. Maybe the black eyes and the dead skin are apart of what they really are and are traits that are just too difficult to hide. this idea implies that they have some other natural form. I shudder to think of how they acquire their disguises.

The most recent sighting of the BEC that I was able to dig up was in Cannock Chase located in Staffordshire Forest, U.K. This area also happens to be considered a paranormal hot spot of sorts. The forest offers a kind paranormal jambalaya of ufo's, BEC's, and other random besties which either means there is some heavy paranormal activity in those woods manifesting in various ways or everyone in Cannock Chase is crazy. The case involved a man and his wife who were walking through the forest during the day. Why they chose a path known for monsters and aliens I'm not sure. They claimed to have had a young child appearing in front of them on the trail watching them. The child was reportedly a young girl with black eyes. While that is the tamest story I have heard regarding the black eyed kids, it is the most recent.

In my previous articles covering strange creatures and occurrence, I try offer some of the known theories as well as some of my own thoughts on the origins of the subjects I write. Besides, What good are my articles if my readers (I am speaking to all 5-7 of you) don't walk away learning something knew on an interesting topic. A theory that I put my money on is the idea that the black eyed children are harbingers of death. Perhaps the lest peaceful side of it. I have heard reports of people's family members passing just after being visited by the children. There is very little information regarding what happens if the creatures are allowed into the house. I only found one case in which the person claimed that the BEC's told them that they needed to "collect" them once they had entered the house. The person did what any sensible person would do and ran like hell which is why we have the story today.

I have one last strange fact regarding the black eyed visitors that I found while doing a little digging. Black dogs. Massive infernal red or black eyed dogs have also reportedly been sighted more and more in Europe. The connection here is that there are a few black eyed children stories in which the witness claims they saw a large strange looking black dog sitting next to the black eyed child. I personally have no idea what the connection between the dog and child may be but I think it is no less important to share some of the claimed trends about them. The large dog is seen either sitting next to the child or stalking near the child. There was one report that I read in which the black eyed children claimed that they were frightened by the dog and wanted to hide inside the person's home until it had left. While this may seem like an innocent request, another story I listened to from a caller on Darkness Radio with Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis that illustrated almost the exact opposite. The caller said that he had seen a little girl with black eyes standing in front of his truck speaking to the large black dog. What is even stranger is that he said that the little girl would lean in and listen to the dog as if it were responding to her. One day I would like to actually write an article on the history of the black dog and it's connection to the hell hounds seen throughout history. For now, lets move away from the strange demonic canines and return to the strange demonic children for the sake of consistency.

When it comes to the origins of the black eyed children, you can pretty much pick your flavor. Whether it be reptoid human hybrids coming to consume your soul or demonic beings sent to escort you to hell, you can find almost any answer you want. While I personally think that the beings have a much more spiritual side to them than extraterrestrial, I will not discount any theories especially when I myself have had no experiences with them. Despite my curiosity, I think that I am completely content not knowing what these being are and whether or not they truly exist. If you are the type of person that likes to blame all things paranormal on aliens, here is the link to self reportedly "urgent article" regarding the "facts" about the black eyed children being aliens: If you would like to look at the spiritually supernatural side of their origins, here is a link one of the articles I was able to find that I also read This link also contains an interesting story regarding an incident with a black eyed adult.

I like to look at every creature, whether it be normal or paranormal, with a sensible eye. I like to think of how the creature or being may actually fit into the grander scheme things. At the risk of sounding like a sage, I want to know where the creature sits in the circle of life. The black eyed children are one of the few creatures that I have a hard time grasping given that they have no definable purpose. I suppose that those that do don't get the chance to share it. When I was a child I was told to never talk to a demon should I see one. I think the same things goes for the BEC's. Once again if you have any questions or have an experience of your own regarding the BEC's, please share your story and help someone else feel a little bit less crazy.

Any strange visitors?

Have you ever seen a black child?

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