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Blame won't win the game

Updated on January 15, 2011


There are no perfect people. You can find something about anybody at anytime to criticize, accuse, deride, complain about, use to discredit, lay blame on, dislike, disqualify, hate, fear, and distance yourself from him or her. There is no value, merit or virtue in being able to see the faults of others. It is too easy to do. It is not like finding a needle in a haystack… it is like finding a piece of straw in a haystack.

Unfortunately, it is part of our self-centered nature to always point the finger at others before examining ourselves first. It comes naturally. I am one of the best at noticing the shortcomings of others. In fact, I can point out faults of others while everyone is smiling. It takes little effort. And in that light, you and everybody else does it too.

God knows we have this tendency. And this problem, that we all have, is part of the reason that God tells us to be careful when we judge others and to take care of the beam in our own eye before worrying about the speck in our neighbor’s eye. (Luke 6:42)

You have to remember the reasons for man’s existence – why God made us. The purpose that God has for each of us is to have a fruitful and growing relationship with Him and also a similar relationship with others. To do anything that would damage our relationships is not good for us. His proclaimed two most important commandments for mankind deal specifically with this purpose. (Matthew 22:36-40)

When Jesus referred to the object in our own eye as a beam, He was pointing out the importance of taking care of our own shortcomings first. The size of the object is meant to place things in perspective. The Bible is basically an owner’s manual for the operation of our lives. It is for use in determining our own actions and choices – it is a collection of guidelines for us to apply to ourselves. It helps to analyze and determine how we are doing. It is not intended to be a tool for judging others. You and I should be trying to make, build, improve, and/or reconcile relationships. God tells us that the way to do this is to start with ourselves. It should also be noted that after Jesus quoted the two greatest commandments, he stated that all of the commandments are summed up in these two.

God’s two rules also have a priority associated with them. That priority also has a purpose. Our relationship with God was our first purpose. Our second purpose grew from the first. That is not to say that you should desire one over the other. Following both is necessary. They are commandments, not suggestions. To follow the first requires following the second. To love God is to obey His commandments… not some of them but all. This brings glory to God.

There are reasons and nuggets of wisdom in everything that God tells us in His Handbook. If we hate our brother, then we have a major problem with our relationship with the Father. (1 John 4:20) We need to get first things first. We have to take care of that beam in our own eye, first. We actually need to reconcile that relationship with God first to be able to tap into His Help for the reconciliation with our brother. Hey, it is not easy to reconcile with our brothers. Our sinful natures make it that way. Our selfishness is the primary building block to the walls of separation we make in our lives. We can be overcome with the emotions like anger, fear, and envy, all of which only fortify and strengthen those walls. Our only recourse is to strengthen our relationship with God, so that we can develop attitudes and tap into the power that He has to act, as we should.

He is the Lord of Love. God will remind us that a principle of our reconciliation with Him is forgiveness and it is also paramount in our reconciliation with others. He can and will help us. Reconciliation of a relationship is one of God’s most wonderful miracles. It is one of those “all things” that can be done through Christ. Our steps to reconciliation with God are just like the steps to reconciliation with our brothers – examining ourselves and removing those things that are hindering our way.

Pray everyday that God will guide you in the ways that you should go. We should pray that He would give us the strength to love like He does – unconditionally. Only then can you and I begin to develop those attitudes and characteristics needed to love others unconditionally. Jesus states that when we show love to our brothers in need is also when we show our love to Him.


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    • swb78 profile image

      Scott Biddulph 7 years ago from Gainesville Georgia

      Very interesting and thoughtful hub,glad your writing here!


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