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Bless You! God Believes in You!

Updated on March 6, 2016

Bless You, God Still Believes in You!

When I was a Senior in High School, I took Psychology. I loved that class! The teacher made it fun and I learned a lot. One of the things I learned, is that there is always and exception to the rule. Let's say that (this is an assumption) that a high percentage of abused children will grow up and become child abusers themselves. There is always that small percentage that will choose not to abuse but set up a foundation to help abused children. Maybe children that were told all their lives that they won't amount to anything actually grow up insecure about themselves and actually don't do anything with their lives. There is always that small percentage that will go up against the norm and that person will be bound and determined to prove them wrong and do something with their lives.

In this book I am reading, there is an old, prophetic woman giving orders to two guys on what God told her they should be doing for Him. She goes to tell them that evil forces are at hand and even though they don't know it, they serve God. The way I see it everyone serves God in one capacity or another. Even the devil! Hear me out before you disregard what I say. Read on...

There were twelve disciples that served God. One decided to go against the norm of the other eleven and deceive him. He gave Him over to His accusers so they could punish Him on things He never did. Even though everyone would say Judas was doing the devil's bidding, he was actually fulfilling God's purpose. If Jesus was never handed over to them, He would have not died on the cross and we would not receive the Gift that God has given to us. Of course God would have found another way but do you see how everything serves God one way or another?

Life application...The devil leads a boy to start smoking at a young age. Leads the child through a life of constant struggle. One day God uses that to show the boy who is now a man, that if He calls out to Him, He will take that struggle away from Him. Just call out. Not use a patch, gum or support group. He would, just as the group Third Day sings, "Cry Out To Jesus". The man ends his struggle with cigarettes, not to go back to them again. Now the man tells others what God did for him and the others start crying out to Jesus to have their lives changed. Praise the Lord, without that dirty old sinner satan knowing, he just served God!

Are you going through a struggle, don't ask, "Why me?", instead ask, "Who do you want me to help by going through this once you take it away from me or while I am still in it?"

You can either be part of the norm (everybody is part of the norm) and take your trial as a burden or you can be part of the abnormal and take your trial as a blessing. It is all up to you.

One other thing this old woman said. The deaf man wrote on His paper to the woman, "I don't believe in God." The old woman chuckled, got up and walked across to the boy and said, "Bless you Nick but that doesn't even matter. He believes in you."

Going through something and you don't know how to handle it and know if you can take it? In I Corinthians 10:13 God tells us that He doesn't give us something we can't handle and He will always make a way to escape that you will be able to bear it.

Just like the old lady says, Bless you! He believes in you! Because He Lives!


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