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Godly Blessings and Beastly Curses - exist today!

Updated on May 11, 2013

Blessings and curses are happening today!

I remember someone very close to me saying, " Why does everything go wrong in my life, I think I am cursed!" I have heard many people say the same thing. Or similarly suggesting that things never go right for them. Many people complain because they are always sick, things are always going wrong for them, one relationship after another fails and people are generally very miserable with their lives and when approached with their views about G-d and Christ display a bitterness and blame on Him for their troubles!

Have you ever wandered if you were under a curse or blessed?

You have probably heard the story repeatedly, that the world is cursed and has been since Adam and Eve rebelled against G-d by choosing to disobey G-d and eat the forbidden fruit well that was the beginning and continued throughout history as seen in ancient writings including the bible.

So is it myth? Is it just a story? Or is it true? Is there such a concept today of 'blessings and curses'?

In Leviticus chapter 26 an Old Testament passage, G-d speaks to the Israelites, through Moses, regarding His laws and commandments and what would happen if they disobey these laws and what will happen if they obey them. He stated how they would benefit if they followed His commands but also if they chose to do wicked things and rebel there would be consequences. He describes to them the positives and negatives of their actions depending on their chosen behaviour.

This ultimately demonstrated that G-d gave His people a choice! We have always been given the choice to do what is right or wrong. The key point here is to recognise our choices have consequences according to our decision whether to follow the right way or the wrong way. The right way produces blessings and the wrong way incurs the opposite consequence which is the negative.

G-d's chosen people were given these rules in order to set guidelines for their behaviour but also as an example to the world to put G-d first and not to worship idols. The chapter sends a very strong message that obedience is rewarded by blessings and disobedience is punished by curses (the opposite to blessings it to be not-blessed).

Obviously this method of producing good and acceptable behaviour from a child is used by many parents today. However, when G-d is seen warning his children to behave, the world frowns upon it with the comment, 'how can G-d be so unloving to his people as to punish them when they misbehave?

Well, we have seen many unruly children, raised in G-dless homes and these have in many cases become unruly, aggressive, violent, lawless individuals. Had the parents punished their child's behavior and raised them with the correct moral behavior these rebellious adults may have become stable, healthy, peace loving adults, blessed because of their righteousness.

The point I am making is that if a parent loves their child they would want them to become adults who contribute to society, to live peaceful, healthy lives and not chose the opposite for their children!

G-d therefore in his love for his children -as a doting parent does not want rebellious children anymore than the human parents want this for their children. He wants his children to have the best he can offer them - blessings!

However, if his child chooses to reject these offers of blessings he cannot allow it to happen with out attempting to win them back again - hence the curses!

Parents deal with their children who misbehave by depriving them of privileges, stopping their pocket money, grounding them in their room, stopping their treats etc. All of these actions are to encourage the child to change their behaviour. G-d however is not dealing with children he is dealing with rebellious adults, who have developed a craving for worldly things which has turned them into rebellious idol worshippers (worship of money, possessions, etc) that will eventually lead them to destruction, therefore his punishments need to reflect the peoples actions and bring them to an awareness of their behaviour so that they return to the righteous way to live.

My personal testimony to this is when as a 'born again' believer I fell in love with a non practicing catholic (he was more an agnostic), I became ' unequally Yoked' married a person who was not a believer or follow of Christ. When I met him he was a lovely man -a perfect gentleman and I loved him dearly however, I made the big mistake of loving him to the point of putting him first and pushing (my heavenly father) G-d into the background - I forgot my 'FIRST LOVE'. I stopped gathering with G-d's people, I stopped reading the bible and rarely gave G-d a thought!

This 'back sliding' went on for a number of years, and gradually throughout those years our marriage and day to day living became a nightmare, whereas at the beginning of the marriage we were prosperous and truly blessed because I had prayed regularly, my husband and I read the bible together, we went to various services to worship G-d but gradually it all faded in the distance and that was when things started to go wrong.

There were constant arguments, poverty issues, several redundancies, violence and sicknesses! It was extreme, excessive problems on a roller coaster lifestyle that bore us down heavily!

It all came to a halt about five years into the marriage when on our way to a camping holiday the two children in the back seats where constantly arguing and shouting, while I was driving and my husband was to follow later pulling the caravan.

On route, driving at 60 mph a sudden (I can only describe it as a supernatural event) occurrence took place that brought me back to reality!

Suddenly, the steering wheel would not steer and the car started to swerve across the road, the children had stopped arguing and started screaming, I was frantically trying to get the steering wheel to steer away from the car coming directly towards us and cried 'G-d help us'!

At that instant and about a few metres from the oncoming car my steering wheel suddenly steered to the left and we were moving towards the embankment where we came to a halt hitting a small tree. The car flipped over upside down.

Just a few days later, after our miraculous escape from death I read in the newspaper that a woman died in the same spot. Her car slid on an oily patch in the same area where we had our accident and she also went up the same embankment and hit a tree.

After our accident I was in a traumatic state for several days I could not work, sleep or eat, I found myself thinking about G-d and how much I needed him in my life. I fell on my knees and prayed for forgiveness like I never prayed before and thanked him for saving me and my children that day! I knew I had previously turned from my first love-G-d!

I had experienced the blessings and the curses. My marriage was blessed in the beginning but when I turned from G-d and focused on the worldly things, I became a rebellious idolatrous person and therefore deserving to lose G-d's protection. In the same way as a child who decides to disobey their parents loses out on rewards.

Leviticus chapter 26 begins by listing G-d's blessings on those who obey him - This is applicable not only to Jews but to all those who are Gentile followers of Christ, adopted as G-d's children (grafted into the Olive tree).

And importantly, these verses are still relevant today!

How do I know this? Well, because as I already mentioned above by first - hand experience. But not only that, as a volunteer in Israel I experienced the curses and the blessings in action amongst the Jewish people. The hospitals were filled to over flowing with Jews who were wasting away, diseased, blinded and obviously not blessed, many Jews in Israel over the decades have turned from their 'First Love' to the love for the world. So much so that Israel is full of sins equal to and above Sodom and Gomorrah!

Israel is in a situation where there are a number of (Lot's people) righteous Jews there for G-d to hold back on destroying the land - until the time is right for G-d to bring his final punishment to the nations including Israel. Then the righteous will have to endure the plagues or accept Christ as their saviour - unfortunately, many will succumb to the pressures of the world and accept the mark of the beast as the easy option - loosing their souls -to save themselves from G-d's wrath rather than repent and turning back to Him -the Creator G-d Hashem!

These things that happen to those who are rebellious Jews will also happen to the rest of the world who reject Christ and G-d! It is not to be assumed that G-d has turned his back on his beloved people - the Jews! It grieves Him to bring curses on them but as a just G-d he must demonstrate to the world that if He punishes his beloved who sin against Him, then so much more so will he punish the rest of the world who chose to act in wickedness!

A large population of Jews in Israel are secular and humanists or new agers - following false gods! Hence the prophecy of this chapter comes into being during the end times. This is when we will see this chapter of curses come into fruition!

" If you do not listen to me and carry out all these commands...reject my decrees ...abhor my laws to carry out all my commands and so violate my covenant, then I will do this to you: I will bring upon you sudden terror, wasting diseases and fever that will destroy your sight and drain away your life.... You will plant seed in will be defeated by your will flee when know one is pursuing you."

The whole passage on curses is in several parts where G-d gives his people several chances to turn back to him or the next stage of punishments begins. The first part above describes punishments that cross reference to those in the book of Revelation. These plagues reoccur in following passages in more severe degrees and with slight variations but it is obvious that the more the rebellion the more severe the punishments! The warnings and punishments has been G-d's way of reaching the people to repentance throughout the whole of scripture suggesting it has been a historical occurrence throughout generations. However, today it is thought that these events were for those in the past -not relevant to today. That is an incorrect assumption!

This is a delusion of mankind! Just as mankind has continued in his rebellion throughout the history of this world so too has G-d remained the judge instigating punishment on those who chose to rebel against him. G-d also remains faithful providing blessings to those who love and obey him. In the bible (both New and Old Testaments) G-d has provide many chances for people to reassess their belief systems and to return to G-d by accepting Christ as His son, the world's savior and Messiah.

In the book of revelation G-d has also given many warnings to the people to repent and turn back to him. However, as in Leviticus, if they refuse to listen to G-d he will impart punishments on them such as the plagues in Revelation.

The point is, if the people are rebelling now, then they are on there way to the point where they will been ready and willing to accept the mark of the beast mentioned in Revelation. People will be so psychologically controlled and finely tuned in to wickedness from years of gradual mind control that only those sealed by G-d as his children, will be saved from this mind control!

All non-believers Jew or Gentile including 'non-born again Christians will be susceptible to mind control and therefore easily susceptible to the influences of the world towards accepting the beast's mark. Many people of all ages and status are readily accepting things they would never have experienced or seen previously. Hearing older people using the foulest language was very rarely heard before and all age groups are now craving for tattoos over their bodies and changing there appearances to the point where there is a huge division between the righteous with their clean, tidy look and pleasant inoffensive attitude to those unrighteous detected by behaviour patterns i.e. swearing, smoking, drug taking, violence (gangland warfare and crime) with matted or coloured hair, excessive jewellery and dirty skin from unpleasant tattoos representing death and destruction.

There has become an obvious division which will make it easier for G-d's enemies to persecute His people and at this time, we will see the beginnings of the tribulation take effect. We are at the moment in the preparation period leading up to this time and it is fast approaching. the time is coming when we shall see the following take place (either as believers prior to the rapture or standing with Yeshua in the heavenly place as onlookers).

" If anyone worships the beast and his image and receives his mark on the forehead or on the hand...he will drink of the wine of G-d's fury...He will be tormented with burning sulfur ...There is no rest day or night for those who worship the beast and his image, or for anyone who receives the mark of his name." Rev 14: 9-12.

In Revelation 16 the seven bowls of G-d's wrath come into play and all of these are aimed at those who received the mark as mentioned in the above verse. Prior to these seven last plagues many other events took place to forewarn the people of the world (including the secular Jews of today) such as the seven seals and the seven trumpets and the three woes!

These are all end time curses which will affect the whole non-believing world who prefer to reject G-d and Christ for worldly idols and wickedness.

When we accept or acknowledge as the norm, things that oppose G-d, as stated in his word, then we are condoning wickedness and evil! Hence we now have 'same sex marriages, and desecration of 'G-d blessed' marriages replaced by humanistic marriages (civil weddings). Immorality and encouragement of young children into perversion through early introduction to immoral behaviour and drug taking as the 'norm' and making abortion legal and sexual promiscuity outside marriage as the 'norm'. All of these we have become complacent about, we sat back and ignored the consequences which has contributed to a corrupt, perverted society and contributed to the Apostate society we now witness and which will gradually worsen as we near the final days when the above plagues come into effect during the Tribulation period.

Back to the passage on curses in Leviticus the second warning starts at verse 18:

"If after all this you will not listen to me, I will punish you for your sins seven times over. I will break down your stubborn pride... your soil will not yield crops, nor trees yield fruit.

The next warning in Leviticus is, " If you remain hostile toward me....I will multiply your afflictions seven times over, as your sins deserve. I will send wild animals against you, and they will rob you of your children..."

G-d repeats these warnings further as follows:

"I will bring the sword (war) upon you to avenge the breaking of the covenant... you will eat and not be satisfied"

Much worse things then follow such as famine to the point when people will eat their own children and G-d will break down their idols, the cities will be destroyed and their will be no places of safety.

In verse 40 G-d says " But if they confess their sins ...when their uncircumcised hearts are humbled...I will remember my covenant...I will not destroy them completely..."

After linking Revelation with Leviticus there is also a difference between the two books. Leviticus was written about the Israelites because of their constant rebellion against G-d and moaning about Moses their leader, hence the curses often came into play.

Revelation in contrast is relevant to all peoples, Jew, Gentile and Christian. There are a number of reasons for this, too long to mention in this hub but may be expanded upon in my book 'The Great Apostasy' soon to be available on Amazon kindle. But this whole hub is not a reflection on the rebellion of the Jews but an example of the rebellion of the whole world which has lead to the Apostasy we have to day.

The Jews are important in that they are G-d's chosen yet still susceptible to rebellion, idolatry and therefore G-d's punishment so if that is so for G-d's precious beloved then so much more so for the rest of the world! That is the key message!

To put this whole hub into perspective I have yet another personal experience to emphasize the importance of Leviticus and Revelation in these days. I recently had someone stay with me for a few months, a young person who was raised in a broken home yet a religious one as an orthodox Jew. This young person now in his teens was raised from the age of 6 in USA where Jews were accepted as part of American culture along side the many Christian churches.

During his visit my eyes were opened to a world I was not aware of -gangland!

This young lad who I knew as a baby was the sweetest innocent little boy who loved G-d and Yeshua as best he could with childlike innocence. Now as a teenager he is on the road to self destruction!

He has chosen to rebel against G-d and cursed Yeshua! He has tattoos and desires more! He is aware of the gospel of Christ, of G-d's Law, of the biblical prophesies which have been fulfilled and yet to come! He is fully aware of the end times and the final outcome yet hearing all this and seeing the warning signs (he has noticed signs himself) he chose to reject his maker!

His heart has already been harden at such a young age, he is already at the point where he is unable to acknowledge the truth. How do I know this? By his stories of his experiences, of his attitude and his chosen intentions and his tattoos - he is already controlled by his need for drugs, for violent episodes, his mind is already confused, he already runs away from his enemies who are not pursuing him he is already being cursed! The only way he would be save is if G-d chooses to break him down to a point of self awareness and acknowledge of sin! It can happen and has happened but rarely!

There is a time when G-d will harden peoples hearts so that they cannot find the truth! After G-d has provided so many opportunities to hear the truth yet it is still rejected - the time will come when hearts will be hardened and cold! It is here amongst us now but will gradually increase in proportion the more people rebel and increase their wickedness!

Only G-d can read the true hearts of mankind and only He knows who will turn from wickedness back to Him! He will be the one, through Christ and the Holy Spirit, to decide who is worthy to be saved and soften their hearts to hear the truth! It is those who in their subconscious truly desire to be free from the evil hand upon their lives, those who subconsciously desire to be loved, saved and protected from evil preferring goodness!

But it is what G-d is revealing every day to me and others in tune with G-d's word, that the world is escalating to huge proportions in 'lawlessness' as mentioned in 2 Thessalonians 2 " For that day (day of the Messiah's return) will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed... For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work... The coming of the Lawless one will be in accordance with the work of satan displaying in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved."

To sum up this hub ; G-d is not only applying curses to the rebellious and evil of this world but He is also applying blessings today and in the future ( in the millennium Kingdom) to those who love Him and accept His son the Savior and Messiah.

These blessings offer fruitfulness to grow food, good health, happiness and a peacefulness (within the believers heart) in the future kingdom, also G-d will walk among them!

G-d did this for the Israelites during the Exodus and on entering the promised land -Israel but it is also a future promise to us as we are led out of this world of evil into the promised Millennium Kingdom.

This is evidenced in Revelation Chapters 21& 22 that describe the Millennium period and the provision of food, water and peace with Yeshua as our King!

If you have rebelled against G-d and Yeshua (Christ), if you are a secular Jew, an atheist, a backslider, a humanist, a new age believer, or prisoner in chains of violence and crime of the most foul kind it is not too late to ask for forgiveness for your rebellion and ask to become part of Yeshua's discipleship and G-d's kingdom.

Pray this prayer by speaking to G-d and Yeshua as though you were talking to a friend:

God I know I have done evil, wicked things, (name them), and realise I have lived in a cursed world and chosen the cursed way of life. I now choose to turn from this way of life with your help, I am sorry for what I have done, rejecting you and your ways and what I did to others, and ask that you bless me as I follow your ways. I believe Christ Yeshua, your son, is the only way to the kingdom of heaven and eternal life and I hand my life over to him, as my savior from sin. Amen


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