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Blood Moon Magic- to cast or not to cast

Updated on April 3, 2015

Blood Moon

The Blood moon is upon us. Time to plan those Full Moon spells. Given the importance of this particular Full Moon you may want to plan carefully for your Full Moon rituals. Tomorrow morning's Full Moon is not only a lunar eclipse which will give us a Blood Moon. It is also the third moon in a lunar eclipse triad which has not happened since the 9th century. All lunar eclipses are safe to view with the naked eye so there is now need for eye protection

The Full Moon is traditionally used in banishing unwanted influences in our lives. Essentially the full moon is 'shining a light' on individual issues or challenges. With the moon in Libra, it will focus more on our relationships especially the harmony or lack thereof in them. Many witches see the full moon as a good time for creating protection magic and performing divination. This is the time for releasing old patterns or issues, opening the door for healing by giving energy to positive patterns. Full Moon magic can be done 3 days prior to the rise of the Full Moon, the night of the Full Moon and 3 days after.

The eclipse harnesses the power of the Moon, the Earth and the Sun. The entire process lasts for only a few hours.This particular eclipse is one of the shortest in history with the moon eclipsed completely for only a little over 4 minutes so you'll need to plan your rituals well in advance. Normally the a full moon is perfect for all magical purposes, but given the special circumstances surrounding this particular full moon a little more care should be given to your planning and timing any rituals. If you will be performing magic tomorrow morning you will want to plan your spells to coordinate before or after the passing shadow honoring the goddess as we would during the Dark Phase of the moon during the time in which the moon is totally eclipsed.

Saturday's eclipse may be shortest in recent history, but it will still have a big impact. These effects may have become noticeable from a few days ago to up to six months after. The moon is very important to witches and pagans alike as we draw from the energy of lunar magic.
.The Full Moon Magic spells performed during lunar eclipses combine the power of the full and new moons simultaneously giving more power to our intentions Many witches refrain from spell casting during an eclipse, unless you are very well prepared for this. Not only natural powers run loose and you will find difficult to ground them but the outcome of your spells cannot easily be predicted. Novice witches would be advised to refrain from casting during the eclipse. Therefore, consider carefully your wishes. For it takes and experienced witch to use the powers of an eclipse for any spell performed during a Lunar Eclipse must be done carefully. You will be invoking the Triple Goddess in each of her forms as well as the earth, moon, and sun. Consider carefully what you wish draw in or banish from your life and write the entire ritual out beforehand. Remember the moon will only be totally eclipsed for 4 minutes. A spell casting alternative is simply to spend the time in contemplation. You may want to meditate on the lessons of your life experiences and honor yourself and the Goddess. However, you choose to honor the occasion light and love I send to thee, to one and all may you blessed be.


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    • wendi_w profile image

      wendi_w 3 years ago from Midwest

      Thank you.. this eclipse I will be simply meditating, I know there is a big change coming in my life and it's already a bit chaotic .. so I will not be casting at all

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 3 years ago

      Good article. It's a powerful energy afoot. I myself prefer spending eclipses pathworking and doing divination. Enjoy your Esbat.