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Bob Lazar Area 51 and UFO's

Updated on September 17, 2019

Lazar and Area 51

Classified Majestic badge, a W2 for his taxes showing his wadges from the base. and a half cut of the Sports Model saucer Lazar claims to have worked on for propulsion.
Classified Majestic badge, a W2 for his taxes showing his wadges from the base. and a half cut of the Sports Model saucer Lazar claims to have worked on for propulsion.

Who Is Bob Lazar?

Bob Lazar is the man that back in 1989 blew the lid off the Skunk Works Nevada Testing Grounds of Area 51 and Groom Lake bringing the top secret base into light of the public eye. Mr. Lazar went on the local Las Vegas News station KLAS with journalist George Knapp using a blacked out version of himself and using an assumed name calling himself Dennis the name of his old boss at the base. Lazar claimed to have worked at a part of the base called S4 south of the Area 51 Air Force Base.

Lazar says that he earned a master's degree in physics from (MIT), and that he had a master's degree in electronic technology from (Caltech). When investigators looked into this there were no records found at either school of him attending. Although there is a piece of evidence that seems to prove his story. It is a list of employees at the Los Alamos Labs with Bob Lazars name. In a recent documentary film on Bob Lazar a physicist and Los Alamos National Laboratories told the film maker he had worked with Bob Lazar at Area 51.

Los Alamos Labs Employee List Showing Bob Lazars Name

Los Alamos Laboratories Employee List showing Robert Lazar being employed  Los Alamos.
Los Alamos Laboratories Employee List showing Robert Lazar being employed Los Alamos.

Captured Saucer Back Engineering

Lazar claims to have worked on the propulsion system of a captured Alien saucer. The craft supposedly ran on an antimatter drive using element 115 (Moscovium) which at the time was not synthesized by scientists yet and a cyclotron to bombard the element 115 with electrons to create a gravitational wave. The desired effect was to create a gravitational field in the direction in which the occupants wanted to go. The gravitational field is created and three cylinders that could be manipulated to swing the field in front of the craft making the craft fall downhill in the direction the craft needed to go. The falling effect produced no friction or inertia.

Lazar said that the site consisted of hangars built into a mountainside and that his job was to reverse engineer a flying saucer called the Sport Model. Bob claims one of the flying saucers, the one he coined the Sport Model. It was made out of a metallic substance similar in appearance to stainless steel.

Lazar says he was given a debriefing packet which explained the relationship between our species and alien occupants of the UFO and that the aliens that used the craft came from a star system known as Zeta Reticuli. The packet also said that this species had been visiting and manipulating mankind for 10,000 years.



Lazar claims to have caught a glimpse of an alien once as he was heading to his office. He quickly looked as he passed a room where he said he caught a glimpse through a wire grated door window.

Is Bob Lazar Telling the Truth?

There is a lot of evidence that shows Bob Lazar may be telling the truth. But then there are the inconsistencies in his story. His claims to have gone to two major universities and the denial from the Base saying he never worked there. The truth is anyone's guess. It would be great if it were true and the story would be biggest story in history. I for one want the story to be true, you probably do too. Thanks for reading.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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