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The Deadly Sin of Sloth: Are You Bone Idle?

Updated on June 17, 2020
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Gabriel loves to write stories: long; short; funny; sad or scary; fact or fiction. As long as there's an opportunity to create a story...

Be Crisp About it And Ditch The Couch!

The Sin of Sloth
The Sin of Sloth

Do You Hog The Couch?

Are you a modern day couch potato? Are you guilty of sloth?

The word ''Sloth'' means being physically and emotionally inactive where the body and mind are perfectly functioning. Not utilizing one's talents and gifts to the extent of being habitually lazy, so much so that a person is described as sluggish and to have an indolent heart.

Movements may be limited to pressing buttons on the TV remote and thoughts are mostly productive when hunger pangs kick in.

Sedentary Lifestyle:

This adversity to activity and disinclination to exert ones self is actually quite a problem for the body to deal with over a period of time. The desire to ''Do the couch potato'' is no laughing matter. This sedentary lifestyle can contribute to many preventable causes of death.

The phrase ''sedentary lifestyle'' is a medical term used to denote a type of lifestyle with little or no exercise. Anxiety, depression, obesity, osteoporosis and diabetes to name just a few diseases are more active in the couch potato. Consistently encouraged by lack of exercise. Other symptoms of this ''sedentary lifestyle'' are shrinking and weakening of muscles and weakening of the immune system.

A little exercise is crucial for a healthy mind and a healthy body. Outdoor activities don't have to be Olympic style marathons. A good brisk stroll will boost your heart rate and leave you feeling energised.

Typically games such as fantasy football and various computer and internet games not to mention TV and DVDs attribute greatly to bums staying on seats. Of course the consumption of fast foods and unhealthy snacks don't help these bums either. Their lack of movement is only encourage by the availability of take away foods. Add a coronary to that large fries and an ulcer to the double bubble whammy burger.

The Ultimate Lazy Guy

Let me introduce you to Belbhegor; a nasty piece of work and an old chum of Satan. Although he often presents himself as a she; in the form of a young and pretty girl. This guy is a demon. A tempting fella, he seduces lazy people with the prospect of instant wealth and riches. He sows the seed of ingenious inventions making those people wealthier than they can possibly hope for, while leading them down the garden path. His unsuspecting victims find the garden path is in fact the slippery slope and it's all downhill after that.

While these lazy good for nothings dream about their mansions and monies; made so easily by the suggestions of Belbhegor. The monstrous demon is playing a whole different ball game, more slippery snakes than climbing ladders. Should you decide to summon this ugly guy; he will grant riches; power of discovery and ingenious ideas to make your bank balance look very attractive. His appreciative audience are always those who want a quick buck without the craft. Belbhegor is no other than the Demon of Sloth. His ideas will make anyone rich. Anyone that calls him, that is and fancies a slide down that slope. So next time you're bone idle perhaps you should give Belbhegor a call.

No pain no gain! Right?

A Quote From The Bible

''For Satan finds some mischief still for idle hands to do.''

Bliss Is?

Life's a Beach
Life's a Beach | Source

It is said: Those that work diligently will be rewarded. In most cases that is true, as are the sayings ''You reap what you sow'' and ''Idle hands make idle work''. Cliché? Perhaps, but never truer words were said.

We all need our time out; to re-boot the old batteries and carry onward and upward. It's also sometimes a little difficult to stay on the moral high road. Sloth describes people that are very lazy and interested in doing absolutely nada! People only too aware of how to gain a lot; by doing as little as possible. When faced with busy reality, lazy people lose the one thing that's very important to them. Their lazy lifestyle.

Real Lazy Bones:

Lazy people who would rather claim benefits than do a days work are very difficult people to tolerate (not talking about those that can't find work, that's a different thing altogether).

Fraudulent claims make the lives of those people that genuinely need help far more complicated.

People that steel from others and damage property deserve severe punishment.

Older children that leach from their parents and never even make any effort to do a few chores or show their appreciation for their parents hard work are nothing less than infuriating.

Those that take advantage of the elderly are seriously bad people.

Taking others for granted or using their hard work for ones own praise and gain are just plain nasty.

Those in positions of power that choose to ignore the right way of doing things as the wrong way is so much easier.

It seems the slippery slope is quite full. Perhaps Belphegor has whispered in more than a few ears lately. Whose been a lazy bones then?

© 2010 Gabriel Wilson


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