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Book Review: Manifest your desires, by Esther and Jerry Hicks

Updated on November 27, 2013
Manifest Your Desires, by Esther and Jerry Hicks
Manifest Your Desires, by Esther and Jerry Hicks

Manifest your Desires, 365 Ways To Make Your Dream A Reality, by Esther and Jerry Hicks, is a high quality spiritual book. It is both thought provoking and life changing. This book details about the teachings of Non-physical entity Abraham. Abraham, the higher consciousness channels through Esther. Esther who is tuned in to higher frequencies, helps to translate the messages of Abraham to words and finally, to this great spiritual book.

365 Ways or messages are provided in this book, to make your dream a reality. If each guidance is added one day at a time to your spiritual life, in a year, you can apply the whole book to your life. The messages are true wisdom and highly inspirational. The messages can be applied to all areas of life including finance, relationship, career, health, happiness, peace. The book explains about the basic Universal Laws that can be easily understood and guide us to go with the positive flow of life.

Manifest Your Desires: this book is full of wise teachings. A brief review of the Abraham teachings in this book:

1. We are creators of our own reality. We have the complete freedom to create our reality. We can be deliberate creators of positive, high vibration thoughts or default creators of current reality. Majority of us are default creators as we think about the problems and try to get rid of them. Once we think about the solutions and desires, we become deliberate creators.

2. We need to listen to our own Internal Guidance System. If we decide to listen to others guidance system instead of our own guidance, we will immediately feel the pain.

3. Focus of attention is another key point mentioned. If our focus of attention is positive, we are vibrating at high frequencies and then we are connected to the Source. However, if our focus of attention is on negative people, circumstances or things, we are vibrating at low frequencies and thus, disconnected to the Source. Thus, by changing the direction of our thoughts to positive, we can connect ourselves to Source and experience the true joy and bliss.

4. Many people have lot of desires in their life and think that they are unable to achieve it because of lack of time, money or resources. However, the true reason is vibrational mismatch. Only when we are vibrating at high frequencies, we can be aligned to the Source and receive our desired manifestations.

5. Another key element shared in this book, is about being happy in the present moment. It does not matter if your desires are still to be fulfilled. The happiness, joy, positive emotions in the current situation is important. Only when we are happy and experiencing positive emotions, we are connected to the Source. Alignment to the Source is very important. When we are aligned to the Source, we are in bliss and all our dreams start to manifest as we let go off the resistance.

6. We are all "vibrational beings". All of us tend to believe only in the physical reality. All physical beings are vibrating at some frequencies. Our thoughts are vibrations and depending on our thoughts, we vibration at certain frequencies. Every thought that we think, radiates a signal and attracts a matching signal back. This is the Law of Attraction. It is very significant. Most of the things that we think are happening to us, are just the simple manifestations based upon this law. If we are thinking positive most of the time, we will attract positive things, people and circumstances in our lives.

7. Another key concept discussed in this book, is about focus on presence of things instead of absence of things. Most of us tend to focus on lack in the current circumstances. For instance, "I don't have enough money", "I don't have job", "I don't have lover". When we focus on absence, we attract absence and fulfill the prophecy of absence. However, when we focus on presence, we attract presence of that thing, person or simply good circumstances.

Finally, Manifest Your Desires, by Esther and Jerry Hicks is truly inspirational book with unique insights and messages. My personal experience is that more I apply the Abraham principles, I feel a sense of freedom, lightness and joy in my spirit and body. Following inner guidance instead of pleasing others is so true. When I follow my inner spirit, I am so creative, abundant and simply happy and joyful. This book is exceptional. Read it to find out more.....

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