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Book of Confucius Ideology Chapter 17

Updated on November 25, 2015

Passage Four Hundred and Thirty Nine


English Translation

Yanghuo wishes Confucius would visit him. Confucius won't visit him. So Yanghuo sends Confucius a roast pig as a gift. So, Confucius intentionally search for a time where Yanghuo is not at home to visit him but bumped into Yanghuo on the road.

Yanghuo said: Listen to me. You have the most elite mind and skill in the world, now, your country is in chaos, yet, you refuse to use your skills and talent to do anything. Is that humane? You want to make a difference, but you don't hold on, to opportunity, is that wise? Time wait for no man. People age at a rate, they cannot control.

After that Confucius said: Alright, I accept your offer, to be a Lord.

Passage Four Hundred and Forty


English Translation

Confucius said: At birth, human natures are all very similar. But due to different environments and upbringing, people would become increasingly different.

Note: An example of what Confucius is talking about is Response Shaping Process. It is a common and most successful brainwashing technique been used upon children. The idea of Response Shaping Process is to persuade a person's to a particularly distorted point of view while they have little or no understanding towards an existing situation. The idea is that, when a person has little or no understanding towards an existing situation, they do not have the necessary fact to contradict what they are been persuaded to believe in, thus, making them more vulnerable to be persuaded to a distorted point of view. Response Shaping Process is especially effective amount children. This is because children usually have no understanding towards anything. Although, frequently, Response Shaping Process towards children are been referred to as education, then persuasion. E.g. When a KKK teach their kids to hate people of other race, it is been thought of as teaching an idea to their children, then to persuade their children to it. (People are also more likely to be persuaded to a distorted point of view, if what they are been persuaded to believe in, is more abstract.)

Passage Four Hundred and Forty One


English Translation

Confucius said: The only thing that cannot be changed is whether you are born with higher IQ or lower IQ.

Passage Four Hundred and Forty Two


English Translation

Confucius went to Wu city and heard the sound of music and people singing.

Confucius smiled and said: Why use a butcher knife to kill a chicken?

Zihyou said: I remember master once said, a true gentleman, know to love people, after listening to good music. A savage would learn obedience after listening to music.

Confucius said: My students, Zihyou is correct. I was just joking a minute ago.

Passage Four Hundred and Forty Three


English Translation

Gongshanfo seized control of a city, planning to use it as a base for his revolt and ask for Confucius to help him. Confucius wants to go.

Zihlu said: Even if we got nowhere to go, why go to aid that rebel?

Confucius said: Did he summon me for no good reason? If he is willing to use me, it is possible that I can create a prospered dynasty.

Passage Four Hundred and Forty Four


English Translation

Zihjhang asked Confucius, what do it mean to be humane?

Confucius said: if you are able to do five things, then you are humane.

Zihjhang asked: What are those five things?

Confucius said: Respectful, merciful, trustworthy, dedicated and kind. If you are respectful, you won't do regrettable things. Been merciful can get you the support of the masses. Been trustworthy would get people to trust you. Been dedicated would get you the good result at work. Been kind would let people been willing to listen to you.

Passage Four Hundred and Forty Five~


English Translation

Fousi called for Confucius to meet him. Confucius plan to go.

Zihlu said: I heard master said, a gentleman don't liaison with those who conduct criminal actions. Now Fousi insists on rebelling. So, why do you insist on going?

Confucius said: Yes, I have said something like this. But a good and strong stone cannot be broken. A clean cloth cannot be made black. Am I a decorating fruit that cannot be eaten?

Passage Four Hundred and Forty Six


English Translation

Confucius said: Have you heard of the six type of good behaviour and six type of ill behaviour?

Jhongyou said: no

Confucius said: Come, sit down. I will tell you. First, those whom are humane, but don't like to learn, can easily be manipulated by people with bad intention. Secondly, those who are smart, but don't like to learn, would put their talent to waste. Those who are honest, but don't like to learn are likely to make a promise they cannot keep and cause trouble for them self. Those who are straight forward, but don't like to learn, would find it hard to articulate his word in a manner that won't hurt people. If you are brave but you won't learn you would end up doing bad things. Those who are firm, but not willing to learn, are likely to be arrogant.

Note: Sometimes when innocent people go to prison, it is due to police not studying the case probably. There are numbers of cases, in the United States, where innocent people ended up in prison for various serious crimes, such as murder and rape that never took place, because the police officer in charge or the jury in charge did not study the case properly. For example, there was a case, where a man was put in prison, for a rape that never happened, one of the main reason was because the arresting officer chose to be trusting to the woman who lied about been rape, to get away for the destruction, she did to this man's car and the police officer did not conduct detail studying of the case. In court, there was not sufficient information for the jury to make an inform decision either, causing the jury to be easily persuaded to believe in the existence of a rape that never took place. This is an example of Confucius word of "those whom are humane, but don't like to learn, can easily be manipulated by people with bad intention."

Passage Four Hundred and Forty Seven


English Translation

Confucius said: My students, why not learn about poetry? Poetry can help encourage your spirit, know about the society, to help you make friends, can be used as satire for social unjust, can be used to serve your parents, can serve the King and can know the name of many different type of birds, beast and plants.

Passage Four Hundred and Forty Eight


English Translation

Confucius said to his son: You need to learn about 'Jhaonan" and "Zounan"? If a person doesn't learn about it, then, you may as well, be standing, in front of a wall.

Passage Four Hundred and Forty Nine


English Translation

Confucius said: Politeness is not just about a present. Music is more than just about the instrument.

Passage Four Hundred and Fifty


English Translaiton

Confucius said: Those who act tough on the surface but is scared deep inside. If there is a savage that is like that, he is probably a thief.

Passage Four Hundred and Fifty One


English Translation

Confucius said: A Mr. Nice guy is somebody who steals morals.

Passage Four Hundred and Fifty Two


English Translation

Confucius said: Listening to rumours, is an activity been abandoned by people who are moral.

Passage Four Hundred and Fifty Three


English Translation

Confucius said: Can you work with a savage, to serve a King? When he has nothing, he is afraid, he won't get anything. When he got something, he is afraid he will lose it. Because he is afraid of losing it, he would do any evil, he felt necessary, to keep it.

Passage Four Hundred and Fifty Four


English Translation

Confucius said: People in the past, have three flaws, which people today, no longer have, but is replace but something even worse. Firstly, people in the past, are just a little bit arrogant. People today, are extremely arrogant. People of the past, are at worst, just a snob. People today, are at worse, rude and violent. People of the past, are at worst, innocent. People today, are at worst, both innocent and a cheater.

Passage Four Hundred and Fifty Five


English Translation

Confucius said: There are not many humane people, amount those who are charming and is a sweet talker.

Passage Four Hundred and Fifty Six


English Translation

Confucius said: I hate it when people use purple, to replace red. I hate it when people interrupt music with noise. I hate those, who bring chaos into the nation, through discriminating speech.

Passage Four Hundred and Fifty Seven


English Translation

Confucius said: I don't want to speak anymore.

Zihgong said: If master won't speak, then who would teach the students?

Confucius said: What did the gods ever say? The gods never speak. The four seasons would continue, the plants would continue to grow. What did the gods ever say?

Passage Four Hundred and Fifty Eight


English Translation

Rubei hopes to visit Confucius. Confucius doesn’t want to see him, so he told the messenger to send a message that he is sick. The second, the messenger, left the room Confucius brought out an instrument and started playing some very sad music.

Passage Four Hundred and Fifty Nine


Zaiwo said: Isn't guarding your parent's grave, for three years, too long? If a gentleman does not practice manner, he would be corrupt. If he doesn't play music for three years, his skills would be corrupt. If we finish eating the existing food, the new food won't come. Shouldn't one year be enough?

Confucius said: If you are willing to eat good rice, wear good close, within three years, would your conscious feel guilty?

Zaiwo said: Don't feel guilty.

Confucius said: If you don't feel guilty, then you can do it, your way. But for a gentleman, if there is a funeral, even if you eat good food, you won't feel the food taste good. Even if you play good music, you won't feel happy. Even if you go on a holiday, you won't feel happy. So, it is not as you thought. If you really can do only one year and have no guilty conscious, then you can do it your way.

After Zaiwo left, Confucius said: Zaiwo is really not humane. A child only left the comfort of their parents after three years. Three years of remembering your parents are something the entire world does. Didn't Zaiwo receive three years of care from his parents?

Passage Four Hundred and Sixty


English Translation

Confucius said: Sit around all day, have a good meal and has nothing to do, not using your brain at all. This is so boring. Isn't there a chess board? Play a game like this. Use your brain a bit. What do you think about that?

Passage Four Hundred and Sixty One


English Translation

Zihlu ask: Should a gentleman want to be brave?

Confucius said: If a gentleman is brave, but if he is not just, he would become a traitor. If a savage is brave but is not just, he would become a gangster.

Passage Four Hundred and Sixty Two


English Translation

Zihgong said: Do gentlemen have people hate?

Confucius said: Yes, they hate people, who tell everybody, about the flaws of others. They hate those, who defame people. They hate those, who are brave, but are not polite. They hate those who are persistence to their flaw believes.

Confucius asked: Do you have people you hate?

Zihgong said: I hate those who only know to copy the work of others. I hate those who think a person who act aggressive, is brave. I hate those who like to reveal about people's privacy and still think it is just.

Passage Four Hundred and Sixty Three


English Translation

Confucius said: Women and savages are hard to live with. Once you get too close to them, they felt they no longer need to be polite with you. If you are distant from them, they start hating you.

Passage Four Hundred and Sixty Four


English Translation

Confucius said: If everybody still hate him, at the age of forty. Then, this person's entire life is doom.


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