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Book of Confucius Ideology Chapter 18

Updated on November 25, 2015

Passage Four Hundred and Sixty Five


English Translation

King Jhou is not just. Weizih left him. Jizih became a slave. Bigan try talking sense into him and ended up getting dead

Confucius said: This country has three humane persons.

Passage Four Hundred and Sixty Six


English Translation

Liousiahuei is a judge. He has been sacked for many times. A person said to him “Why can't you leave Lu nation.”

He said: If you choose to be just, you are going to be sacked a few times. But if you are not just, then, you would have no need for leaving.

Passage Four Hundred and Sixty Seven


English Translation

The King of Ci nation said: I am not able to use Confucius like the King of Lu nation. if you want me to treat him, like how, Ji family and Mong family treat him that I can do. I am getting too old. I can't use him.

Confucius left Ci nation

Passage Four Hundred and Sixty Seven


English Translation

Ci nation send Lu nation a group of singing and dancing girls. Jihuanzih accepted it and didn't show up in government hall for three days, So, Confucius left Lu nation.

Passage Four Hundred and Sixty Eight


English Translation

A crazy person from Chu nation ran towards Confucius carriage and said: Phoenix, phoenix, why are you so unlucky? The past cannot be changed, but the future can still be changed. Forget about it, forget about it. The politics today is too dangerous.

Confucius got off his carriage and wanted to talk to him, but he quickly ran away. Confucius didn't have a chance to talk to him.

Passage Four Hundred and Seventy


English Translation

Changzu and Jieni are farming. Confucius walked passed and asked Zihlu to ask for direction.

Changzu asked: Who is the one driving the carriage.

Zihlu said: Confucius

Changzu said: Confucius of Lu nation?

Zihlu said: Yes

Changzu said: Then, he should know the roads of this place.

Changzu said: Who are you?

Zihlu said: I am Sanyo

Changzu said: Are you Confucius' student?

Changzu said: The world is in chaos right now. You, people, are trying to change the world. Instead of trying to avoid those who are not ethical, why don't you just avoid the entire world, all together, just like us?

Zihlu returned to Confucius and told him about the conversation. Confucius said: Human are not able to associate with animals if I don't associate with human, who else am I supposed to associate with? If we have world peace, then, what need are there, for people trying to change the world?

Passage Four Hundred and Seventy One


English Translation

Zihlu follows Confucius, on his journey, one day, he got left behind. He saw an old man, using a weed killing tool.

Zihlu asked: Have you seen my master?

The old man said: I am an old man, whose limbs can't even function, well. Who is your master?

The old man starts cutting the weeds again.

Zihlu stood on the side of the road respectfully.

So, that night, the old man, invite Zihlu, to rest there and cooked chicken for him and introduce his two sons to Zihlu.

The next day, Zihlu caught up to Confucius and told Confucius about what happened yesterday.

Confucius said: This is a wise man that chooses to go into hiding and let Zihlu go back, to visit him.

When Zihlu returned, the old man is no longer at home, so he left a message to the old man via his sons saying: Not been a Lord, is not acting in coalition with justice. We cannot abandon the politeness between a parent and a child or the justice between a King and his subject. A person wants to save himself but ruin the way things should be. For a gentleman to be a Lord, it is about pushing for justice. As for the fact that it is hard for us to let our ambitions, come true, that is something we already know of.

Passage Four Hundred and Seventy Two


English Translation

Wise men of the past that have been forgotten include Boyi, Shuci, Yujhong, Yiyi, Jhujhang, Liousialian, and Shaolian.

Confucius said: Boyi and Shuci are the types of people, who are not willing to lower their goal or their status.

Confucius then said: Liousialian and Shaolian are the types of people, who are willing to lower their goal and disgrace their own status. But their speech is always in coalition with logic. Their action is always in coalition with concern.

Confucius then said: Yujjong and Yiyi are willing to hide from the world, they speak their mind.

Confucius then said: My main difference from these people is that I am flexible in my way of doing things and don't insist on doing things a certain way.

Passage Four Hundred and Seventy Three


English Translation

The King's first musician went to Ci nation, the second musician went to Chu nation, and the third musician went to Cai nation. Another went to the yellow river, another went to Han River and another two went to the beach.

Passage Four Hundred and Seventy Four


English Translation

Mr. Jhou said to Mr Lu: A gentleman doesn’t stay too far away from his love ones. He won't refuse to use a man that complaint about him, as a minister. If a minister has been with him for a long time and is his old friend, he won't fire this minister, unless he makes a big mistake. He doesn't ask anybody for full responsibility.

Passage Four Hundred and Seventy Five


English Translation

There are eight paladins of the Jhou era. Boda, Boshih, Jhongtu, Jhonghu, Shuye, Susia, Jisuei, Jigua.

This article's translation of key words





禮=polite, manner



義=justice, just

道=just, justice, principle, thinking


仁=humane, kind

文=culture, scholar






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