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Book of Confucius Ideology Chapter 20 (final chapter)

Updated on December 28, 2015

Passage Five Hundred and One


English Translation

When Yao passed the throne to Shun, he said: Alright, the gods have now chosen you. Let you be the King. But if the world is poor, then your reign is over.

When Shun passed the throne to Yu, he said the exact same thing.

Shangtang said: All mighty gods. As your child in the mortal world, I would only use the black cow to worship you, pray to you. I do not dare to pardon those who committed a crime. I don't dare to hide those who are kind or evil. You are all knowing. If I am guilty, please don't blame the peasants. If the peasants are guilty, I am willing to be punished, for their sins.

Jhou dynasty created world peace. All the good people have become wealthy.

King Wu said: Having humane people, is better than having relatives. If the peasants are at fault, let me carry their wrong for them.

Confucius said: Conduct detail research. Make well thought out laws. Establish a just human resource system. Let the law work fluently. Let the dying states revive. People have no need, to worry about, not having decedents. Promote talent people, who have otherwise been forgotten. This way, the people of the world, would all follow you.

Confucius said: When governing, the government should focus on the people, food, funeral, praying. Been generous would let the people, to be protected. Been truth to your word would let the people be willing to obey you. Been keen and cheap in governing, would achieve the good result for its policy. Been just, would give the people happiness.

Note: Even those who lived over 2000 years ago know to tolerate those who doesn't affect another's freedom or hurt others, even if they are sinners, in relationship to religion. Despite, living in a superstitious era, due to a lack of understanding towards science, instead of conducting discrimination or persecution acts against those, who are sinners. The humane King of the past asked the gods, not to punish the people for their sins and let him the King, be punished for them. Considering people over 2000 years ago, living in the superstitious era, due to a lack of understanding towards scientific knowledge, can have such wisdom. Isn't it an embarrassment, despite we live two thousand years later, in a none superstitious era, due to having a better understanding of science, we are seen people who conducting act of persecution and discrimination upon others, for been sinners in relationship to our religion, even if such sin doesn't affect another's freedom or hurt others?

Isn't it an embarrassment that prior to the 1980s, in Ireland there was the Catholic church home for unwed mothers, which is really a life in prison for unwed mothers, simply for been sinners in relationship to Catholicism? Isn't it an embarrassment, in the 21st century the Middle East, we would see Taliban attacking girls school in Pakistan and Afghanistan simply because they felt it is a sin in relationship to the Muslim faith? Isn't it an embarrassment, in the 21st-century western world, we are seen the issue of gay discrimination, by some Christians, because been gay is a sin in relationship to their religion?

Passage Five Hundred and Two


English Translation

Zihjhang asked: What should one do, to be someone worthy, to be in politics?

Confucius said: Worship five good moral and get rid of four bad behaviours. Then you will be worthy to be in politics.

Zihjhang asked: What is the five good moral.

Confucius said: You should benefit the peasants, but not be wasteful in spending. You must let the public be willing to work hard and have no complaint. You must let the economy prosper, but not greedy. You must be close to the peasants, but not arrogant. You must gain the peasant's respect, but not be aggressive.

Zihjhang said: How to benefit the peasants, but not be wasteful in spending?

Confucius said: Do things that are good for the public interest, give the people advantage, isn't that giving the peasants benefit, but not wasting money? Create a policy that is to public interest and let the public put it into practice, who will complain about working for the government then? If the economy is prospering, there is no need for the people to be greedy. Disregards to whether this person is young or old, disregards to whether the population is large or small, always respect the peasants, isn't that been close to the peasants and not been arrogant? Dress up in a tidy manner and be serious, would give people reason respectful to you, isn't that giving people reason to respect you, but not been aggressive?

Zihjhang asked: What are the four evil?

Confucius said: Arrest the peasants before they are educated. Not supervising their work, yet ask them to have the result. Have a loose policy, but expect them to complete their job within time. Decide to reward the peasants for their effort, but give them less than they deserve.

Passage Five Hundred and Three


Confucius said: If you don't know how to be objective, you are not a gentleman. If you do not understand politeness, you cannot have a career. If you cannot differentiate between people's words, you cannot understand people.



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