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Book of Confucius Ideology Chapter Eight

Updated on December 5, 2015

Passage One Hundred and Eighty Seven


English Translation

Confucius said: Tibo's moral is extremely high, he on three occasions step down as King, the peasants couldn't think of a term to praise him.

Passage One Hundred and Eighty Eight


English Translation

Confucius said: If a person is respectful but have no manners, he would feel tired. If a person is careful but has no manners, he would flinch. If a person is brave but has no manners, he would become a traitor. If a person is straightforward but has no manner he would hurt people.

Passage One Hundred and Eighty Nine


English Translation

Zenzih got seriously sick. He gathered his students and said: My students look at my foot! Look at my foot! See, have it been injured before? I am very careful my entire life, like standing on the side of the cliff, likes stepping on thin ice. Now, my body won't be hurt again.

Passage One Hundred and Ninety


English Translation

Zenzih was sick in bed, Mengjingzih visits him.

Zenzih said: When a bird is about to die, its crying voice is sad, when a person is about to die, his last words, is kind. A true gentleman cares about three principles. If his expression can move a person, he can avoid dealing with violent people, if his face is serious, he can gain people's trust. If his speech is classy, he can avoid none sense. In term of custom, there are people, to take care of it.

Passage One Hundred and Ninety One


English Translation

Zenzih said: You are mighty, but you would ask a question, to a weak person. You are well educated, but you are willing to ask a question, to an ill-educated. You are well educated but can act as if, you got nothing. Never care about the action of bullies. I have a friend that is just like that.

Passage One Hundred and Ninety Two


English Translation

Zenzih said: Somebody you can depend on, to take care of an orphan or a country. Somebody, that won't be scared, in a life and death situation. Is he a gentleman? Of course, that is a gentleman.

Passage One Hundred and Ninety Three


English Translation

Zenzih said: Paladins must have great goals. His will must be strong, because he has an important and difficult task, ahead of him. To have world peace and humanity resting on your shoulder isn't it hard? You have fight for your goals, your entire life, isn't that a long road?

Passage One Hundred and Ninety Four


English Translation

Confucius said: Use poetry to expression your passion, create a career by insisting on manners, and entertain yourself using music.

Passage One Hundred and Ninety Five


English Translation

Confucius said: Once the public agrees with you, you can put the plan into operation. If the public doesn't understand, you need to persuade the public, to agree with your first.

Note: When the King of Saudi Arabia tried to introduce television into the kingdom. There were a lot of backlashes, under the name “it is a sin”. Because Saudi Arabia’s population has a high concentration of highly religious people and in the Muslim faith, it is a sin to replicate the human image, like that. The Saudi King must then change the public’s opinion, by talking about the sort of advantage, that the nation can gain, via introducing television and quote phrases from the Koran that is in favour of introducing television into Saudi Arabia.

Passage One Hundred and Ninety Six


English Translation

Confucius said: Those who praise fearlessness, but hate poverty, would become a problem for society. Those who are not humane and have been abandoned by society would become a problem for society.

Passage One Hundred and Ninety Seven


Englisyh Translation

Confucius said: Even if a person has skill as beautiful as Mr. Jhou. If he is arrogant, then it is still not worth mentioning.

Passage One Hundred and Ninety Eight


English Translation

Confucius said: There are very few people, whom still can't find a good job, after studying for three years.

Passage One Hundred and Ninety Nine


English Translation

Confucius said: Maintain your honour, keep on studying and insist on justice. Don't enter a danger nation. Don't enter a nation in chaos. When the world is just, come out to make your goal come true. When the world is not just, go into hiding. When a country is just, but you are poor, that is an embarrassment. If the country is not just, but you are wealthy, that is an embarrassment.

Note: Many scientists that were been executed for presenting scientific law or theory that contradicting the bible, in the pre-modern west, would not have been executed if migrated to certain places, outside the west.

Passage Two Hundred


English Translation

Confucius said: If you are not in that position, don't worry about the job of that position.

Passage Two Hundred and One


English Translation

Confucius said: From the beginning to the end of the master's solo music performance, beautiful music filled my ears.

Passage Two Hundred and Two


English Translation

Confucius said: I cannot understand people who are arrogant but not straightforward, childish but not honest, look honest but not honest for real.

Passage Two Hundred and Three


English Translation

Confucius said: Learning is like a race, fearing you can't catch up. Once you caught up, you fear other people surpass you.

Passage Two Hundred and Four


English Translation

Confucius said: Shun and Yu are great. They became the King of Kings, not through violence.

Passage Two Hundred and Five


English Translation

Confucius said: Yao is a great King, as great as heaven! His contribution is so great, it cannot be described. His work would survive in history! His government structure is a beacon of light!

Passage Two Hundred and Six


English Translation

Shun has five great ministers, to help him rule the world. King Wu said: I have ten wise ministers.

Confucius said: Wise people are hard to find, isn't that true? After the era of King Shun, Yu, the world is greatest under your rule. But amount the ten ministers, one is a woman. Only nine are men. Jhou nation allow two third of the world, to be subject to you, willingly.

Jhou nation's moral is probably the highest.

Note: Just because a person can become King or President doesn’t mean he is the best person for the job. And not all can be an expert on everything. Thus, a person who can make a good governor under some circumstances might not make a good governor under another. And the governing of a nation can sometimes be too much for a single person to do himself. Thus, it is more important for a King and a President to be able to have good Lieutenants to serve as his ministers, to firstly, help make up for the shortcomings of the King or President and secondly, to assist the King or President in governing, when the job is too much for the King or President, to do along, then to have the King or President to be a great governor himself.

Passage Two Hundred and Seven


English Translation

Confucius said: Yu as a king, there is no complaint. He eats simple food, but the food, he use to worship the gods, is fancy. The clothes he wears simple, but his cloth while worshiping the gods, are grand. His own palace is simple but does what he can to build waterways. Yu as great King, there is no complaint.





禮=polite, manner


義=justice, just

士=paladin, scholar

仁=humane, kind

文=culture, scholar









儉=cheap, economical

讓=make way

信=honest, true to one's word, keep one's word, faith, believe

德=moral, kindness, ethnic

道=just, justice, principle, thinking, road


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