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Book of Confucius Ideology Chapter Nineteen

Updated on December 6, 2015

Passage Four Hundred and Seventy Five


English Translation

Zihjhang said: When seen a danger, a paladin who have ambition, will forget about his own safety. When seen an advantage, he would think about justice. When he is praying, he would be faithful.

Passage Four Hundred and Seventy Six


English Translation

Zihjhang said: Not spreading advantage, not faithful to justice. This sort of people may as well don't exist.

Passage Four Hundred and Seventy Seven


English Translation

Zihsia's student asked Zihjhang, how to make friends.

Zihjhang said: How would you do it?

The response said: Zihsia says, "Those who you can make friend with can make friend with you. Otherwise, reject the friendship."

Zihjhang said: I heard differently. A true gentleman respects wise men, tolerate those who are different, praise those who are kind, show sympathy to those who are weak. If I am a good person, I can tolerate anybody. If I am a bad person, everybody would reject me. Then, who are there for me to reject?

Note: Therefore, within Confucius ideology, a truly good man is somebody who tolerate others, even those he hate. He might still dislike or think ill of various people due to various, reason, but, he will show tolerance to all people, including those who he hate and think ill of, but encourage the enforcement of peace, harmony and justice. He would not agree with the action, of white supremacist, KKK or Nazis, because not only do they not tolerate those who are different, but discriminate against them. If he is a Muslim, he will not join Taliban or ISIS because he tolerate and respect other people religion difference and he tolerate and respect those who are sinners in relationship to his religion. He will not join Christian extremists, groups that hate and discriminate people who are sinners (including gays) in relationship to the Christian faith. He will not endorse the Catholic Church Home for Unwed Mothers that exist in Ireland, prior to 1980s, where women who are unwed mothers are been thrown into this private prison run by the Roman Catholic Church because been an unwed mother is a sin in Catholicism. He will not endorse the gay discrimination, conducted by many Christian groups, which felt been gay is a sin, in relationship to the Christian faith, even if he also believes been gay in a sin, because, he is a devoted Christian. He would not endorse the Inquisition or the Crusades. Because he respects and tolerate those who are different, including those who are sinners, in relationship to our western Christian faith, even if this sinner chooses to be sinners, knowing it is a sin. Even more, he would stand against, these action of white supremacist, KKK, Nazi, Taliban, ISIS, Christian extremists that discriminate against people (including gays) for been sinners, the Catholic Church Home for Unwed Mother operation, Inquisition or Crusade, because these actions are a disturbance of peace and harmony and they are anti-justice.

Passage Four Hundred and Seventy Eight


English Translation

Zihsia said: Even if it is a minor principle, there are still places where it can be used. But it cannot be useful in major events. So, a gentleman should not focus on minor principles.

Passage Four Hundred and Seventy Nine


English Translation

Zihsia said: We can learn new things every day. Don't forget about things you learn, every month. That would be good enough.

Passage Four Hundred and Eighty


English Translation

Zihsia said: Learn a wide variety of skills and keep moving forward to your goal. Focus on asking questions and use practical methods to examine it. Humane is within this.

Passage Four Hundred and Eighty One


English Translation

Zihsia said: A worker, manufacture goods, within the factory. A gentleman learns about the principle.

Four Hundred and Eighty Two


English Translation

Zihsia said: When a savage makes a mistake, he will try to hide it.

Passage Four Hundred and Eighty Three


English Translation

Zihsia said: A gentleman morph three times, at first sight, he seem serious. After interacting with him, you realize, he is very warm. But when you listen to him talk, it still sounds serious.

Passage Four Hundred and Eighty Four


English Translation

Zihsia said: A government can only command the public if it gains the people's trust. If the people don't trust the government, they will think you are bullying them. Only after gaining the government's trust, would the government listen to your opinion, otherwise the government is going to think you are defaming them.

Passage Four Hundred and Eighty Five


English Translation

Zihsia said: When dealing with major issues, be clear and insist on what is right or wrong. But don't get obsess on minor manners.

Passage Four Hundred and Eighty Six


English Translation

Zihyou said: Zisia's student is always doing minor things like watering flowers, sweeping the floor or greeting the guest. They haven't learnt anything for real.

After Zihsia heard it he said: Zihyou is wrong. What subjects should we teach first? What subjects should we teach later? It is just like the grass and the wood, they all have their difference. We cannot say one is the other. Been able to teach a student everything, that is something only a saint can do.

Passage Four Hundred and Eighty Seven


English Translation

Zihsia said: Even when you are a Lord, you cannot forget to study. When you finished your study, you should go and be a Lord.

Passage Four Hundred and Eighty Eight


English Translation

Zihyou said: In the funeral, showing your sadness should be sufficient.

Passage Four Hundred and Eighty Nine


English Translation

Zihyou said: My friend Zihjhang is a pretty good, already, but not yet good enough, to be qualified as humane.

Passage Four Hundred and Ninety


English Translation

Zengzih said: On the surface, Zihjhang might seem dignified, but he is very hard to work with.

Passage Four Hundred and Ninety One


English Translation

Zengzih said: Normally, people find it hard to show their emotion, only when somebody dies, would they show it.

Passage Four Hundred and Ninety Two


English Translation

Zengzih said: I heard master once said "Mengjhuangzih" is somebody, who really honours his parents. He doesn't change the policy made by his father or his ministers. That is something, very hard to do.

Passage Four Hundred and Ninety Three


English Translation

Meng became a judge and asked advice from Zengzih.

Zengzih said: The government today is not just. The peasants have already lost faith in it. If you want to understand the truth behind a case, you must show sympathy towards the peasants and when you complete a case, don't act so proud of yourself.

Passage Four Hundred and Ninety Four


English Translation

Zihgong said: King Jhou might be a bad King, but is not as bad, as they say in the urban legends. So what a gentleman hate the most, is to have a flaw and people focusing on your flaws only.

Note: Mandarin use picture writing, so there are numbers of words that have the same pronunciation, once translate into English. This King Jhou exists before the emergence of the Jhou Federation era, which Confucius live in.

Passage Four Hundred and Ninety Five


English Translation

Zihgong said: A gentleman's flaw is like the missing part of the moon. The second he has a bit of flaw, everybody can see it. Once it has been fixed, everybody can see it.

Passage Four Hundred and Ninety Six


English Translation

Gongsunchao from Wei nation asked Zihgong: Who is Confucius' master?

Zihgong replied: The principle of the god of wisdom and god of war, still exist in the mortal world. A smart person is able to understand the real big principle behind their philosophy. A less intelligent person can only understand the smaller principle. Master learns from everywhere. He doesn't have a single master.

Passage Four Hundred and Ninety Seven


English Translation

Shusunweshu said to the ministers in government hall: Zihgong is wiser than Confucius.

Zihfujin told Zihgong about it. Zihgong said: Let’s use a wall as an example. The height of my wall reaches my shoulder. So, I can see the beautiful garden, from outside the fence. Confucius' wall is few meters high. You can’t see the garden inside unless you enter from the main gate. But very few people, ever walked into that gate. So, I can understand, why he could think this way.

Passage Four Hundred and Ninety Nine


English Translation

Shusunweshu speak ill of Confucius.

Zihgong said: Don't be like that. You can't speak ill of him. There are many wise people, you are able to surpass. But Confucius is like the sun and the moon, you can't surpass him.

Passage Five Hundred


English Translation

Chenzihcing said to Zihgong: I think you are polite. In what way is Confucius wiser than you?

Zihgong said: The wisdom of a gentleman can be seen if they just speak one sentence. So, they need to be careful of their speech. Confucius' wisdom is so high that you can't reach it with any ladder. It is just like you can't reach the sky via a ladder. If he became the King of a nation, he would definitely be a legendary King. The people would love and support him. The people would be uniting as one. There will be peace. Confucius live honourably, he died miserably. Who can catch up to him?

This article's translation of key words





禮=polite, manner



義=justice, just

道=just, justice, principle, thinking

士=paladin, scholar

仁=humane, kind

文=culture, scholar






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