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Book of Confucius ideology Chapter 11

Updated on November 29, 2015

Passage Two Hundred and Fifty Seven


English Translation

Confucius said: When a peasant is promoted to become a Lord, it is because he is wise. A royal become a Lord because he has the right connections, therefore, peasants would make better Lords.

Passage Two Hundred and Fifty Eight


English Translation

Confucius said: Those who experience hardship with me at Chen nation and Cai nation are no longer in this world.

Passage Two Hundred and Fifty Nine


English Translation

Amount Confucius' students, Yanyuan, Minzihcian, Ranboniou and Johnggong have good moral. Zaiwo and Zihgong are good at debate. Ranyou and Jilu are good at administration. Zihyo and Zihsia are good at philosophy.

Passage Two Hundred and Sixty


English Translation

Confucius said: Yanhuei have no use to me, he listen to everything I said.

Passage Two Hundred and Sixty One


English Translation

Confucius said: Minzihcian is such a great son! Everybody agree with the applauses, he gets from his parents and brothers.

Passage Two Hundred and Sixty Two


English Translation

Nanrong frequently talks about the passages from books that are relevant to been careful. So, Confucius married his niece to him.

Passage Two Hundred and Sixty Three


English Translation

Jikangzih asked Confucius: Amount your students, who are the keenest?

Confucius said: Yanhuei is the keenest, pity he died young, now, none of them are keen.

Passage Two Hundred and Sixty Four


English Translation

After Yanyuan's death, his father Yanlu talked to Confucius, wanting to sell his carriage, to buy an outer coffin for him.

Confucius said: It doesn't matter, whether one's son is successful or not, all father love their son. When my son died, he had a coffin, but I didn't sell my carriage to buy him an outer coffin. Because I was once a Lord, it is inappropriate for me to walk, in a funeral.

Passage Two Hundred and Sixty Five


English Translation

After Yanyuan is dead Confucius said: Sigh, the gods want my life! The gods want my life!

Passage Two Hundred and Sixty Six


English Translation

Confucius cried very sadly when Yanyuan died. His students said to him: You cried too sadly.

Confucius said: How is that an outrage? If I don't cry for Yanyuan, who else should I cry for?

Passage Two Hundred and Sixty Seven


English Translation

After Yanyuan died, all the students, wanted to give him a grand funeral.

Confucius said: Can't

The students still wanted to give him a grant funeral.

Confucius said: Yanhuei treated me like a father, but I can't treat him like a son. When a true gentleman loves a person, everything must act according to manner. It isn't that I don't want to give you a grand funeral, but the students asked me, not to treat you like a son.

Passage Two Hundred and Sixty Eight


English Translation

Zihlu asked about how to worship the gods and demons.

Confucius said: We haven't even serve men well, why talk about ghosts?

Zihlu asked: Can I ask, what is death about?

Confucius said: We haven't even understood life yet, how should we know about death?

Passage Two Hundred and Sixty Nine


English Translation

Minzihcian stood next to Confucius, acting just and respectful.

When Zihlu stood next to Confucius, his face looks hostile.

When Ranyou and Zihgong stand next to Confucius they look warm and happy.

Confucius said: The way Zihlu stand is not a good idea.

Passage Two Hundred and Seventy


English Translation

Lu nation decided to build a new treasury.

Minzihcian said: Just fix up the old one, why build a new one?

Confucius said: You rarely speak, but when you speak, you make great points.

Passage Two Hundred and Seventy One


English Translation

Confucius said: Why is Zihlu playing music here?

As a result, many of Confucius students look down upon Zihlu.

So, Confucius said: Zihlu is already a good musician, just not elite yet.

Passage Two Hundred and Seventy Two


English Translation

Zihgong asked: Between Zihjhang and Zhsia, who is most competent?

Confucius said: Zihjhang overdo thing, Zihsia is over relax.

Zihgong asked: Then Zihjhang

Confucius said: Overdoing it is just as bad as been over relaxing.

Passage Two Hundred and Seventy Three


English Translation

The head of the Jih family is wealthier than Mr. Jhou. Yet, Ranyou helps him to gain more wealth.

Confucius said: He is not my student. My students can protest against him.

Passage Two Hundred and Seventy Four


English Translation

Confucius said: Gaochai is stupid, Zengseng is slow, Junagsunshih is radical, Jhongyou is careless.

Passage Two Hundred and Seventy Five


English Translation

Confucius said: Yanhan is very knowledgeable, but he is frequently poor and don't know what to do. Zihgong run business, frequently not playing by the rules, yet he is able to understand the market with ease and take advantage of it.

Passage Two Hundred and Seventy Six


English Translation

Zihjhang asked how to be a kind person?

Confucius said: It is harder to have complete knowledge if you don't follow in the footstep of people before.

Passage Two Hundred and Seventy Seven


English Translation

Confucius said: To praise a person who is loyal. Is this been a gentleman? Or is it been a suck up?

Passage Two Hundred and Seventy Eight


English Translation

Zihlu asked: Should we act after hearing?

Confucius said: How can you act right after hearing it if your father and brothers are still alive?

Ranyou asked: Should we act after hearing?

Confucius said: Yes

Gongsihua asked: When Zihlu asked whether he should act after hearing, you say "How can you act right after hearing it, if your father and brothers are still alive", but when Ranyou asked "Should we act after hearing it" You said "yes" I don't understand your reason, may I ask?

Confucius said: Ranyou is always a bit as a coward, so I need to encourage him to move forward. Zihlu is usually too brave. I need him to take a step back.

Passage Two Hundred and Seventy Nine


English Translation

After Confucius escaped from the trap he is in, Yanyuan ran to him.

Confucius said: I thought you are already dead

Yanyuan said: How could I dare to die while the master is still alive?

Passage Two Hundred and Eighty


English Translation

Jizihran asked: Can Jhongyou and Raciou count as great ministers?

Confucius said: I was wondering what you are going to ask, you are asking about Jhongyou and Raciou. The so call great minister is those who assist the King ethically. If you can't do it, then you resign. Right now, the two of them only count as good ministers.

Jizihran asked: Then would they obey the King without question

Confucius said: They would not obey an order, to kill a good man or to kill their father.

Passage Two Hundred and Eighty One


English Translation

Zihlu sends Zihgao to be the Lord Mayor

Confucius said: Isn't that causing harm to Zihgao?

Zihlu said: There are people and land there, aren't there other ways of learning, other than studying?

Confucius said: That is insisting on none sense.

Passage Two Hundred and Eighty Two


English Translation

Zihlu, Zengsi, Ranyou and Gongsihua sit next to Confucius.

Confucius said: Do you feel restricted because I am older than you? You frequently say people don't understand you. If somebody understands you, what would you do?

Without thinking, Zihlu said: To rule a nation with one thousand cavalries, trap between two powerful nations, facing a foreign military threat. Within the country, there are disaster and diseases. Let me rule this nation, wait for three years, the peasants become brave and understand politeness.

Confucius smiled: What about you Ranyou.

Ranyou responded: A small nation, between sixty to seventy square mile in size, otherwise fifty to sixty square mile in size. Let me rule it, three years later, the peasants would be wealthy, as for moral, let gentlemen encourage them to it.

Confucius asked: What about you Gongsihchih?

Gongsihchih said: I don't dare to speak too much, but I am willing to learn. In term of foreign diplomacy or worshiping a god, I am willing to wear good ceremony cloth and be a minor ceremony planner.

Confucius said: Zengdian, what about you?

The sound of the instrument started to faint and then Zengdian put down the instrument stood up and said: My idea is different from the discussion of the other three.

Confucius said: What is wrong about that? Everybody here is just talking about their dream?

Thus, Zengdian said: During spring, put on spring cloth, meet with five or six adults and six or seven children,

Confucius said: I share the same view as you.

After the other three walked out, Zhandian asked: How are their view?

Confucius said: They are just talking about their dreams

Zhandian said: Then why would master laugh?

Confucius said: A King needs to demonstrate tolerance, but he choose to be disrespectful, so I laugh.

Zhandian said: But Ranyou is talking about ruling a nation too.

Confucius said: Who said a nation whose size is seventy square mile, sixty square mile or fifty square miles, isn't a country?

Zhandian said: Isn't Gongsihchih talking about the national affairs?

Confucius said: Religion affairs and foreign affairs are national affairs. If Gongsihchih is a minor planner, then who can be a major planner?





禮=polite, manner


義=justice, just

士=paladin, scholar

仁=humane, kind

文=culture, scholar








儉=cheap, economical

讓=make way

信=honest, true to one's word, keep one's word, faith, believe

德=moral, kindness, ethnic

道=just, justice, principle, thinking, road


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