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Book of Confucius ideology Chapter 14

Updated on November 25, 2015

Passage Three Hundred and Thirty Seven


English Translation

Sang asked: What is an embarrassment?

Confucius said: When the King is just, you can serve him. But if the King is evil and you serve him. That is an embarrassment.

Passage Three Hundred and Thirty Eight


English Translation

Asked: If one would control his competitive nature. Not brag about his achievements. Control his hate and greedy nature, is he humane?

Confucius said: If someone can do this, it is really unusual. It is related to been humane, but it is not humane.

Passage Three Hundred and Thirty Nine


English Translation

Confucius said: If a paladin wants to stay at home, then he should not be a paladin.

Passage Three Hundred and Forty


English Translation

Confucius said: When there is a good King, your action should be just and your speech must be just. When the King is evil, your action should be just, but your speech must be careful.

Passage Three Hundred and Forty One


English Translation

Confucius said: Those who are moral must be a good public speaker. Those who are good public speakers are not necessarily moral. Those who are brave and moral will have courage. Those who have courage are not necessarily moral or brave.

Note: It requires a great deal of courage to be a suicide bomber, but Taliban suicide bombers, are anything but truly moral.

Passage Three Hundred and Forty Two


English Translation

Nangongkuo asked Confucius: Yi is a good archer. Ao is extremely good at navel battles. But these two people don't get along. However, Yu who is just a farmer won the right to rule the world.

After Nangongkuo finished talking, Confucius said nothing.

After Nangongkuo left the room Confucius said: This person is a true gentleman, he do not worship violence.

Passage Three Hundred and Forty Three


English Translation

Confucius said: A true gentleman might not act humane sometime. But a savage is never humane.

Passage Three Hundred and Forty Four


English Translation

Confucius said: If you love somebody, can you not let her know, the sort of hardship she might face? If you are loyal to somebody, can you not condemn him, if he is doing something wrong?

Passage Three Hundred and Forty Five


English Translation

Confucius said: Jheng nation's speech, in international diplomacy assembly, start with a draft written by a first person. It is then discussed by a second person. After that, it had a diplomat, making the sentence sound better and finally, has the fourth person to make it sound grander.

Passage Three Hundred and Forty Six


English Translation

Somebody asked: What sort of person is Zihchan.

Confucius answer: A kind person.

That person then asked about Zihsi.

Confucius said: Him, him...

That person then asked about Guanjhong.

Confucius said: He is a talented man. The head of the Bo family lost a lot of his royal lands, due to his policy. Since then, Bo can only afford a simpler life. Yet, Bo has no complaint about the decision.

Passage Three Hundred and Forty Seven


English Translation

Confucius said: It is hard for a person to be poor and have no complaint. It is easier for a person to be rich, but not arrogant.

Passage Three Hundred and Forty Eight


English Translation

Confucius said: Menggongchuo have what it take to be Jhao family and Wei family's chief of staff, but we cannot use him as Prime Minister of Teng nation or Syue, these two smaller nations.

Passage Three Hundred and Forty Nine


English Translation

Zihlu asked: What is a perfect human?

Confucius said: To have wisdom like Zhanwujhong. To be not greedy, like Menggongchuo. To be brave, like Siajhuangzih. Have many talents, like Ranciou. Then use manners to decorate yourself. Then you are a perfect human.

Confucius then said: In this day and age, who count as a perfect human? When he sees an advantage, he would think of whether taking it, is just. When he sees a person in danger, he would risk his life to protect that person. During a time of hardship, he would not forget his commitments. This would be enough to call him a perfect human.

Passage Three Hundred and Fifty


English Trasnaltion

Confucius asked Gongmingjia about Gongshuwunzih, saying: Really? Is senior him, really a person who don't talk, don't laugh and won't be willing to receive things?

Gongmingjia said: That is a rumour, senior he, only speak when he needs to speak. Only laugh when there is something to laugh about. Only receive when he is worthy to receive. Thus, is why, people don't hate him when he receive something.

Confucius said: So that is the truth. Really?

Passage Three Hundred and Fifty One~


English Translation

Confucius said: Zangwujhong said, he is willing to give up his land and title if the King appoints him, to be the Prime Minister. Although, he said, it is not his intention, to conduct a hostile takeover, of the nation, I believe that is exactly, what he is doing.

Passage Three Hundred and Fifty Two


English Translation

Confucius said: Mr. Jingwun is cunning, but not just. Mr. Cihuan, is just, but not cunning.

Passage Three Hundred and Fifty Three


English Translation

Zihlu said: Mr. Cihuan killed the Prince, then gather the public and killed himself. Gwanzhon on the other hand, won't die. Thus, is Guanjhong a humane person?

Confucius said: Mr. Cihuan is able to get the nobles, to be subjected to him, without raising arms and the country remains peaceful, that is all thanks to Guanjhong. Thus, Guanjhong is also humane.

Passage Three Hundred and Fifty Four


English Translation

Zihgong said: Guanjhong is not humane, right? Mr. Cihuan killed the Prince. Guanjhong won't cry for the prince, instead he becomes the Prime Minister, in the new dynasty.

Confucius said: As Prime Minister, Guanjhong helped the new King to get all the nobles with powers to be subject to a clean and just government. Now, all the peasants have benefited from his policy. Without Guanjhong, the peasants still need to be harassed by the corrupt previous region. Should we really blame him, for what he did and choose to let the peasants, keep living in the ditch that nobody knows about?

Passage Three Hundred and Fifty Five


English Translation

Gongshuwunzih appointed a servant of his home to be a minister in the government, with a position completely equal to him.

After hearing about it, Confucius said: Gongsuwunzih is a truly cultured man.

Passage Three Hundred and Fifty Six


English Translation

When talking about what sort of King is Mr. Weilinggong, Confucius refer to him as somebody with no principle.

Jikangzih asked: If that is the case, why is his country still prospering?

Confucius said: He knows to use the right people, to be in charge of nation affair, the right person, to be in charge of affairs in relationship to the gods, the right person to be in charge of the military. So what if he is a stupid King? How could his country possibly fail?

Passage Three Hundred and Fifty Seven


English Translation

Confucius said: If a person dares to make any form of empty promise, then when it comes to executing those promise, he would have a lot of problems.

Passage Three Hundred and Fifty Eight


English Translation

Chenchengzih killed Mr. Cijian. After practicing vegetarian and bath, Confucius went into the government chamber and said to Mr. A: Chenhengih killed his King, please send troops to deal with him.

Mr. A didn't have the authority to make this decision and said: Go and talk to the three of them.

After leaving the government chamber, Confucius said: It is because I am the Prime Minister, that I must inform the King when something so serious has happened. Yet, the King, tell me to go and talk to the three of them.

After informing the three families, they all refuse consent, to deploy troops.

Confucius said: Because I am the Prime Minister, so I must talk about this matter.

Passage Three Hundred and Fifty Nine


English Translation

Zihlu asked about, how to work for a King.

Confucius said: Don't lie to your King and advise him, to the best of your ability.

Passage Three Hundred and Sixty


English Translation

Confucius said: A true gentleman follow the law of justice. A savage only cares about his own greedy interest.

Passage Three Hundred and Sixty One


English Translation

Confucius said: Students of ancient days, study to fulfil himself. People, who study today, study to gain higher social status.

Passage Three Hundred and Sixty Two


English Translation

Pengboyu sent a diplomat, to visit Confucius on his behalf.

Confucius welcomes the diplomat to sit down and then asked: What have Mr. Peng been up to lately.

The diplomat respond: He hopes to decrease his mistake, but, haven't been able to do it.

After the diplomat left, Confucius said: He is a good diplomat.

Passage Three Hundred and Sixty Three


English Translation

Confucius said: If you are not on that position, don't worry about affairs of such position.

Passage Three Hundred and Sixty Four


English Translation

Zengzih said: A gentleman never thinks about issues that are out of his position.

Passage Three Hundred and Sixty Five


English Translation

Confucius said: When a gentleman cannot keep his word, he felt embarrass by it.

Passage Three Hundred and Sixty Six


English Translation

Confucius said: There are three moral of a gentleman that I have not yet achieve. Be humane, but not worried. Be educated, but not get confused. Be brave and have no fear.

Zihgong said: Master is talking about himself.

Passage Three Hundred and Sixty Seven


English Translation

Zihgong spread a rumour about a person

Confucius said: Zihgong, are you perfect? I don't have that sort of time.

Passage Three Hundred and Sixty Eight


English Translation

Confucius said: Don't worry about people not understanding you, worry about yourself not having the ability required.

Passage Three Hundred and Sixty Nine


English Translation

Confucius said: Don't speculate other people cheating on you, beforehand. Don't speculate other people for been not honest, beforehand. If you can know a person is trying to cheat you or not been honest, beforehand, then you would be a saint.

Passage Three Hundred and Seventy~


English Translation

Weishengmu said to Confucius: Why do you travel the world, trying to persuade each King? Are you trying to show off your ability in debates?

Confucius said: I am not trying to show off my ability in debates, but, because, I don't want to see the increase corruption, in our world.

Passage Three Hundred and Seventy One


English Translation

Confucius said: While examining a horse, don't look at how strong it is. Look at its quality.

Passage Three Hundred and Seventy Two


English Translation

A person said: To use kindness to face hate, what do you think?

Confucius said: Then how do we repay a kindness? We should use justice to face hate and use kindness to repay a kindness.

Passage Three Hundred and Seventy Three


English Translation

Confucius said: Nobody understands me.

Zihgong said: Why nobody understands you?

Confucius said: Not to blame the gods or other people, for your own unfortunate. After been educated, I understand these principles. I guess only heaven understand me.

Passage Three Hundred and Seventy Four


English Translation

Gongboliao defamed Zihlu in front of Jisunshih.

Zihfujingbo told Confucius about this and said: Jisunhih might have been manipulated, but I still have the ability to kill Gongboliao and hang his head in the market.

Confucius said: To be able to let you dream come true, depends on the time. Not be able to let your dream come true, also depend on the time. If the time is right, what can Gongboliao do about it?

Passage Three Hundred and Seventy Five


English Translation

Confucius said: A wise man avoids a corrupt society. A wise man avoids a place of political instability. A wise man avoids the look of contempt. A wise man avoids a bad man's word.

Confucius said: I have seen seven people that have done this.

Passage Thee Hundred and Seventy Six


English Translation

Zihlu slept in front of the stone gate. The guards in front of the gate said: Where are you from?

Zihlu responds: From Confucius.

The guard respond: A person who lies about, been from a place, he can have no chance, of been from.

Passage Three Hundred and Seventy Seven


English Translation

Confucius was playing music in Wei nation. A person walked past the door and said: The person playing the lutes has the heart.

Then this person said: The insistence on a simplicity and lack of sophistication in the music. So, what if nobody understand the music? Don't worry about that. There is a passage in the books that said "If the water is deep, take off your cloth and swim over, if the water is shallow, pull your cloth up and walk over"

Confucius said: That is so straight forward. There is nothing else to say about him.

Passage Three Hundred and Seventy Eight


English Translation

Zihjhang said: In the book it wrote, "Shang Kingdom's King's way of remembering the death of his parents, is that, he don't attend, political affair for three years" what do that mean?

Confucius said: It is not just the King. That is how people in that era do things. During those three years, the Prime Minister is the one that ruled on the King's behalf.

Passage Three Hundred and Seventy Nine


English Translation

Confucius said: When the King, act in a good manner, the peasants would be willing to follow him.

Passage Three Hundred and Eighty


English Translation

Zihlu asked Confucius about how to be a gentleman.

Confucius said: Train yourself to be respectful

Zihlu asked: Is that enough?

Confucius said: Train yourself to let your family be happy and peaceful.

Zihlu asked: Would that be enough?

Confucius said: Train yourself to let the peasant be happy and peaceful. But, for you to train yourself, to let all the peasants be happy and peaceful, not even the wisest Kings of the past are not able to do it.

Passage Three Hundred and Eighty One


English Translation

Yuanrangcha sat in a very impolite manner to wait for Confucius, Confucius said: When you were young, you have no manners, now as an adult, you have no achievement. To make matter worse, you always make things worse for people.

And then slap him on his foot.

Passage Three Hundred and Eighty Two


English Translation

A child from Confucius relative was sent to come to Confucius.

Somebody asked: Is this a person who comes here, wanting to learn?

Confucius said: I've seen him walk along side my relative, he is not here, asking to be a student, he has some urgent matter, to see me.

This article's translation of key words and phrases





禮=polite, manner


義=justice, just

士=paladin, scholar

仁=humane, kind

文=culture, scholar









儉=cheap, economical

讓=make way

信=honest, true to one's word, keep one's word, faith, believe

德=moral, kindness, ethnic

道=just, justice, principle, thinking, road


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