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Book of Confucius ideology Chapter Thirteen~

Updated on December 26, 2015

Passage Three Hundred and Seven


English Translation

Zihlu asked about how political affairs should be managed.

Confucius said: Set an example with yourself, by been keen.

Zihlu asked for more information.

Confucius said: Don't be lazy.

Passage Three Hundred and Eight


English Translation

Jhonggong became the chief of staff, for the head of the Ji family and asked Confucius about governing.

Confucius said: First decide who should be in charge of what department. Then, pardon people, whose mistake is an honest mistake. Then promote people who are moral and talented.

Sangong said: How to know who are moral and talented and promote him?

Confucius said: Promote those who you know. As for those who you don't know, won't other people inform you of their existence?

Passage Three Hundred and Nine


Zihlu said: If the King of Wei nation, asked you to help govern the country, what would you do first?

Confucius said: It would be to get the right title.

Zihlu said: How could you be so shallow, master? Why should the title matter?

Confucius said: That is carelessness. A true gentleman should not speak of things, he doesn’t know about. If the title is not right, then people don't recognize your speech in the position. If people don't recognize your speech, then it would make it difficult for your government to function, if your government is dysfunctional, the ritual can't work, law and punishment won't be uphold, the peasants would be in chaos. So, if a gentleman has a title, he has to let people know about it. Once you said it, you must act according to its responsibility. A true gentleman is always true to his words.

Passage Three Hundred and Ten


Fanchih asked about how to grow crops.

Confucius said: I am not a farmer.

Fanchih then asked about how to plant vegetables.

Confucius said: I am not a farmer.

After Fanchih left Confucius said: He is such a cunning man! If the King loves manners, the peasants don't dare to be rude. If the King loves justice, the peasants don’t dare to speak against it. If the King loves, to be honest, the peasants don’t dare to not do it. If he can do these, then the peasants would do whatever necessary to follow it, do we still need the King trying to grow food himself?

Passage Three Hundred and Eleven


Confucius said: If he read the books for three hundred times, then, you give him a governing job, he make a mess, you send him to be a foreign ambassador, yet, he can't function along, then, what is the use of him, even if he studied a lot?

Note: A Taiwan scholar once said "In the hand of somebody, who know what he is doing even a pen can be a deadly weapon. In the hand of somebody who doesn't know what he is doing, even a nuke, is a piece of trash" the same should apply to talent, knowledge gain through education and experience, those are tools, you have acquired, but how well do they serve you, will depend on how well you used those tools. In the first season of Celebrity apprentice Australia, Justine Campbell, outperform all of her fellow competitors in making executive business decisions and making money, despite she was twenty-one years old and have no experience while her fellow competitors are all middle age and have way more experience than her. What this example shows us is that, having talent, educated knowledge or experience along, isn’t enough. It is also about how well you are able to utilize those skills. If you cannot, utilize your much talent, knowledge and experience well and a person that is less talent, educated and experience, can utilize theirs' better, chances are, they would still do a better job than you.

Passage Three Hundred and Twelve


English Translation

Confucius said: If you act just, then, even if you don't give out an order, the subjects, would still know, what he need to do. If you act in an unjust manner, then, nobody would listen to you, no matter how many times you order it.

Passage Three Hundred and Thirteen


Confucius said: Lu and Wei, the two nation's politics, are like brothers.

Passage Three Hundred and Fourteen


English Translation

Confucius talk about Prince Jing of Wei nation: He is good at managing his home. He just got a bit of money and he says, "That is enough". You add a bit more he says, "That is good enough." Once he is rich he says, "It is completely perfect.

Passage Three Hundred and Fifteen


English Translation

Confucius arrived at Wei nation. Ranyou drove the carriage for him.

Confucius said: A lot of people here.

Ranyou said: What should be done then?

Confucius said: First, let them get wealthier.

Ranyou asked: After they become wealthy, what should we do next?

Confucius said: Educate the masses.

Passage Three Hundred and Sixteen

Confucius said: If a place uses me, within the first year, there will be legislation outline. Within the third year, the legislation rule would be put to the ground.


Passage Three Hundred and Seventeen


Confucius said: People in the past say "If good people can stay in power for a hundred year, it can get rid of the influence of evil's rule" this logic is correct.

Passage Three Hundred and Eighteen


Confucius said: A true wise king could let his country become prosper. He would be humane, just, moral and polite, thus, after he has governed for thirty years, his nation would be humane and peaceful.

Note: Unlike previous President that chooses to settle, so the US would stay as a nation, Abraham Lincoln is willing to risk civil war, to end slavery, because it is anti-human and it is not just.


Passage Three Hundred and Nineteen


Confucius said: If the King is just, then, why would it be difficult for him, to run a nation? If the King is not just, how could he expect his people to be just?

Note: The idea here is that if the King is just and won't be misled by bad people, then, even if he is stupid, he is able to rally like-minded people who are good and competent, to help him.


Passage Three Hundred and Twenty


After returning from government hall, Ranzih met Confucius

Confucius asked: Why did the meeting took so long?

Ranzih said: There are national affairs to talk about

Confucius said: I think it is personal affair. I might not be in government, but I am still aware of state affairs.


Passage Three Hundred and Twenty One


Mr. Ding asked: Is it possible to make a nation prosper with a single sentence?

Confucius said: We cannot say it like that, but close enough. There is a saying "Been a King is hard, been a minister is hard" If been a King is hard and been a minister is hard, then, is there almost one sentence that can make ruling a nation perfect?

Mr. Ding asked: Can a nation be ruined in a single sentence?

Confucius said: We can't say it like that, but it is almost the case. No King, like the people, contradicting him. If the King has a good policy, then, it is not a problem. But if his policy is bad and nobody dares to contradict him, won't the country be doomed?


Passage Three Hundred and Twenty Two


Mr. Ye asked about how to govern a nation.

Confucius said: Let the people of your country be happy, let people from other nations want to migrate here.


Passage Three Hundred and Twenty Three


Zihsia became a Lord and asked Confucius how to govern.

Confucius said: Don't be eager to do thing too quickly, don't be greedy. Try pushing for things too quickly, would be counterproductive to achieving your aim. Been greedy over little things would make you screw up the big picture.


Passage Three Hundred and Twenty Four


Mr Ye said: At my hometown, there is a man who is straight forward. His father stole a goat, so he informs the authority, about it.

Confucius said: In my home hometown, the straight forward people are different. The father won't sue the son. The son won't sue the father. But they are straightforward, within.


Passage Three Hundred and Twenty Five


Fanchih asked about been humane.

Confucius said: At ordinary living, be humble and polite. When doing something, be professional. When you are working with working mates, be loyal. Even when you are amount savages, you cannot abandon these principles.


Passage Three Hundred and Twenty Six


Zihgong asked: How to make a person qualify as a paladin?

Confucius said: He knows when to be embarrassed. If he goes overseas, he can quickly complete the task, assign by the King.

Zihgong asked: May I ask, what is secondary?

Confucius said: His family says he honour his parents and is respectful to his brothers.

Zihgong asked: May I ask what is the third?

Confucius said: True to his word, his doing, would have results. But these people are stubborn little people! Maybe we can count them as sub paladin.

Zihgong then asked: How are the types of people who are currently in government?

Confucius said: These people are all bitter little people, how could they qualify as paladin?


Passage Three Hundred and Twenty Seven


Confucius said: I cannot find a moderate person to associate with. People today are either having low self-esteem or are arrogant. Arrogant people do what they want, people with low self-esteem are afraid to do anything.


Passage Three Hundred and Twenty Eight


Confucius said: The people in the South say "If a person has no perseverance, he cannot become a doctor". This is such a great statement. In the books, it says "Those who have no perseverance, would receive humiliation"

Confucius said: What that means is that those who have no perseverance would achieve nothing. Therefore there is no need to even ask the gods.


Passage Three Hundred and Twenty Nine


Confucius said: A gentleman unite with the masses and don't form little circles to conspire against others. A savage do not unite with the masses and create a little circle to conspire against others.

Note: During the era of the Crusades, the Roman Catholic Church insist their war with the Moorse Empire is a Holy War between Muslims and Christians, thus, pulling Christians into a little circle, conspire against others and discourage them from uniting against the masses. The Taliban insist that the war between the Taliban and the US is a war between Muslims and Christians, thus pulling Muslims into a little circle that conspires against the others. ISIS pull people into a little circle that only have Sunni Muslims and conspiring against others and refuse to unite with the masses. Before Nelson Medulla was elected as President, the originally, South Africa government, push people into little circles base on their race and discourage unite with the masses, make the whites the ruling class and conspire and suppress the black race. After Nelson Medulla took power, he broke down the original race problem created by the white supremacy government and reunited a nation divided by racial differences. At Taiwan, despite both Taiwan and Chinese have a Chinese heritage majority, Taiwanese hated the China's Communist Party, for always trying to pull people into a little circle, based on race, culture and heritage and discourage uniting with the masses. Nazi Germany divided the people of Germany, into two circles Jews and none Jews and encourages discrimination and persecution against the Jews. In the modern western world, Christian extremists, continue to cause friction within our nation, pulling people into little circles of gays vs. none gays, turning our own fellow countrymen, against each other. We can argue these people can even be trouble maker to a nation. Abraham Lincoln once said, while quoting Jesus "A house divided against itself, cannot stand"


Passage Three Hundred and Thirty


Zihgong asked: A person that everybody in a village loves, why?

Confucius said: Hard to say.

Zihgong asked: A person everybody in a village hate, why?

Confucius said: Hard to say, it would be better if everybody love good people, hate bad people.


Passage Three Hundred and Thirty one


Confucius said: When you work for a gentleman, it is easy, but it is hard to get him to like you. If you try to get him to like you via methods, which are not ethical, he won't like you. When he use people, he would use you base on your ability. When you work for a savage, it is a pain. But, it is easy to get him to like you if you are getting him to like you, using methods which, is not ethical. When he decides to use somebody, he expects you to be responsible for everything.


Passage Three Hundred and Thirty Two


Confucius said: A true gentleman is calm, but not arrogant or crazy. A savage is arrogant and crazy, but not calm.


Passage Three Hundred and Thirty Three


Confucius said: Firm, perseverance, plan and is a man of few words, are qualities close to humane.


Passage Three Hundred and Thirty Four


Zihlu asked: How to qualify as a paladin?

Confucius said: Be able to encourage each other, be able to point out each other's flaw, treat people in a harmony manner. How to be with friends? Be able to encourage each other, be able to point out each other's flaw, treat people in a harmony manner.


Passage Three Hundred and Thirty Five


Confucius said: After seven years of training, by the right people, the peasants are more than ready, to be sent off to war.


Passage Three Hundred and Three Six


Confucius said: Sending the peasants into battle without training, is send them to be massacred.






禮=polite, manner


義=justice, just

士=paladin, scholar

仁=humane, kind

文=culture, scholar









儉=cheap, economical

讓=make way

信=honest, true to one's word, keep one's word, faith, believe

德=moral, kindness, ethnic

道=just, justice, principle, thinking, road


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    • Say Yes To Life profile image

      Yoleen Lucas 

      2 years ago from Big Island of Hawaii

      This is interesting. I'm looking for your earlier ones.


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