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Book of Witnesses

Updated on April 27, 2013


    The Book of Witnesses was written because of the great weight of the leading of the Holy Spirit.  There is no copyright to it.  Copy and distribute as you will with these guidelines:
•    Do not change its words, grammar, sentences, numbers, or paragraphs.  Each of these has significance. 
•    Copy this “Verity” section with any copy.

    The following attributes are listed so that your copy can be verified.

    The Book of Witnesses has the following contents from the Title to the Amen:
1.    There is one God in three Persons.
2.    There are four verses hidden by the paragraph numbers (Hebrews 1:1, Romans 6:23, Romans 10:13, John 3:16).
3.    There are seven chapters that show seven types of witnesses from God.
4.    There 77 numbered paragraphs (84 with headings, after title).
5.    There are 490 sentences (including title and headings).
6.    There are 4,777 words (including title and headings).
7.    There are 21,000 characters (including title and headings).

The Book of Witnesses.

Chapter One:

1.    God’s servant.  This is the witness of a Baptist preacher, who is called greatly beloved.  God told me to write this to three peoples: the Church (Bride of Christ), the twelve tribes of Israel (wife of the Father), but chiefly to the elect People of God which will be a new people.  This is for their comfort, encouragement, and direction.
2.    Book of Hebrews was written anonymously.  The Hebrews would not accept his word, though written by the Breath of God.  So in these last days of the Church, many will not accept this word though given by God.  But it is chiefly written for the age to come.  Test this word in light of the Scripture.  For herein is no new Gospel.  This is the same Gospel we have heard from the beginning.  This book is based on the Law, Prophets, Writings, the New Testament, and the mysteries about to be made manifest.  I am a witness of God’s Word.

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Chapter Two:

God's Witness

3.    God is a Triune Witness.  God testified to the mystery of the Church in the Scriptures before Messiah came.  But God did not reveal the Church until this age.  Presently, there is neither Jew, nor Gentile, but the Church.  The Church is a new people.
4.    Who was named to the Jews in the beginning of the age of Israel?  JHVH.  Jehovah.  Yahweh.  The Great I AM.  Then Jesus was named to the Church at the end of seventy weeks of Israel.  In the age of Israel, Jesus was the Father’s unnamed Servant.  So today, the Third Person (the Spirit) is the unnamed Servant of Jesus. 
5.    At this time the Spirit points, not to Himself, but to Jesus.  As it says, "Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He shall lift you up."  Jesus humbled Himself, a servant to all, even to man.  So, the Father shall exalt Him above all.  Today, the Spirit is the Servant.  It is given to me to tell you this mystery.  In the next age He will be given a name.  The Spirit will be exalted as He has humbled Himself.
6.    Sundry titles are given, but we do not know the Spirit's name.  Eliezer had no name given in the text when he brought a bride to Isaac.  Likewise, the unnamed Helper gathers the Bride for Jesus in our age.  God knows the Spirit's name.
7.    Times of humility must occur before times of exaltation.  Night comes before the day.  The Church serves Christ in humility as servants in this age.  In the next, we will be glorified with Christ.
8.    And on the testimony of two or three witnesses, let every matter be established.  Jesus said in John's Gospel, "I am one that bear witness of myself, and the Father that sent me beareth witness of me."  It is appointed to the Jew to have two witnesses.
9.    In Stephen's sermon before he was stoned, he declared that Joseph spoke to his brethren twice.  To Corinth, Paul said each coming was a witness.  God appointed Joseph to deliver his brethren.  The first time, they rejected him.  They exiled him.  The second time, they accepted him.
10.    Divers men, God's witnesses, came to deliver Israel twice as well.  Moses came twice to his people to save them from Egypt.  The first time, he was rejected.  He went into exile in the wilderness.  The second time, he was accepted.
11.    Manners of God's dealings with the prophets prefigure Christ.  David was anointed king.  He was rejected and exiled among the Palestinians.  Then he came back and was accepted. So Jesus comes twice.  He came.  He was anointed.  He was nationally rejected.  Though in Heaven today, He will soon return to Jerusalem.  David returned with Abigail to Judea.  Joseph took his Gentile wife while in exile.  Moses returned to his brethren with his Gentile wife.  So, the next time Jesus sets foot on this world, He will bring His Gentile Bride, the Church.
12.    Spake Jesus as King or Servant in His first coming?  In His next presentation, Jesus will boldly prove Himself King of Israel.  Jesus will have this second witness like Joseph, Moses, and David had two presentations.  Israel will accept Him this time.
13.    In Scripture, it says repeatedly, "By two or three witnesses."  There is often a hidden third witness.  The Father was a witness of who Jesus was.  Jesus was a witness of who He was.  The third unnamed Witness was the Spirit.  He was also a Witness.  There are three that bear witness in Heaven: the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost.  These three persons are one God.  This is the witness of God’s identity.


Chapter Three:

Two or Three Witnesses

14.    Time, Times, and half a time (1,260 days) will have two witnesses.  The time of Jacob's trouble is the time for Israel's repentance.  This will end Israel's age.  It leads to the next age of the unnamed People.
15.    Past all speculation, we know who one of the witnesses is, even Elijah.  Today, the Jews still look for him at every Passover Seder.  Malachi prophesies of Elijah by name.  Elijah comes again before the end.  Jesus confirmed his identity.  John, the greatly beloved, confirms Elijah's identity by the signs performed in the book of the Revelation of Jesus.
16.    Unto the book of Revelation we cannot add nor take away.  This is true even though John tells us that some of the prophecy is sealed up until the end.  And we know that in the last days, God will pour out His Spirit on many who will prophesy.  Try the spirits.  Test the prophets, but forbid not to prophesy in the name of Jesus our Lord.
17.    The Revelation tells us Elijah's signs.  Elijah will again stop the rain as he did before.  He will consume with fire his enemies as he called down fire from heaven in the days of Ahab.  And Elijah and Moses met with Jesus in the holy mount when Christ received glory of the Father.
18.    Fathers in the Church have wondered for two thousand years, “Who is the second witness?”  Many have sought to look into these things, yearning to understand them.  The prophets in the age of Israel also longed to understand the things of the Church age.
19.    By one fact, the natural conclusion for many was Enoch.  He is the only person besides Elijah that never died in the Scriptural record.  Enoch represents the old world before the Great Flood, the breaking of the whole world.
20.    The book of Jude tells us that Enoch (the seventh from Adam) prophesied of Christ coming with the Church to press out His judgment on the men of sin.  While Enoch was a prophet, he was not a prophet to Israel.
21.    Prophets of Israel, Samuel to John the Baptist, are represented by Elijah.  Law is represented by Moses.  So, others say that it is Moses who is the second witness.  For why would Satan fight over the body of Moses?  Why would Michael the Archangel fight to protect it? 
22.    For God had purpose with the flesh of Moses.  Moses appeared with Elijah on the holy mount.  When speaking of the transfiguration, Peter links that event with the power and coming of our Lord and prophecy.
23.    The Jews were looking for Moses to return in the day when John the Baptizer was preparing the way for Messiah.  They asked if he was Messiah, Elijah, or that prophet that was prophesied by Moses.
24.    Wages for Pharaoh’s rebellion were water into blood and plagues on the earth dwellers.  We know Moses is the other witness because of the miracles listed in John's prophecy.  They will turn water into blood and call down plagues.  These were the gifts of Moses in the Exodus.
25.    Of the three, Elijah, Enoch, Moses, only Moses died.  There was a reason that God told us that Enoch never died.  God links Enoch to Elijah in that way.  For a reason Jude tells us that Enoch's prophecies were of the triumphal coming of Christ.
26.    Sin brought death upon all men.  Elijah will still die as will Moses die again.  After 1,260 days, they will die.  They will both be resurrected after three and a half days for all to see.  More than being simply raised like Lazarus, they will be resurrected like Jesus.
27.    Is there a place for Enoch as well?  It is given to me to tell you this mystery.  The Bible says repeatedly, "On the testimony of two or three witnesses."  There will be two witnesses to the Jews (Moses and Elijah), but there will be a third witness (Enoch) to the Gentiles.
28.    Death took Moses.  God Himself buried Moses.  God could raise Moses from the grave to die again.  God raised Lazarus and others to die again.  And we see that God did raise Moses from the dead.  In the transfiguration, Jesus had flesh.  Elijah had flesh, in that he never died.  Moses stood like they did.
29.    But the Church was hidden in the First Testament.  This third People is hidden in the First and in the Second Testament.  The Father is named JHVH in the First Testament.  He had an unnamed Servant in that dispensation, Jesus.  Jesus was named in the Second Testament.  He has an unnamed Servant in this Church age, the Holy Spirit.  In the coming age, the Spirit will have a name and also a people.  The Church is grafted into the faith of Abraham for Jesus.  So, an unnamed people will also be grafted in to the commonwealth of Israel, for the Spirit. 
30.    The only book of the Bible that shares the same name as Jesus is Joshua.  Joshua was a pattern and forerunner of our Savior.  He sent two witnesses into the land, the Jewish spies, like Jesus will send Moses and Elijah.  There is a third hidden witness in the story, Rahab the Gentile, prefiguring Enoch.  She was a witness for God even before she knew the Jewish spies.
31.    Gift of God's salvation: God will graft this third Gentile people into the commonwealth of Israel (as the Church has been).  The third People will have a Gentile witness in the Tribulation.  This witness will be the father of every natural man on the earth in that day.  For we all came from his loins.
32.    Of the heights from which man has fallen and the sciences which man has forgotten, man has no remembrance.  Enoch saw it all.  He walked with God and saw man's wickedness in the days before the flood.  He will testify of the ages forgotten and knowledge we have lost.
33.    God has a witness in Enoch.  Enoch will testify to the truth of the fallen ones, who left their first estate, and the abominations of flesh.  He has seen man manipulate genetics before.  He has seen the sons of God inter-meddle with man as iron mixes with clay.  He will proclaim the truth to his children from every kindred, tongue, people, and nation.  He is the third witness.
34.    Is there comfort for you, elect saints of God?  Be of good courage.  These witnesses have seen the old world, the exodus from Egypt, and the times of apostate kings of Israel.
35.    Eternal glory was poured out on Jesus in His transfiguration when they stood with Him in the Promised Land.  They saw His death and resurrection.  They saw His ascension to sit on the right hand of the Majesty on High.  They have watched the destruction of the Temple and the desecration of its court given over to the godless Gentiles. 
36.    Life for the Church:  The witnesses have seen the seven ages of the Church.  They watched the terrors and tribulations of the Jews in this age.  They have seen Israel's exile from the land multiplied by seven as prophesied by Moses.  They have seen the Jew's second return.  Israel will never be cast out again.  The Name will uphold Israel as His fig tree.
37.    Through all this, the witnesses have watched.  They will see the fullness of the Church’s Gentiles and the Bridegroom coming as a thief in the night.  They will see the man of dark sentences confirm the covenant.  They will stand on the earth in that day and declare truth in the time of lies, the tribulation of all the earth.  In life, death, and resurrection, they are a witness of God’s power.


Chapter Four:

Jewish Witness of Prophecy

38.    Jesus has given a Jewish witness in the Torah.  Be patient saints.  God's plan for you is sure, whichever people you are.  For the word of the LORD was unto Israel precept upon precept for the Jews, precept upon precept for the Church.  It is line upon line for the Jews, line upon line for the Church.  It is here for the Jews a little, and there for the Church a little.  Israel must go and fall backward and be broken and snared, taken and then restored.
39.    Christ says to us, the Church, that we are not appointed to wrath.  As in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days when the Son of man comes for his Church.  The world eats.  They drink.  They marry wives, and are given in marriage, until the day that the Church enters the ark of the bridal chamber in Heaven. 
40.    For our Church age is pictured when Noe entered into the ark.  Seven days later, the flood of judgment came and destroyed them all.  So, the world today will not know that the trouble is upon them until Jesus says to the Church as He did to Noe, "Come."  He will lift the Church above the earth as the ark lifted Noe above the earth, trouble, and judgment. 
41.    Whosoever is part of the Church will be taken away by the Lord Jesus.  He is the Bridegroom.  We are the chaste virgin Bride.  We will be gone away for the seven years of our wedding week.  Then, He will bring us back for the wedding feast.  He will be King, and we His queen to rule and reign.  For the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints.
42.    Shall Israel see the same order of events?  To Israel, as in the days of Lot, the world eats.  They drink.  They buy.  They sell.  They plant.  They build.  But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, destroying them all.  Israel does not flee seven days before judgment.  Israel flees in the midst of it. 
43.    Call on the Lord, sons of the Land.  As it was for Lot, He has prepared a place in the mountains, 1,260 days.  In the midst of Daniel's seventieth week, when you see the abomination of desolation, flee to the mountains like Lot.  God has smitten you.  He will bind you up.  After two days, He will revive you.  In the third day, when you call on Him, He will raise you up to live in His sight.  In that day, the word "Jew" will no longer be a curse, but again a praise.  The Jew will be a witness of God's forgiveness.


Chapter Five:

The Witness of a People that are not a People

44. Upon another People, that are not a people, God will call to be a witness. They are called to be a people apart from Israel and from the Church. The first three and a half years will be relatively calm before the Great Tribulation. You must choose whom you will obey. There will be no more illusion of being moderate or being lukewarm.
45. The way of salvation is the same way for you as it has been for every man that has ever been redeemed from his sin. Believe as Abraham did. "My son, God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering." God provided for Himself a lamb, a sin offering. God provided Himself as that lamb, the sin offering. Both these truths are in this text. God often puts more than one intended meaning in the same Scripture.
46. Name the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior. Repent, for the Kingdom of God draweth nigh. But that repentance must come by a living faith. You prove to yourself that your faith and repentance is real, if it causes you to obey the God of the Jewish fathers. But the Holy Breath of God will call you and guide you, empower you, protect you, save you, and seal you. The accuser cannot take away your salvation. You did not provide your salvation for yourself. You cannot maintain it. Here is the Gospel of the Kingdom: Repent. Endure to the end. You will be saved.
47. Of you, many will be slain. In their wrath, the false prophet and the son of perdition will make war. But your faith will keep you until resurrection. You will endure to the end of your life and be saved, but not by your endurance. For in your faith you become a child of God. You are the elect of God. That delivering faith will stablish, strengthen, and settle you unto the end.
48. The saints that physically escape the wrath of the beasts will endure to the end. These saints will stand in natural flesh to receive their glorified bodies. You will see the Blessed Branch out of the root of Jesse return and pull up the vile.
49. Lord Jesus, the Prince of Peace will rule. He is the Stone cut without hands. His government will become a mountain filling the whole earth. This kingdom, out of the root of Jesse, will flourish like the greatest tree and will have no end. Its branches shall shade the entire earth with righteousness. The wicked and vile person there will no longer be called liberal. This kingdom will never be cut off.
50. Shall you see the salvation of your flesh? For physical salvation, endure to the end, my brothers. For Jesus Himself will rescue you from the evil persecutors.
51. Be saved from the internal condemnation of sin in the same way as all peoples in all ages. God is no respecter of persons. Salvation is by faith through God's freely given power, the sevenfold grace. That grace gives us the ability to throw ourselves on the mercy of God and receive His salvation. Repent and confess your sins and believe His promise. Moreover, after salvation, that same sevenfold Spirit of grace also gives us the power and desire to do great exploits for Him, as saints.
52. Saved people are not saved by good deeds, great determination, nor endurance. These works will not cleanse your soul of sins. These are the works of the flesh, and by these shall no flesh be justified. True living faith is the only thing that can save you.
53. For though you cannot keep salvation by works, you must prove to yourself that you have it by your trust in the Lord. Our own hearts are deceitful and desperately wicked above all things. Who can know it? In your salvation, you unnamed People will also be witnesses of God's goodness.


Chapter Six:

Church's Witness
54. God gave the Church as a witness to you, sons of the Fathers, my Jewish brethren after the flesh. You are willing to accept every Messiah except the True One, Yeshua Sar Shalom. Your foolish shame is only made worse in that you do not see how ridiculous your false messiahs are.
55. So, you accept every interpretation of the Torah, the Prophets, the Writings except the most plain, the literal one. Thus every deception of the serpent poisons your culture, families, and ceremonies. Your Rabbis keep a monopoly on truth, lying about the literal level of understanding. You say only the Rabbis and commentaries can reveal what the Scripture means. God gave the literal meaning, the basis of all else, so the common man can understand. You bind up the common man from understanding what Ha Shem gave us all.
56. Loved and goodly child, Moses understood the Torah at every conceivable level of meaning when he received the Law. Yes, and he even understood the literal meaning. This is the first and most important level from which today you flee. For no Scripture can be broken. The literal level must be understood to bring into focus every other level.
57. The deception of the great serpent will not continue forever. My Brethren after the flesh, you will see how deceived you have been. You have closed your eyes and stopped up your ears from all the prophets, from Samuel to John the Baptist. Herein will you know my witness is true. The Bride of Christ will be taken away, as if stolen by the thief in the night.
58. World attention will be on the Temple when you see the branch of the terrible ones stand in the Holy Place and proclaim himself god. He will exalt himself above all that is called god. The greatly beloved prophet, Daniel, called this the abomination that makes desolation.
59. That stout horn, the prince that shall come, will make war with you in spite of the covenant. Yeshua said it will be then that you see the truth. The lawless one is a man of clever lies and dark sayings.
60. He, that little horn among the ten, will proclaim himself the son of god. This anti-Christ will counterfeit everything that is true and holy, the birth, death, resurrection, the holy Trinity, the works and the power of the Lord Truth.
61. Gave the Assyrian the land unto you? Yet, you Jews will accept the profane and wicked prince of Israel that shall come. You will accept the beast and his false prophet. He will seem to be your savior until the moment of abomination. Then you will see the lies. But Lord Shaddai has prepared a place of protection in the mountains.
62. His Jewish saints, in that day, must run to the mountains to escape the idol shepherd. In the mountains, the Good Shepherd will feed you as He fed Elijah in the wilderness with food from heaven and miracles of oil.
63. Only by faith through grace is anyone saved. You are not saved by being good and lovely people, nor by helping the oppressed. You are not saved by your temple sacrifices or works of the law. Your salvation is just as free as it has been to the Church, a gift not a wage. As Moses lifted up the serpent symbol of sin in the wilderness, Yeshua was cursed when hung on the tree, the suffering sacrifice for sin. Look to Him as they looked to the serpent in the day of Moses. For the Lamb of God bore your sin on the cross as the scapegoat. By Him, your scarlet sins are made white as snow.
64. Begotten of the Father, Jesus will heal you of sin. Son of Adam, Jesus was kinsman Redeemer. This Lamb was sacrificed by the Father on the mount of Golgotha, as father Abraham sacrificed Isaac on the mount. Then as Son of David, the kinsman Revenger of blood, and Lion of Judah, He will take vengeance on the wicked.
65. Son of God, Jesus sacrificed Himself for your sin. You deny sin as a Christian doctrine. No, it is from the Torah. There is a sacrifice of an innocent for sin in Eden. God made coats of skin to cover nakedness. A sacrifice for sin is demanded in the Passover, Tabernacle, Temple, and on Golgotha. The Church is a witness of God's freely given grace shed on us though we were not a people.


Chapter Seven:

Threefold Witness of All Saints
66.    That old Serpent will be overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the threefold witness of the Saints.  Be of good courage, my Tribulation brothers, both Jew and Gentile.  You will see many miracles in the time of this trouble that will witness to you the Spirit's presence.  Then you with us, will be an eternal witness of the greatness and glory of God.  
67.    Whosoever is filled by God’s Spirit shall prophesy.  As Joel foretold, God will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh.  Jewish sons and daughters shall prophesy.  Old men shall dream dreams.  Young men shall see visions.  And upon the Gentile servant will God pour out His Spirit.
68.    Believeth a man the promise of God?  He shall see all God’s wonders.  The Stars fought in their courses against Sisera.  So the Lord will fight and the world will groan in birth pains waiting for the sons of God to be revealed.
69.    In the day of Joshua, who prefigures Jesus, God Himself fought.  He showed signs in the heavens, in the sun, moon, and in great hailstones falling to the earth.  So, God will trouble the earth dwellers in the day of Jacob’s repentance.  
70.    Him that places his faith in God’s Lamb shall be saved.  Everyone else will be ashamed when the Lion of the tribe of Judah comes with His Bride.  The coming in the clouds for the Church is as a thief in the night.  When He comes for judgment, He will come openly as in the day, for all to see.  At the wedding feast, Jesus will discover those who are not clothed in the wedding garment.
71.    Should the Bridegroom find you clothed in your own good works?  He will cast you out of the wedding feast into the outer darkness.  You will not reach the end of Daniel’s 1,335 days.  You will not stand with Daniel in that day without the wedding garment.  The wedding garment is free, but you must use His.  Your own righteousness will not cover your shame.
72.    Not one of the armies of the earth born and the earth dwellers will survive at the end of that terrible day, Jacob's Trouble.  For the King will slay them with the word of judgment like a sword proceeding from His mouth.  He will cast the man of sin (anti-Christ) and his false prophet into the Lake of Fire.
73.    Perish!  Jesus will slay the ungodly before the wedding feast.  The Father will have filled the house with Jews, friends of the Bridegroom.  The new people, given to the Holy Spirit, will also be there.  For the King's servants will go out into the highways.  They will gather together all, as many as they can find, both bad and good by man's standards.  The wedding will be furnished with guests.
74.    But in that blessed day, Israel, the Church, and the unnamed People, will stand in holiness to the Lord.  We will be a threefold witness in judgment of the accuser.  We will remake the face of this world.  We will command with our words the mountains to be removed into the sea.  They will be removed.  Tongues will cease, and God will return to us a pure language.  Prophecy will cease in the saints, for we will have His Word written in our hearts.  And knowledge will cease, for we shall know as we are known.
75.    Have faith, whichever people you are.  Give all diligence to make your calling and election sure.  For God is not willing that any man should perish.  But if we refuse His grace given salvation for our own path or plan, there is no place of repentance left.  There is only a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries.
76.    Everlasting Scripture was delivered both to Israel and to the Church.  Hold fast to these Scriptures that we trust most certainly.  For both are written to the Jew, the Church, and the unknown saints.  We shall all be a threefold witness to God’s victory.
77.    Life and Peace be granted from God.  He will preserve your whole spirit and soul and body until the Sabbath rest of all the earth.  The saints will then forever rest from the corruption of Satan's dominion as the god of this world.  We will rest from our own fallen desires.  And we will rejoice in the reign of Jesus on the throne of David.  Unto the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit be all glory and dominion and power both now and forever.  Amen.


    The Book of Witnesses was written because of the great weight of the leading of the Holy Spirit.  There is no copyright to it.  Copy and distribute as you will with these guidelines:
•    Do not change its words, grammar, sentences, numbers, or paragraphs.  Each of these has significance. 
•    Copy this “Verity” section with any copy.

    The following attributes are listed so that your copy can be verified.

    The Book of Witnesses has the following contents from the Title to the Amen:
1.    There is one God in three Persons.
2.    There are four verses hidden by the paragraph numbers (Hebrews 1:1, Romans 6:23, Romans 10:13, John 3:16).
3.    There are seven chapters that show seven types of witnesses from God.
4.    There 77 numbered paragraphs (84 with headings, after title).
5.    There are 490 sentences (including title and headings).
6.    There are 4,777 words (including title and headings).
7.    There are 21,000 characters (including title and headings).

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