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Booklet About Soul Retrievals

Updated on June 10, 2018
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Alysia writes of personal experiences of a paranormal venue. She has one book self published and one Ebook.

If my heart had wings I would fly to you and we would be free as birds
If my heart had wings I would fly to you and we would be free as birds

Chapter One

Soul retrievals can be known as soul rescues also. They’re accomplished with the milk of human kindness I suspect. Soul retrievals can be learned, or they can happen spontaneously and/or mysteriously. As you do more of them, like anything else, they become less mysterious and more commonplace.

If you retrieve something, in general terms, you are fetching it. In the context of soul retrievals, you would be enacting the task of delivering a message to an individual that needs it so they can become unstuck from a limiting belief system. In other words, what a person believes is a very important feature of perceptive reality creation.

As in anything we may do repetitively in life, the art of soul retrieval can produce an adept in the spiritual realms, or if not an adept, a psychic who hopes to become an adept. People seldom know how to talk about retrievals even if they suspect they’ve done a few. They may not want to share an experience that was sacred to them, whereby they felt their heart crack open a little, so they want to protect their story from those who would not believe them. Also doing retrievals is personal evidence that we survive death and that the death of the body just means the person has shifted into *NPR.

I call this book Soul Retrievals when it might more aptly be called Stuck Individual Personality Retrievals. The personality belongs to the Soul. It is not the personality that owns the soul, but vice versa.

Personal evidence for life after death as found by the retriever was once considered the domain of religions. After all, if we were all soul retrievers, the local minister would be out of work. With that in mind, I will attempt to de-mystify the soul retrieval.

Each experience is unique to those who perform them. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Certain retrievals need specific characters to do the retrieving because it is fitting their belief system structures. To say what happens to you in NPR or in *C1, physical reality is directly dependent on your beliefs about the afterlife. Indeed, your entire philosophy of life is exposed when undertaking OBE explorations or simply engaged in meditation.

This book however, is not about reality versus unreality. I mean to say it’s personal, it happened, I’m glad it happened, I assume the parties retrieved are glad it happened and I want to share my experiences that all of life is in divine order despite that the subject matter is highly arbitrary.

In this first retrieval I had the motherly nurturing characteristic that was called for, and I was ready to learn the ropes and so I was guided to a boy in an alley within a large city even though I didn’t know where I was being taken or who the boy had been in his lifetime. The experience was monumental to my budding spiritual growth in that it was not unlike a spiritual initiation into this area; something I had desired and had asked for. After my first retrieval, I did not do another for some 20 years.

There are far more adept retrievers than myself and for those more proficient, there comes a time when they no longer need a guide to escort them to the area of a retrieval. They may have found the mysterious grid lines of the matrix universe whereby anti-gravity electrons carry them exactly to the right inner location to assist another, to free them from a belief structure where they are mentally and emotionally stuck and need a hand up to a more comfortable zone of awareness, less limiting perhaps, for belief systems can be quite confining implements of navigation of a life. Belief systems are like necessary stepping stones on the way to full discovery of mysteries unknown and our greater selves. There is nothing wrong with any belief, unless it has you stuck between a rock and a hard place.

For all those who may be confused about what retrievals are, you can be sure I haven’t earned my wings yet and I am not an angel, albeit, the definition of angel means messenger, it can be understood we all get the chance to bring a message to another at some time in our lives. A message that endures and is meaningful to both the rescuer and the recipient.

This first retrieval came about in a surprising manner. I had been experiencing mysterious and yet enticing vibrations at night in my body and these vibrations never failed to awaken me to full consciousness. This was the awakening of my spirit body within the flesh. It seems those exquisite and tantalizing vibrations were only preparatory blast off previews of movies to come and the preview was somewhat startling. At the time, I was afraid something was wrong with me. As time went on I began to find a few others who were actively exiting their bodies and exploring outside of fleshly constructs. I believe these vibrations are common to many of us. On the other hand we fail to know how to talk about them, thusly here I go, in the attempt.

The vibrations felt personal, like a secret I could never share, but which excited me to learn more about them.

There are seven energy vortexes in the body. They are called chakras. I call them vortexes because they spin with energy. The spinning I associate with the strange vibrations I felt at night. These vortexes spin either clockwise or counter-clockwise. I found them pleasurable, as well as vexatious. I really thought each time I was woken up with them, I would be able to propel myself up and out of the body, if I could just let the vibrations spin as they would.

However each time the vibes reached their crucible my physical eyes would pop open and I would find I had gone nowhere at all and was in my bed wondering why I had failed again to lift off. All the self-help books about going OBE didn’t help me. I would have to do things my way or it wouldn’t get done.

Frustrated, I determined to find out why I couldn’t get out of my body. I questioned myself if it was something I should be attempting in the first place. I decided it was just happening to me and so there had to be a reason as it was beyond my ability to control the vibes or the end result. There had to be a lesson plan in it for me then.

As concerning the vibrations and their unknown origins, I eventually came to terms with it by seeing it as my higher self (HS) enacting upon the personality which belongs to it on the earth plane, nudging me, so to speak to grow into the fullness of which my HS already is.

*NPR – Non-Physical Reality

*C1 – to mean Consciousness Level one, waking, everyday reality, which pertains to being in the physical body. The terms NPR and C1 have been coined through TMI, The Monroe Institute, for the exploration of consciousness.

You're the son I never had. I'm proud you stopped running. Now we can begin.
You're the son I never had. I'm proud you stopped running. Now we can begin.

Chapter Two

Retrieval of the Boy in the Alley

The first retrieval was pivotal in my spiritual growth and I would be referring back to it again and again in the years ahead while being perplexed. It had been as real as any physical experience; it was the difference between a black and white silent film versus a talking film in color. It had given me inspiration to live by; something that attending church hadn’t been able to give me. It had given me a sense of capability in myself.

Awoken in the night: I was sound asleep. Suddenly I came totally alert aware that someone was in the room. I felt like my physical eyes were open, scanning the darkness, however, my physical eyes were shut in sleep while my attention was 100% alert on the visiter. They call this *Focus 10. The common language depicts this as the in-between state.

It was like, in a sense that I was receiving somewhere in my brain a download of information when I was awakened by the guiding presence. It seemed more important to go with her, than to identify her. I knew the guide was female. An outline of her form was discernible. I also knew she was NP; to mean non physical. She told me to come forth quickly and for whatever reason, the matter seemed urgent. Not for one moment did I think to resist. I felt completely safe to go with her; indeed, as if I’d been waiting for this moment all my life. With a spirit of adventure and urgency, we glided forth into the darkness. It was like riding an escalator, only much faster.

The journey couldn’t have been more than mere seconds but during those seconds I glanced over at my companion to discern what I could about her. I trusted her, no doubt, but I fired off a bunch of questions nonetheless not being able to bear this silent reverie of the few seconds it was taking to arrive. Questions like, who are you? Where are you taking me? Why aren’t we there yet? Silly questions in looking back but she didn’t mind that I was noisy and she spoke to me with her mind, not her lips.

It was like being underwater, or maybe it was that for the first time I was out of the water, for this certainly felt like being in outer space, except I couldn’t see any stars or planets, just black space and this escalator sense of movement. Some scientists suggest the brain is firing off electrons producing the experience; if so, then there were a multitude of explosions in my brain that no scientist could ever give me a plausible explanation to the effect this was all chemical indigestion.

Yet my brain was in my body while I was aware I was out of my body, and here, not there; we were going to a location which had nothing to do with the location of my physical body. She suggested I be patient, we were almost there.

I remember thinking this is really a treat and I was quite excited to have been assisted out of body like this. We arrived to a street alley. I got the feeling this was New York City or perhaps Chicago; where the crime rate was high and the police overworked. I could make out trash cans, and back doorways of various businesses, shadowy figures running and gunshots in the night.

I was aware of the pavement and my position slightly above the scene, I seemed to be floating about 2’ above ground level on the edge and would have to move in closer at some point to get a closer look at the action unfolding. Focus is everything. My guide was not going to let me hang back.

Seeing my guide floating there, it was brought home to me once again, this was not earth plane, but some sort of astral facsimile or counterpart of earth. I was still busy being confused why I had been brought here. The guide had a ringside seat in any case and it looked like I was going to play the heroine, as shaky as my knees might be. I was relieved to see she hadn’t left me entirely. She was casually perched in position above the action, arms around her legs watching me like a hawk.

I heard the sound of running feet pounding up the alley towards me. Everything was happening so fast I had trouble taking it all in. Two or three young men went flying by. They were escaping from something. I saw that they did get away while my subject lagged behind.

I next heard the piercing, gut wrenching cry of the boy as he called out for God to help him. His terror overwhelmed my sensibilities. I started to lose consciousness and *blink out nearly with the strength of his cry. My guide told me to not to merge with his terror. I had to maintain my center.

It was the sound of his voice that caused me to realize I had to take action quickly and I should pull myself together emotionally. Such heartfelt wailing I had never heard. I momentarily looked around for God to show up and say “Yes? You called? What seems to be the problem my son?”

While I was looking around for God to appear, certain the boy’s call would not go unheeded due to the graciousness of our shared universe, and believing that prayers are answered and that God loves us all equally, I noticed there was no one here to help him but me; he was totally oblivious to anything or anyone in the area and stuck in his desperation to catch up to his buddies.

It looked like I was to do the work of God and I had no confidence in doing God’s work. My guide again urged me onward closer to the boy. Just when I was recovering my composure from his piercing cry the entire scene began to loop back to the beginning to my utter confusion, and I could vaguely make out the gist of conversation that I had missed my cue and failed to get the boy’s attention, so we had to let it loop again. He let out another plea for God to help him. This time I maintained my cool without becoming immersed in the terror and the urgency to run that belonged to the boy.

Suddenly I understood what the urgency was all about. God was not available at the moment. It was all up to me! I moved in closer to him and began to try and calm him down with my yapper. I had noticed he had taken a bullet in the leg because he was still trying to run and was doing this hopping thing; he’d fall over and get back up and continue to try and run with this useless leg.

I had to puncture that wall of hysteria he had encased himself in. I moved in and crouched close to his face and began talking. His eyes would not focus on me at first and it felt like he was looking through me. I grew disheartened and cast a glance towards my guide to come and do this for me. She didn’t budge but sent me a message to keep trying. I had some questions in my mind that maybe I was just a spirit to him and maybe he didn’t believe in spirits.

My guide seemed to have faith in me. I waded back in.

I wasn’t going to stop talking until he got the message. I discovered my ability to sooth a person with my voice. I knew the scene wouldn’t have to loop again and I started to relax as the boy seemed to meet my eyes at last. I figured out later this boy was stuck in a time loop in the astral. I can’t think of anything worse to be stuck in, than your own death scene and that’s why I thought this was hell.

Maybe this is the sort of place where angels fear to tread, because no angels showed up let alone God.

I used a lot of logic from the angle that if he ran, he’d lose more life blood and could possibly die. It became clear to me he was not aware he had died in this alley. The possibly of actually being shot didn’t seem to be a part of his belief system.

Neither was I certain he had died. It would be many years before I’d find out there were spirits on the lower astral planes who didn’t know they had died. It was a concept many of us would struggle with when reading about retrievals.

As I spoke in this soothing voice, I could sense paramedics or helpers dressed as paramedics, slowly approaching from the corner of my eye. I told the boy he was going to be all right. It was time now I said, to stop running for this had been going on longer than necessary. The spell of hysteria he was under dissolved in resolution to face his fate. His attention was brought from myself to the paramedics, by a mind connection process I would become familiar with later.

For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why his life’s end was looping like that. I chalked it up to just another feature of the afterlife realms that we usually don’t get to see until we ourselves die. Yet this looping is similar to what is called being stuck in a belief system, where the same thing happens to you over and over until you decide to change the channel. The boy was clearly unable to imagine not being with his buddies and tried over and over to get back to the camaraderie that he had known with his pals.

For all intents and purposes I would not be the one to inform him that he had died. I don’t think he would have been able to accept that he had died. Eventually he would have to do just that, but for now it was enough to load him into the conveniently placed ambulance awaiting nearby. Ironically I came aware his dead body had already been placed in that ambulance long ago in linear time reality, while this mental body, or astral body combo that he was, just had not believed he had died; thus the repetition of the death scene. Shortly after this moment I was propelled back to my linear time reality.

I had many unanswered questions. The unanswered questions I carried about did nothing to belie my sense of accomplishment I carried in the heart area.

In any case he would stop dying when he stopped running. Getting his attention was my big success. The paramedics moved in, muttering it seemed that they had been waiting eons for someone to retrieve this one. They seemed to be actors on a stage, in that they were pretending to be paramedics for the boy’s sake. They knew what the ending would be, the boy did not know. How very creative is the mind in this realm where whatever you are thinking is out-pictured and even what you never thought of is out-pictured!

I may make mention of a human being’s 7 bodies. There at the end I was briefly aware of his physical body on the pavement and the separation of a second body arising from the motionless physical form. I saw the boy walk stoically towards the ambulance in this second body, oblivious of the physical body. I was done here.

I remember waking up the next morning with the retrieval fresh on my mind and the feeling of gratitude that I’d been able to assist. It would be many years before I would meet Bruce Moen on a forum, another retriever, far more proficient than I, who would inform me that this was what is called a retrieval. I finally had a term put to the experience and started to grow less confused about what had happened. *PUL underlies the fabric of the universe. I’ve no doubt it does indeed!

Further reflections about being dead and not knowing it. A spiritual leader has given me a clue. The question was “Why do their spirit guides not work with them to convince them to go and show them the way to the Light?” The answer was; “Some spirits become fixed on the physical experience they just experienced. Often they are not able to see those in spirit who are trying to help them. A medium in the physical has the energetic ability to connect with them in a vibration that is still familiar to them. In this comfortable connection, they are able to make the leap into the the higher vibration. Once there, they are able to see their guides and continue their journey.” I give credit to this mentor whose name is Veronica for the above explanation. I believe also that approaching a person in transition like this, and making contact requires a non-judgmental mind as well which makes it easier to attain their trust.

*Focus 10 – mind awake, body asleep

* Blink out – to be thrust back suddenly to the body of C1 or a change in scenery and action.

*PUL – pure, unconditional, love

Chapter Three

Musing about Retrievals

The inception of the retrieval was intriguing; that is to say I am a Seth follower who believes we create our own personal reality, and that numerous personal realities interact with the collective mind to produce impersonal or our cultural reality. Perhaps hindsight is 2020 until foresight catches up. I always wanted to know precisely how I had drawn these experiences to myself.

I had been reading Robert Monroe avidly, to get a clue as to why I was experiencing vibrations nightly. Monroe, like me, had thought he might be going nuts, or might be ill with some unknown disease. Monroe was way ahead of me, in that he learned to control his nightly excursions, to the point where he went OBE when he desired to. Monroe later founded The Monroe Institute in Virginia for the exploration of consciousness and assisted many others to come to terms with our greater selves.

Back to my first retrieval, I had been reading one of Monroe’s books regarding a small entity he had termed a “curl” which had attached itself to his astral leg while he was out of body one night. This little curl had been a polite little curl. It had greeted Monroe and then asked if it could come along with him for the ride, wherever he was going.

I was intrigued. The curl seemed like a pet dog. A pet dog wants to go everywhere with it’s master, just as long as the master allows it to follow, it’s happy. A pet dog will even follow you room to room just to see what you’re up to sometimes, like a shadow. Monroe’s curl could speak with him telepathically, to ask permission to ride along, and so I knew the energy of the curl was benign and innocent. It just didn’t know where to go, I thought.

This seemed strange to me that there was a world out there in the invisible dimensions of life where life forms could be hanging about with no place to go. The incident was quite unlike the structured physical plane where we lived our waking hours according to a clock which regulated our activities.

I had no doubt Monroe was a traveler in places most people never go. Another thing that struck me was Monroe allowed the little entity to come with him. He was not threatened by its presence in other words, rather it was like he was assisting the curl by allowing it to ride with him. I got all this by observing that the curl was attaching itself to Monroe’s leg after having gained permission.

Monroe was in movement in this dimension, he was exploring. He forgot about the curl on his leg. When he looked down the curl had winked out. Winking out is a term used to explain a shift in focus, or a disappearance of an object from focus. He came to consider they had passed a belief system territory that the little curl resonated with, perhaps among it’s own kind and among it’s own particular vibratory rate of being. It could have been a type of animal heaven in the afterlife. I am sure there are many levels or dimensions of being we’ve yet to ascertain.

I remember my intrigue at Monroe’s exploits and I thought he must be a very kind man to let this curl ride along with him on his most important mission in the great unknown. I wondered if I too, could assist a life form, just by letting it ride with me as we skirted over and in-between and under the multitudes of belief system territories that must be out there.

I wanted to know about myself, my own capability to travel the unknown regions out of body. I must have had the right question to the universe at last, as I was assisted from the body and guided to my first retrieval, I believe so that I could realize I was more than just this personality and this body. I too, could assist life. I could be queen for a day; yes, I needed that!

I will add that I felt none of the preparatory vibrations for lift off at the inception of this retrieval; rather I was abruptly awakened by a presence; not in the physical room exactly, but in the room of the part of my mind and being, that never sleeps. It helps to think of it as Focus 10.

Not only was I to go on this adventure, but it had been but a day or so that I had put this question to the universe, of my acceptability to function in helpful manner in NPR. I came to realize retrievals can get you into the doorway of consciousness exploration. Finding an answer to my capabilities seemed directly related to the strange vibrations I had been experiencing while asleep.

It's OK Cami. You have friends. You are not alone.
It's OK Cami. You have friends. You are not alone.

Chapter Four

Retrieval of Cami in South Dakota

Along about the turn of the century I would do a number of retrievals, some standing out as more real than otherwise, while some retrievals seemed little more than mental masturbation driven by a desire for knowledge and to be of service to life that thought it was dead. Daily I questioned myself what reality was and whether the mind could fool itself into thinking an out of body or lucid dream experience was real, and anyway, how could I use these mystical experiences to further spiritual awareness of a larger scheme at work in the universe such as a desire to reveal a benevolent universe behind all the chaos? I was growing skeptical of my own endeavors in other words. I needed some grist for my mill. I was singing John Denver’s song “Some Days A Diamond, Some Days A Stone.”

I decided to find out somehow, if the retrievals were real, and the burning question at the time was, are there people who are dead and yet do not realize they are dead?

Looking back at my first retrieval, it hadn’t been necessary to tell the boy in the alley he was dead. It had been enough just to get him to stop running down that same alley getting himself shot over and over in an eternal looping situation. Years later I was told this was a retrieval, and others were doing retrievals, whether consciously or unconsciously.

This was my burning question for awhile. How could you be dead and not know it? And why would you need someone to tell you that you were dead? The question seemed preposterous. I had to have an answer. This was the foundation of doing retrievals, to inform the uninformed, to allow what is static to move on, not be stuck anymore. All life is in a state of movement; he who stands still gets run over by a train of evolution it seemed.

In this questioning atmosphere, Cami was successfully retrieved around the year 2000. I belonged to an Afterlife Forum on the Internet at the time. There, I discovered other retrievers. I was amazed. I fit right in. At night, while I slept I could sense a part of me meeting with the like-minded, talking, asking questions, comparing, celebrating successes together, and generally trying to get the word out, that yes, ordinary people do this sort of thing and it’s not as weird as it looks.

I learned about certain exercises we could do and how to set an intention to do a retrieval. I wasn’t too enthused about doing breathing exercises but I already knew about a relaxation of the body technique, which if done correctly and patiently had propelled me consciously out of my body once. Perhaps I thought, it was time to try one of those exercises again in order to relieve my burning questions of what it was like to be dead, and specifically, not know it.

The night before Cami’s retrieval I was puttering about my house doing my usual activities when I felt a nudge to lay down on the couch and do an energy gathering exercise. I became convinced at some point that I was receiving the nudge from my soul group. Soul groups are a cluster of people, whether on the other side or this side, whether of small dimension or large, who have an affinity with you. You could say like attracts like. I argued with the suggestion to do the energy gathering exercise but eventually complied and lay down to begin to imagine energy traveling up from the soles of the feet into the head then circling the energy back to the feet, each cycle imagining the circle expanding ever wider.

My imagining wasn’t going well to bring this energy up through both feet at the same time, so I practiced on one leg at a time and that seemed to work. I could actually feel the energy rising up each leg, but stopping at the knee. It was subtle, but I did feel something. After some practice I could get it past the knees and on up into the head and back down to the feet. My circle plumped out a bit also. Soon I was imagining myself on top of the world, so wide was my circle, and I spread my arms out like I was hugging the world. Then I cracked up and felt silly hugging the world.

No way did I love the entire world. Although I was intrigued with the exercise and most especially the results, for a retrieval followed on the heels of the exercise later towards evening, which effectively set me in the direction of what’s real and what’s not. I got up off the couch with a silly me feeling but I was feeling good that I’d done it. I was walking around the house feeling more peaceful than usual that day.

Very early in the evening I grew more tired than usual and headed upstairs to bed. It wasn’t bedtime, so something was going on with this tired feeling. Suddenly the bed looked so inviting I literally couldn’t wait to flop on it. I anticipated feeling the mattress collide with the weight of my body but that didn’t happen. As I was heading for the landing I felt like I was losing consciousness as a 2nd body disengaged from the physical and stayed in an upright position as the physical body fell to the bed. At no point did I lose consciousness although I say I fell asleep, it wasn’t my I am awareness that fell asleep of this process, although you could say the physical vehicle certainly lost consciousness. I simply transferred C1 consciousness over to this 2nd body, like a duplicate of the physical body. It was like a switch had been thrown and the physical body dutifully clicked out as my spirit stayed alert in another dimension. The experience make you wonder what the physical body is, exactly. One thing is for sure, where I was going I couldn’t take it with me.

It all seemed quite natural and right and very fast. At the same nanosecond I sensed a presence swooping towards me and I turned to see, however not clearly, a female guide addressing me.

She was asking me where I wished to go or do. I tried to think quickly sensing this was my big opportunity as I had a guide willing to take me anywhere. It felt like a genie had popped out of the bottle and now wanted to know what my one wish would be if I could have it.

After I got over my surprise at falling asleep in mid air, I told her I wanted to do a retrieval. She said OK, no problem and started to turn away all business-like and I was supposed to follow her. I could sense she knew her way around a lot better than myself. She was friendly but didn’t want to waste any time on chit chat about how I could be out of body so fast when I’d been trying to do this for years to no avail.

Before we could take off on another fast ride to wherever, I asked for one more wish that didn’t seem to be in our contract, sort of like an afterthought. Thankfully, she turned on her heel to listen. I asked for the experience to be made real to me.

She didn’t know what I meant and I explained that I’d been doing some retrievals lately that I wasn’t certain were real. I needed to know I wasn’t just wasting my time on this pathway I’d taken.

“Explain what real is.” She came back at me. I thought about it and then said I wanted to touch, hear, see, and have all my senses available that were possible, and I thought perhaps that was what reality was.

She understood and said it was a done deal and off we went into a pitch black current of energy arriving in the bat of an eyelash to what first appeared as a school rooming house complete with a gymnasium and attached lounge type room. Then she disappeared leaving me to wander the hallways on my own. I was to find my subject. I peered into the lounge room next to the gym. I saw an old beat up couch against the wall. I got a feeling I should go into this room. This was a colorless and shadowy world. Loneliness was the permeating mood.

Cami walked in, head down forlornly. She was young and pretty, with shoulder length, light brown hair. My first thought was she’s way too young and pretty to feel this bad. She sat down on the couch and I sensed she had a problem she was working on. I sensed she came here regularly because all her best times on earth had happened here. I began to feel motherly, just as I had with the boy in the alley. She did not notice me standing right in front of her. I had to somehow make her notice me to get her out of her despondency. If I could lift her spirits, so to speak, the retrieval might be accomplished sooner.

I thought about if this was physical reality how I’d approach someone I wanted to help. I wasn’t coming up with an idea and my fixated stare wasn’t doing the job either. Another part of me came up with a plan; perhaps it was my higher self, then again perhaps it was her, the guide who had gone invisible. What happened then is similar to Shamanistic practices, not that I know anything about shape shifting.

Like all my mystical experiences, of which the number is certainly small, it just happened then I try to figure it out later. I could get poetic and tell you my heart took wings and flew to her side. That wouldn’t be far off from the truth. It gets crazier though. I know unconditional love is the essence of retrievals. More than that, unconditional, pure, (PUL) love is in back of all human heroics and I’d even go so far as to say love is everything that is real.

Right then, as I whizzed over to her seeming to fly actually, or even been shot out of a cannon for that matter, I landed on the floor near her knees. Something tells me she thought I was a dog because I found myself being patted on the head! To my perception I still wore my astral or 2nd body which is just like the physical form, only less dense materially speaking.

However she saw me, it was fine with me, just so long as she did see me! Now I had her attention which is the first part of any retrieval. Now I’m in her world. Now it doesn’t matter that I still own a physical body and she doesn’t. We’re just two life forms alone in this room. I was elated that she could see me and decided quickly being a dog is peculiar, but I can deal with it for awhile. As well, dogs do propel themselves into a person’s space with sloppy unconditional kisses, and I certainly had acted like one.

We communicated by telepathy. I was making small chit chat at first as if getting to know a stranger. I was encouraged to see her smile a little. I had a direct line into visuals she was having and I noticed she had an unconscious mind here just as we do here among the living flesh-garmented people. Wherever my attention went, hers would follow unfailingly. I had established a trust between us, perhaps because of my leap of faith and joy perpetuated in her space; you could call me Old Faithful, the pooch of the starry realm; only it was dark here with no stars out that I could see. Still, the beauty of her innocence was my homing beacon. One of the first questions I asked her was how old she was and then I asked her name.

“Sixteen she said. My name is Cami.” I got the 16 part fine, but I stumbled over a name that wasn’t in my vocabulary and I asked her to repeat her name several times. She was patient with me and at last spelled her name letter by letter. I’ll bet she never thought she would have to give spelling lessons to a dog. I thought I might be pushing my luck to keep asking for her name, but she was entirely gracious with me.

The thing is Cami didn’t know she was among the departed. Just like the other retrieval, I was not going to be the one who dropped the bombshell on her. The question would never arise.

After she divulged her name and age I asked where her family was. I had this belief that when people die, their family comes to greet them and assist them into their new afterlife station. Actually this scenario is quite common I hear, yet there are sudden departures, of perhaps a traumatic circumstance in leaving the earth plane whereby a retrieval is in order.

I didn’t understand why Cami was stuck here all alone. In case she was not bonded to any family members in her short life, I continued talking to tell her my own family was a small one and what about her? She was taking the bait and got thoughtful for a moment, thinking about her blood family members no doubt.

As we talked something strange happened. I became aware how real this all was. I had landed on the floor with my line of vision at Cami’s knees. At a point in the conversation I’d shifted position and unconsciously my leg touched her leg. I felt she might be uncomfortable with my being this close in her space so I withdraw my leg slightly but not before I shocked my awareness of the warmth and liveliness of the feeling of flesh touching flesh. It was brought home to me fully that Cami was alive in precisely this way. Granted, she was in an afterlife region, but still quite alive if I could trust my senses, and I could. I lapsed into a memory how I’d asked the guide to make it real for me through my senses. My wish had been granted and there was much more to come.

Snapping myself out of the reverie that this was real, I turned my concentration back to Cami’s visions. She was in a reverie herself, almost a swoon as her eyes turned upwards as if searching for a memory. Suddenly she announced excitedly “I have an aunt!”

Her eyes had lit up to remember this aunt. Their relationship at first had been so promising. I watched the swiftly moving pictures in her mind. It was decided she would move in with the aunt until she became of age to strike out into the world on her own. For whatever reason Cami’s parents were not in the picture.

In any case I saw her and her aunt bonding to the effect that she now had someone in her life who cared about her and was also a blood relative that she’d met for the first time in her teens. The aunt was young and childless and also had a boyfriend. This was the place in the retrieval where everything started to happen in a blur.

Out there, in this afterlife region Cami had blocked out something traumatic that had happened, whereby to remember was too shocking for the moment. I would not be allowed to press her for the information. I caught glimpses of the boyfriend’s character whereby he lusted for the young girl essentially wanting both women. Another glimpse was the aunt’s jealousy that her boyfriend had a thing for her niece. In the middle was Cami, caught between a rock and a hard place.

Whether she died accidentally while trying to get away from the boyfriend, or whether he murdered her after raping her, I don’t know, but whatever it was, it was not the time to make her face the facts that the life she’d had on earth was now over and it had barely begun. I was certain Cami had done nothing to provoke the boyfriend and had done her best to avoid being alone with him.

Just at that moment, a group of young girls exuberantly arrived for practice in the gym. She knew every one of them for she had practiced cheerleading exercises with them when she lived. Their spirits were delightful to look upon. I saw they had a team captain, a young, confidant, tall girl with light colored hair whom called Cami’s name several times quite loudly, yet Cami did not hear her.

I knew she was to be delivered into their hands. My attention was fully on Cami and her well being now. If my mind was like a probe into Cami’s unconscious, I now saw the urgency to stop probing questions. I looked at the girls and the captain looked at me as if to say, bring her attention to us, it’s time.

I looked back at Cami bringing her the image of her friends and she slowly came out of her mental search, her head turning in their direction with great wonderment, and also hopefulness in her eyes. We were finished. She arose and walked towards the gym slowly; hands reached out to touch her, exclaiming they had missed her, and where in the world had she been?

Cami was being promoted to her peer group during this retrieval. Technically she was not “going into the light.” How vague is that idea? However if God is Love, and I think this must be so, she was going into the Love by first finding the ones who had loved her in life. I’d had no idea these others, helpers in every sense of the word, would show up.

I was glad they had, because I had no idea where the light was, in order to escort her there. I believe these helpers, whether they really were friends in life, or just dressed up to resemble her friends, I believe they were acting in accordance with divine law to bring a daughter of God home one step at a time.

I then walked out of the room entirely gratified with a sense of accomplishment, and also a sense of relief for Cami. I had thought I would be shuffled off to my bed back on planet earth dimension. I had no sense of a guide nearby to take me back and at once felt a sense of a newly acquired freedom. I was vaguely conscious that I had a choice; remain where I was, in order to explore further, or go home to my body. That was easy!

I walked slowly down the same hallway that had brought me into the room where I found Cami. I poked around in a shared dormitory lavatory, looking at a collection of toothbrushes. I wondered if this was a college or a girl’s school. I was drawn to the outside where I stood in the street and looked at a small cottage for rent in what seemed a small town on the main street.

Still thinking about Cami’s former life with her aunt, I considered this may well have been the cottage Cami shared with her aunt. It had the same ominous, desolate feel to it that Cami had around her initially.

I met 3 male guides/helpers who offered congratulations on retrieving Cami. They told me they had not been able to get her attention and I got the feeling they were a lot like invisible caretakers of this school.

Were Cami and the boy in the alley in a sort of limbo land between the living and the deceased, whereby they still maintain the I am consciousness, but no physical body to express it through? For years I would wonder of the mindset of the deceased and this limbo land which seemed so far away from all that was good, and therefore not God’s heaven the Christians spoke of.

I once had a powerful OBE type dream whereby I felt sprung from my body, but didn’t know I had died. It was exactly like having amnesia whereby you lose your identity. I couldn’t remember a thing about where I’d come from, where I was going, and who I’d been. I just frankly gave up and floated along in a shadowy, wispy world, like losing consciousness. The next conscious moment I was brought into my living daughter’s presence. I asked her where was I? She informed me from her unconscious mind that I was dead, which shocked me to action.

At that moment I became enthused with vitality to learn the truth of my status, for I knew everything was certainly different, but yet I was still myself, and perceived that I lived. I wanted to find God. I shot up like a bullet through a most helpful current. One thing I noted about OBE adventures, there is certainly no gravity pulling on you once you get the urge to be moving.

I stopped moving and seemed to be in an area that had no walls, just a soft lighted area. I sensed I was communing with God in private manner, and wondering if I was to be annihilated, to mean my personality thrown into the recycle bin in my merge with God, or just what was to happen now that I was dead, and frankly, didn’t know where I should go or if I’d done a good job with my most recent life time.

I felt a huge presence of all knowing and IT was intensely loving me as well proud of me it seemed. I was encased in an aura of celebration as I’d just paid off a huge dharmic debt I won’t get into here. I felt relief that I’d been successful in what I’d come to earth to do because IT told me so. As I communed with the presence of all knowing, I had a sense IT was like a parent, only a million times more loving and wise than any parent could ever be. If the presence had had a form to look upon, the best concept I could get across to meeting God, is IT’S a giant toothy smile on the sky that goes on and on and it’s contagious. I confided I had nowhere else I could conceive of to go but to IT, now that I had ascertained I was dead. The communing turned into a reunion feeling and I had been in the shoes of the retrievee, and been retrieved by my own daughter; that is, if the entire purpose of a retrieval is to make certain they know they have died, it’s not the entire purpose, however, it’s certainly a step in the right direction! I felt immersed in infinite wisdom of completely formless dimension. Wherever I had gone, it was apparent, I’d been there before as a starting point to do a life up and my editor was entirely pleased with my work. Indeed, I was not annihilated after all! To be serious, I now knew after this experience what it felt like to be dead and not know it.

My advice if you find yourself dead, or in strange place, let yourself go to a loved one. It is because I went to my daughter that I was able to go to God. Love heals because Love is the truth and awakens you to discover the purpose of living. So far as I can tell, there’s a current that takes you where you need to go to find out the truth. In that case retrievers don’t have to retrieve anyone; they will eventually find their right placement by gravitating there. However, I can’t help but feel we speed up our own cycle of growth, by extending to another a hand up, whether it be done through a spiritual retrieval upon those who have left PR (physical reality), or those still in the body right here on the earth plane.

Do You Know You Have Died, My Captain? Yes, he spoke, Give Me But a Moment To Digest This..
Do You Know You Have Died, My Captain? Yes, he spoke, Give Me But a Moment To Digest This..

Chapter Five

Flirting With The 911 Service Worker

I’d been trying to do a click out thing for awhile, which is like a transfer of your consciousness to another location of the world, for example, to do a retrieval. Was it really as easy as just setting an intention to do one? I’d say yes and no, and maybe the hardest part of trying something new is the effort put forth to try it out. I’ll try to explain as I go along. My way of doing things was working, if somewhat sporadically. I’d simply set an intention, go to Rem sleep and do it. Perhaps the problem of going into REM sleep is that, the retrieval intention, if it happens at all, happens in a series of dream symbols whereby the requirement is to become lucid that you’re dreaming, so that when you awake to C1, you will remember where you’ve been and what you’ve done. Translating dream symbols into terms of physical Reality is left up to your interpreting abilities and it’s not easy. Especially if you want to communicate to others in words about the nonphysical areas you’ve been to.

If the intention was strong enough, fortified by a deep desire, the job would get done, perhaps depending on how long you could concentrate on the intention part. Often enough, I had to concentrate a few minutes exclusively on the intention as it couldn’t just be a passing, vague wish, or it wouldn’t get impressed properly. My method was a bit iffy, and took days or weeks to manifest something. However, I love experiments.

I had a physically-based mentor who also traveled the inner NP realms who described to me a different way of doing retrievals. He was like Sam on the TV show, where she wiggles her nose and something happens. Only he bent his little finger then was off to do a retrieval and he called this the moment the retrieval intention took hold and produced results. I should be this talented! Nonetheless I had to try anything, at least once, before wiggling my nose, I mean to say before turning up my nose at what he was saying about setting the intention.

The only difference between Sam on TV and my mentor was he just crooked his little finger. Seemed really weird to me and I considered he was a natural retriever and I wasn’t. Maybe I was wrong about that. Maybe I was a natural retriever too. It turned out it was something he learned, I assumed by attending TMI, specifically about setting intentions. He had also taken lessons from Monroe, a man who began spontaneously exiting his body (to his great aggrieved wonderment) and eventually learned how to control the Obes, to leave at will physical constraints for the NP world.

Was this something any one of us could also learn? In other words, my teacher wasn’t born with this talent for retrieving others, neither was I. Although we weren’t born with the ability, it may well have been a proclivity in that direction. I sometimes think people who retrieve are the forerunners of the new man to emerge on the earth, where kindness is not a commodity to buy and sell, but mixed in with wisdom, we might see acts of kindness becoming both popular and random. Until random is more like an orderly process and catches on. The teacher was trying to tell me he was an ordinary person who learned this. Therefore, I concluded any person could learn to retrieve if they had a desire to.

Moving unto this next retrieval, we, and by we, I mean the entire nation was upset, to put it mildly to have two of America’s tallest buildings, occupied by innocent people run into the ground by some religious fanatics. The retrievers were busy checking out the scene by closing our eyes, going deep within and looking if there were any stuck souls in the area that perhaps we could speed up their transitioning process, call it reality shifting, through a retrieval. The damage was already done, now we were like the clean up crew, working hand in hand with the actual physical workers at the scene, although we were invisible to the eye, and we came from all different parts of the world whenever disaster struck. Distance didn’t matter if you could get there in your mind.

I was frankly, too upset to even try a retrieval and didn’t give it a lot of thought. I just moped around my house, feeling helpless and aggrieved sorely at the senselessness of how anyone could think of making a statement by an act of aggression which resulted in the taking of lives.

About 7 days after 9/11 I couldn’t stand it any more. The confusion was appalling. I was plugged into a sort of world monitor through my emotions and instead of getting energy from being plugged into this monitor, the machine was draining my energy from me. I had to find a way to unplug then. America had been driven into a pit of despair like no other.

The entire nation was either mad as a hornet, or weeping like babies. I was no exception. I found myself out of body seeking an answer to releasing this pain in the heart. I was listening to a lecture Obe style, in what had to be the largest auditorium I’d ever seen. I don’t remember arriving or leaving, I couldn’t even find a seat, we were all standing in droves. All seats were taken, so I stood in the door and from there I could absorb the calming vibrations of the speaker. The voice of the speaker was explaining everything and soothing us at the same time. If we came there in tears, we left hopeful for a new world. What we all seemed to be doing was getting over being shell shocked.

I woke up with a feeling everything was going to be all right but I couldn’t explain in words why after listening to the speaker, that I knew it would be all right and that it had to happen the way it did. I carried the peace I felt inside me after this lecture. I only knew my spirits had been lifted from the talk. The understanding I brought back was that 9/11 was a wakeup call for the common people, and now indeed, we were waking up to all the possibilities of what could happen to us if we were not vigilant enough as a whole to prevent it.

In a spiritual sense, more people were now alert to world conditions and we might even gain new leaders who would help us to avert a world war three. But really, what it was about is staying alert, for each of us contributed to world conditions by our thoughts.

Then I thought about how my mentor had urged us to do retrievals but to be careful not to get ourselves drained by the act. Even though I thought all must be retrieved by this time, as I was certain there were enough retrievers in the world to take care of the situation surely, I thought I’d check within and see if I was correct that all had moved on from the site of destruction.

I’d never done a fully awake conscious retrieval, this was the first attempt. This time I did a sort of “focus” mentally, and tried to imagine myself at the site itself, searching for any souls still there. I imagined I had a guide. I asked the guide if there were any souls stuck in the rubble, unable to move on, that other retrievers had not gotten to yet.

I sat in a chair and closed my eyes not knowing what I might see. I truly didn’t expect to see anything, after all, logic told me it’s been nearly a week and there must be tons of retrievers making sure all made the transition easily to the other side. I concentrated on the question to my invisible guide, that I be taken there only if I was needed. I peered into inky blackness. I began to see the face of a man. I focused on his features. His face then filled up the screen of my mind. I became aware I was in New York because he was there.

I thought, oh, the retrievers missed this one. I didn’t know how to get his attention. I started thinking how much I liked his face. This is a bit like sending love, or PUL, which my mentor said was an important part of retrieving someone only it was more like scheming on a man and thinking you could help him out of the doldrums that way, to say unconscious flirting with death, in a pun sense. I had no idea he could read my mind, unless when you’re out there, thinking you’re quite invisible and no one can read your mind, it just isn’t necessarily so. When he did acknowledge me I felt a flush of embarrassment he was seeing the real me. However, whatever the case, my intentions at getting through had surely worked, and that was all that mattered in the final analysis.

In a retrieval, first you get their attention. It’s the hardest part of the job. I could read him pretty well. I read dedicated all over him. Hard worker. I read loyalty to ethics, pride in work, pride in the bustling city, and also pride in this particular building he had gone down with. I could go on and on about his ethics and loyalty and meticulousness to detail; who and what he was was all there for the looking. Why should I be surprised that I was visible to him also? It must the One Mind I had heard spoken of. I must be in it now, I thought. I also read that he was familiar with this building, had been in it other times, as a caretaker of some sort, or an inspector or even a fireman. In any case he had some sort of vested interest in the building as being a safe building because that was his job and he never goofed off when it came to being responsible. Now he had been proven wrong that it was safe and he wasn’t taking it well.

He had been one of the workers to be too far up the staircase to get down before the building collapsed. It was totally a shocked state of being I observed, and weren't we all? Or to say most of us were.

He had black curly hair and nice features. He appeared in the prime of life, perhaps around 40. I didn’t get a name. To me, getting someone’s name is silly; what does it matter when you’re hanging out there in space somewhere with someone with black curly hair you want to run your fingers through? I was sure in Spirit Land, we bypassed the names as we were all one big family of the One Mind. Each retrieval is different. Sometimes you have time to ask for the label, sometimes you don’t feel it’s the right question, or the right time to ask. This was one of those times to not ask too many questions. This was the time to be at one with his pain in order to support him through it.

I noticed how good looking he was, how dedicated, how sad he was, how he just sat there staring into the debris all around him. I thought I could take his sadness away. I had no worthwhile plan how to get his attention. I seemed to be a small pinpoint of light flicking in front of his face, back and forth. He’d look down, I’d flit over to that angle and zip back and forth, all the while thinking of how to announce my presence to him.

My mentor had explained we should think love thoughts when retrieving. I didn’t know how to do that other than thinking this guy is so attractive, and yada yada, wish I could meet him, yada and so forth. All I could think at the moment was gee, I wish I could date a man like him. These seemed like flirty, silly thoughts to have while attempting a retrieval, as the man is dead, I said to myself and I chided myself for not doing my job properly, yet as I thought about how admirable he was, this was a way to get his attention because he recognized from my thoughts who he was and whatever they could call him, it wouldn’t be slacker. I was simply a flirty flicker of light in the universe and I had to accept what I was too.

On the 3rd or 4th energy flitting in front of his face as this tiny light I was noticed. OH! He noticed me at last! He grinned a little mischievous grin which told me he had heard my private thoughts that weren’t so private after all. I stopped flitting about and stayed in one spot, seeming to be perched slightly to one side of his face above the brow. I don’t know exactly what he saw me as, but by the tilt of his head, I believe I appeared as a feminine speck of light scheming on him and just like a man he was agreeing, yes I am all those good things you see. Lo and behold the whims of a woman have power. Then I spoke words I thought I’d never speak. I asked him if he knew he was dead? I whispered the thought so I wouldn't upset him further.

We both became serious and he bowed his head and thought it over carefully before answering that he guessed as much but just wasn’t ready to accept that it had happened quite yet. I sat with him for a moment feeling his pain and shock so he would know he wasn’t all alone in this. He knew then this was the real reason I had come. It wasn’t to scheme on him. I was there to hold his hand through it. He was very quick to grasp the concept and to his credit he would allow me to lead his thoughts.

This encounter was briefer than it looks. At the moment I made contact with him, I could see or sense, you could say from the corner of my eye, there were physical people in the area looking for any body they might find, but of course, the rescuers especially wanted to find the bodies of firemen felled in the line of duty.

Debris covered several blocks; concrete was piled on top of concrete. They didn’t always find a whole body. Sometimes they found just pieces of bodies. With him, his entire body was there to be retrieved by the workers but it was under a very heavy wall of concrete. When I made contact and was engaged in mental telepathy with the man was when I became aware of the others nearby.

I saw the heads of workers raise and point to us, chattering excitedly that there must be something under that heavy wall, he just had a feeling and they started making their way across heaps of rubble towards the two of us. I wondered idly if my presence was helping the workers to find his body, as that’s what it looked like, although I don’t believe I was appearing to physical people as a form, perhaps I came to these others as an intuitive idea.

Proving our oneness as a humanity. I did not ponder the reality of this retrieval, because even if the workers I saw moving in to retrieve his physically dead body weren’t what was happening in physical reality, to say linear time, there was this other non-physical reality that was just as real to observe. Really, there is nothing to prove when the heart is speaking to another heart.

For one thing, the emotions I picked up were undeniable. The clean up crew were excited to know where to begin looking. I couldn’t imagine the difficulty of their work and didn’t want to. My work was with the spirit. What he had said to me during the retrieval I never forgot and I pass it on here for what it’s worth.

When I asked “Do you know you are dead?” He had said to my surprise, “I guessed as much.” He had been having a moment all to himself to absorb the shock of it all, but I don’t think he was truly stuck there. He just had to have his moment of letting it all sink in which was taking a number of days. If I hadn’t come, someone else would have come for him, is my thought.

At any rate, he saw them making their way towards him also and he was now accepting that he had transitioned to the other side, and that the workers discovering his body was part of this process of dying to that particular life, that he would watch.

I came back to consciousness of sitting in a chair in the state of Washington. I was in the West and he was in the East but we had met. I sat there for a minute considering what just happened, so quickly, and I’d been completely awake! I gave thanks to the beautiful man I’d just been honored to retrieve, then went back to my perpetual study of our mysterious universe where we can slip in and out of dimensions with the crook of our little finger. Words came to mind; Whatsoever ye do, do it in love, by love and with love or it isn’t worth doing and if flirting is waking up the dead, so be it, God doesn’t mind at all.

Explaining to the fireman about what happened to him
Explaining to the fireman about what happened to him
Oh M'lady, Fear Not These Wolves; For I Will Command Them To Be Gone  & It Shall Be Done
Oh M'lady, Fear Not These Wolves; For I Will Command Them To Be Gone & It Shall Be Done

Chapter Six

The Timid Rich Lady

Although I haven’t checked officially, I know Gloria is dead because she came to me and as much as told me she was on the other side by the way she was acting. She was in terror, appearing as though lost. I worked for Gloria as her driver/companion aide several days a week for several years back in the 80s. Now it was the year 2001.

She had no real friends in her old age. She did however, have a lot of money which she used to try and buy friendship. Gloria wasn’t that easy to work for. She was condescending in her mannerisms and seldom was the conversation a two way affair. I quit the job after several years of feeling paid for and bought when I wasn’t doing this for the money in the first place. When she hinted that she had no one to leave her money to when I knew she had a daughter, I knew she was trying to bait me once more in hopes that she could get my loyalty in going the long run with her.

Still, she had grown on me a tiny bit. She was so polite, formal and old fashioned and such a blatant gold digger I had to laugh when she told me her life story of securing marriage with not one, but two millionaires, and how she used her beauty to attain security by simply making sure the men knew she was available to be their gal. Now she was comfortable, but with all the riches she had, her life was basically a very lonely life after her 2nd hubby died.

She had her congenial moments but had a way of snapping back into letting me know I was but a servant to her needs and occupied a much lower station in life than herself.

I had answered her ad however, so the relationship was meaningful beyond the fact that she paid well for a companion to listen to her a few times a week and drive her to a beauty appointment. I had told the universe I needed to help somebody. Whenever you ask the universe to send you somebody for whatever reason be prepared to recognize that person when it happens. It does happen that you get what you ask for even if a problem comes with that person.

Gloria reported to me her first husband had been abusive and the divorce was nasty. She got lucky with her 2nd millionaire husband. However he became ill and she would outlive him by a good 20 to 30 years. As I knew she had this congenial husband on the other side awaiting her arrival at the time of her transition, to have Gloria visit me via my dream state was at once surprising and disturbing. I had been under the impression that for most of us, we are greeted by loved ones upon death and then shown the ropes around our new wonderland which I figured we would become familiar with the afterlife, through the love of others for us. Indeed, Gloria had told me her husband had visited her after his death within psychic manner.

Now I wondered where her husband was, and why he hadn’t taken her in tow when she died. For here she was now, feeling lost and afraid of the wolves at her door. I decided it must be that even on the other side we still have to work through our personal fears, and that these personal fears she still possessed were preventing her husband from approaching her and getting through to her that he was there and that they could continue their relationship on this side of life. I knew she wanted to find him in the afterlife and from what she’d told me, I believed he wanted to find Gloria and help her adjust to a new life.

This retrieval was going to be done in a symbolic manner, through dream language. It wasn’t that hard to figure out though, that the wolves I was looking at approaching Gloria were all in her mind and not real and were really there to illustrate her fear of not being able to support herself throughout life without a husband bringing home the bacon.

As the symbology unrolled I was relaxing in Gloria’s former lavish home she had built for herself. Gloria arrived to the porch area and knocked on the window. She didn’t have her key. She asked me for the key. We spoke through the window as she could not come in the house, and neither could I go outside to her for whatever reason. This circumstance also told me she was on the other side indeed.

She was stuck in her thought system. You might call it a poverty consciousness. As I watched her and was listening to her talk, wolves approached the house. This was terrifying to her. The wolves kept getting closer and closer and I didn’t know how to save her but must try, as she was appearing quite fragile, and for all her annoying ways, I still liked this lady.

Finally, several wolves approached close to the porch area while Gloria cowered in the corner. The wolves were snarling and barking. Gloria was frozen in panic. I pounded on the glass window and shouted for them to go away. When I get angry, there is a certain power within righteous anger, if it is used to avert a tragedy or save someone’s life. At any rate the wolves obeyed my command to leave this woman alone and they fled.

Still, both Gloria and I knew, most likely the wolves would return when the crazy woman was no longer commanding them to be gone.

I was able to go outside on the porch in the next moment and the key was discussed, that I would place the key near the porch so she would be safe from the wolves. I would have to leave soon. It was paramount to bring her in to safety somehow.

How did Gloria know I had the key to the Afterlife? We had never discussed that I was a retriever as I can recollect. Retrieving is not a subject matter taken seriously in our day and age; yet, she knew I could assist her. At that time I had only done one retrieval and didn’t understand it very well. That she turned to me after her death could only mean she had failed to bond with anyone else who she could turn to in her hour of need. I had good will for Gloria and maybe that was enough so that she trusted me now to give her the key. The key I had not given her when I’d known her in life.

Gloria had given me a book called A Course In Miracles. The book had changed my life. She had tried to get into it and been unable to understand it, while I took to it like a duck to water. For her gift to me, now I could reciprocate her generosity by securing her safety, leaving the key on the porch. This book represented the key for me. It wouldn't be the only time when I would need to use the key, in a circumstance where stalking was involved.

As it turned out, Gloria’s life time beliefs were that she thought she could never acquire the comfortable life of luxury she desired through her own merit. She sought out men who were exceedingly wealthy to take care of her. She would say to me “you can love a rich man as well a poor man.” While I admired her spunk, as well as marveling over her former beauty, I never could reconcile in my mind love and marriage as a business deal. I was rather a romanticist at the time, still after some semblance of destiny at work in my life and the ever illusive, giddy feeling of floating down the street, completely certain that love solves all problems plus some that you couldn’t even imagine.

In other words, there was something similar about I and Gloria; we both wanted security. I, in love, she in money.

I found the symbology of the attacking wolves ironic, in that when you don’t have enough money, the saying is that there are wolves at your door. Gloria made sure that never happened to her in life, and now here she was, and that which she had avoided was now upon her in death.

Although I never met her deceased husband, from what she’d shared with me, she had grown fond of him and felt that she was indeed loved by him. She would be safe from the hardships of poverty throughout life, and also have love in certain measure. And she had used her beauty. She had merely walked up to the rich man and announced she was available for marriage if and when he decided he wanted a committed relationship. He did, and she did, and then he died after some good years together. He had left her comfortably well off.

Now it was her turn to die, and where was her man? Now she needed him more than ever it seemed. The key to releasing her from her belief that the wolves would get her, was to get her to the realization that she could have developed herself in this life to be more than just the Mrs. of the rich guy. Even if love had occurred from what started out as a business deal, it wasn’t doing her much good at this point. In order to become independent, from her dependent status, she would have to realize her potential to take care of herself.

As soon as she did that, the blocks to awareness which prevented her from connecting with her husband’s spirit on the other side, who represented security to her, would be removed I was certain. Their love for one another I felt would be stronger than it had been on earth, because now they would be together for the sake of love, rather than her approaching him because he had money to give her.

I could talk to Gloria objectively as I never found money to be an issue in any relationship I’d had. True, I rarely had enough of it, but that didn’t bother me and I never cared whether my lovers had a dime. I believe this was the only retrieval where the person found me instead of myself going to them. I was glad to be of service.

To my readers, I will have a sequence to this booklet. I will be working on a few more retrievals I'd like to add to this booklet. Thank you for reading!

RoadSigns Shifting Gears Between Two Worlds by Laughing Rain

© 2018 Alysia McAlister


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    • LaughingRain profile imageAUTHOR

      Alysia McAlister 

      2 years ago from California, United States

      The book RoadSigns is my first book and has some retrieval stories in it. However, this next book with the 6 chapters here is just going to be about soul retrievals only. I'm starting work now to plump out this 2nd book Soul Retrievals. Here I go! yeeha!


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