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Boost your creativity and fertility with Feng Shui

Updated on December 13, 2010

Express yourself and roll back the years

Do you want to have child? Are you trying to conceive? Do you want to improve your relationship with your angry teenager or troubled child? Perhaps you need a little bit of extra help via the universe. If you do, read on.

Similarly, do you want to find fulfillment and satisfaction through your job or hobby? Would you like to become more comfortable with expressing your creative and youthful side? Would you like to slow down, even turn back the aging process? If you do, then read on too for all of this and more is possible through increasing your vibrations in the creativity and children sector of your home or room.

I am using the Black Hat School of Feng Shui for the cures and suggestions offered here. So I will not be using compass directions. I shall, instead, be using the map of your home or room to plot and differentiate the different sectors. As you enter through the doorway, look to your right. The wall on the ride side of the square that makes up your room can be divided into three equal parts. The one closest to you, the one furthest away from you, and the one right in the centre of the wall. This sector in the middle ride is your Creativity and Children sector or bagua.

If you are asking yourself why the creativity sector also contains children, the simple answer is that there's nothing more creative than the process of making and bringing up a child. It is that part of us that taps into our intuitive, even basic self, from where our ability to create something that transcends our more prosaic and mundane reality stems.

So if you want to boost your creativity and children sector, these are the things you must add to raise the vibrations of that area. Remember, do these things with intention, believe that your actions directly affect and result in positive change. Say affirmative words as you do the changes and if you feel a little foolish and have a bit of a giggle, this is one sector where it will not go amiss.

Metal - This is the element of this sector, so the more metal you can incorporate here, the better. From the silver baby's rattle, to the pots and pans in your kitchen, all of these will boost your creativity. Musical instruments, metal bells, wind chimes, all of these work too. Don't worry what type of metal you incorporate, from gold and silver to brass, bronze, copper, iron and stainless steal, everything is suitable.

White - If metal is good, then the colour that represents that element, white is also excellent for this area. Imagine that white is the blank canvass upon which you will create your masterpiece. From white cloth to white wrought iron chairs, all of it is suitable here.

Round stuff - If white is the colour of metal, then the round is the shape. So anything that is circular or round will be ideal. A white ceramic bowl, filled with milk? A round metal clock, round pillows, white circular lamp even your mother's plate collection, they all work here.

Earth - In the creative cycle of Feng Shui [which I will explain at a later date] earth creates metal. So if you want more metal, increase the earth in this sector. A plant in a round ceramic pot, filled with earth works wonders, especially if the pot happens to be white as well. Perhaps a metal globe so that you can display your creative wanderlust and travel the world?

Yellow - If earth is good, then the colour of earth, yellow is good for this sector too. So if white ceramic pots filled with earth don't match your d├ęcor, perhaps yellow pots will? Perhaps yellow curtains or cushions?

Square or flat stuff - If yellow is the colour, then the square and flat things are the shapes of the element earth. Do you have your coffee table in this sector? Perhaps you can leave your CDs and DVDs here? How about your chess set or even your collection of board games?

Parties - This sector loves the energy of a party. So if you want to have a good time, this is the part of your house that was, like the fame section, made for it.

Television - This is another place where the tele will not be a hindrance. Want more creativity or fun, turn on the tele. Just make sure you do occasionally watch something funny to jazz up this sector.

Music - Just as parties and the tele are good in this sector, so is music. This spot will accept any and all types. So you don't need to be as careful as to type here as you were with your relationship sector. Speakers, stereos, decks, amps, music collections, all of them work wonderfully here.

Art - This is the ultimate symbol of creativity. So choose the medium you adore the most and display it here. If you just love that print of Monet, or that painting by the local landscape artiste, hang it up here.

Crafts and hobbies - If you paint or craft something, this is the place to display it here. The only thing to avoid is if your craft involves fire. You don't want fire in your area melting your metal.

Toys and games - Any and all games, especially if you enjoy them are good here. Just be careful about toys and games in your bedroom. You don't want games and juvenile behaviour in your relationship or love-life.

Sweets - Americans would use the word candy, I suppose, but for us Brits, the word is sweeties. So keep your Blackpool Rock here and let it remind you of your ghastly teenage holiday to ride the roller coasters and walk the promenade.

Magic tricks - These games require a lot of imagination to create and perform, so if you're into playing tricks and card games, this is the place to leave that kind of thing.

Bed - Looking for more creativity in the bedroom or relationship? Then why not try moving your bed into this sector for a time. It is sure to give you some creative positions and alternatives.

Lights and lightbulbs - This symbolises having bright ideas, so put them here. Just make sure they are plugged in and working well. They don't have to be on all the time to help you be creative.

Bells - A metal bell is a really good way to enhance your creativity sector. It can stimulate creativity, focus attention, be a warning, dispel negativity, even express gratitude. Remember, bells and wind chimes don't have to be in motion to be effective in Feng Shui.

Symbols of creativity - Think what statement you want your home to make. What kind of creativity would you like. Then find the ultimate in creativity and display it here. From music, to sculpture, from architecture to poetry, pottery, art, painting and designer wear, whatever says creativity is what you should keep here. Don't worry about what's in fashion or what's the hottest trend now. Go for what truly speaks to your creative juices. Perhaps you will always adore the voice of Alan Rickman reading Shakespeare, or perhaps it will always be Elvis? Whatever it is, keep it here.

Symbols of children - If you are trying to bring children into your home, either through adoption, fostering or childbirth, enhance this ares of the home with things that give the feeling that they are already there. Begin to decorate that nursery. Buy the books you want them to read. Just don't let the area fill with too much clutter. Tastefully does the trick.

Things to avoid like the plague in your creativity and children area.

Fire - Metal is the element of this sector, so fire must not be allowed here at all. It melts and destroys metal. If you have got a fireplace here, cure it by placing a mirror [the symbol of water] here. Make sure the mirror dominates the fireplace visually. Add a metal fire grate to boost the metal. Similarly, a painting of black and blue would also work. Just make sure you've got enough water to douse your fire. If you've got candles, move them away from this area.

Red - Red is the colour of fire, so remove it from this area as soon as you can. Even if it is your favourite painting, if it is red, or depicts something of fire, like a volcano or a burning flame, move it.

Pointy and triangular items - Just as the colour for fire is red, so the shapes are triangles and points. So please, remove anything that's pointy or triangular. If you've got cacti, move it as well.

Clutter, dust and dirt - Remove clutter and clean this area. Make sure there's nothing blocking your creativity. If you've got cupboard doors that stick or drawers that don't open easily, fix them.

Do let know if you try out these cures and they work for you. It would be lovely to compare notes. Do make it a point to note down how you felt before and then after you did the cure. Give it time to work, things don't always turn around as fast as we think it should, but it will.


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