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Boost your love and romance through Feng Shui

Updated on August 23, 2013

Further reading on manifesting love

Music to get you in the mood

Simple things to bring more love into your life

Love is the energy that makes the world a happier place to be in. Indeed, without love, everything else in life becomes meaningless. But finding and keeping love is never an easy thing. The ancient art of Feng Shui helps provide simple things that can boost your capacity to attract and retain love. Of course, manifesting love is more than just placing the right tools in the right positions, it is also a state of being and mind. However, if you send the right vibrations out into the universe, tell it what you really desire, you are more likely to get what you want back from it. The universe is abundant and giving, it is up to us, however, to make the correct request and believe that we are deserving of the gift we desire.

I must caution you, moreover, to make sure you get your request right. If you ask for something because you feel that is what you should be asking for, but in your heart you actually want something completely different, then you will get mixed or even the wrong thing. So be very clear about what you want. Do you want a romantic partner for life, do you want someone to have a casual sexual relations, or do you just want someone for laughs and good times? The clearer you are in what you truly desire, the more likely it is that you will get it. Thus, use these tools wisely. You do not want a tide of sensuality or lust to send you off your planned course of action with the incorrectly applied tools.

I use the Black Hat School of Feng Shui for my suggestions. These do not require compass directions but use the room or your home as the layout on which the grid is laid. That said, take that the entrance or doorway to the room or home is at the bottom of a square. Then in that context, if you divide your room into 9 equal parts, the love, romance and relationships corner is the far right section of the room.

So, here are the tools to help jazz up your romance and relationship sector. Remember, empower with strong intention, clearly stated desire and belief that you are deserving of the kind of love and relationship you have always wanted.

Mirrors - Love is a type of energy. Control and bounce it around your space by using mirrors. Round mirrors are especially effective, but almost any shape will be beneficial.

Candles - These will generate heat and energy and thus raise the temperature in your relationship. Best if you have them in pairs of two to symbolise the partnership you require in your relationship.

Fresh flowers - These are full of beauty and life and will bring these things into your relationship. If you can, a flowering plant will being living beauty to your corner.

Pink - Pink is the colour for the softer emotions of romance. If you want to be treated like a princess, pink is what you need in this area.

Red - This colour brings energy and vitality to your romance corner. It is the colour to add if you want more sex and passion in your life. Unlike pink, red is all about fire, not about the softer aspects of romance and teenage love.

Lingerie - If it is red and screams of sex, so much the better for raising the levels of passion in your life.

Sensual sounds - If you are into heavy metal, rock or drum 'n' bass, this might not be the best place to indulge in that type of taste if you don't want a harsh, loud relationship. If you're thinking love, play soft, romantic music here instead.

Symbols that mean romance to you - From a bottle of champagne and two beautiful crystal flutes, to a pair of lovebirds, lights, romantic items are what you need here. Remember, if you put pairs, your adding to the symbolism. Make your romance corner and your bedroom a space for romance. Have scented candles, massage oil, soft lighting, anything and everything that will be a feast for the senses and speak of love. Think of your 5 senses and how you can appeal to each one.

Equality - Make sure that both sides of your bed, no matter in what sector your bed may lie, must be decorated equally. From two bedside lamps and tables, plan for the man or woman you want in your life. Jazz up the symbolism by buying something for the person you want to draw into your life. If you want a man who loves to garden, prepare your space for him, buy gardening books for him to leave on his side of the bed. Similarly, if you want a woman who is going to be your partner, prepare a space symbolically for her. Make room in your closet for him or her, by something you think they will adore, from the perfume you imagine them wearing. This isn't wishful thinking, but acting as though the universe has already heard your desires and is actually manifesting it for you. Believe that the perfect person for you is out there. Do not settle for Miss or Mr Right now. Wait for the right person to appear.

Things you don't really want in your relationship area.

Negative images - Remove things that remind you of bad times and unhappy thoughts. Get rid of your ex-lovers letters and mementos. Make space for the new.

Unfriendly, negative stuff - You don't want a cactus plant here bringing prickly energy into your relationship. Remove your weapons from this area. Have things that promote peace and love, not war and conflict.

Frigid or cold stuff - If you have your fridge or freezer here, move it if you can. Similarly, if your air-conditioner is here, do all you can with the suggestions above to negate the cold frigidity that is blowing into your romance.

Single stuff - Don't have things that remind you of being alone. Remove photos and pictures of you alone. Also, don't keep pictures of single people around you - find things that remind you of love, of passion, of giving and sharing. If you live alone, don't keep statues of single women in your flat, instead, find ones that depict an embracing couple.

Games - This is one place were you don't want games. You want a real relationship, not one that's built entirely on fantasy and fun.

Uncleanliness, dirt, dust and clutter - Remove the clutter and find space for love in your life. Dirt and dust will only bring dirt-bags into your life. Clean your relationship sector regularly if you're always meeting people who turn out to be a total waste of space.

Storage - If you want a relationship without baggage, either your own or theirs, clear the space. If you've got junk under the bed, see if it can be moved or at least organised as much as possible.

Distractions - If possible, move the television from this part of your room. You don't want your partner/lover to be distracted or to not focus on you and your relationship. Similarly, if the computer is here, move it. You don't want them to spend their time surfing the net and not talking to you. If you really can't move these things, negate them by covering them in a red or pink cloth suitable to the relationship area.

Finally, this is something I find very important. Learn to let go of past hurts. Use each failed relationship as a lesson, remember that each person who touched your life in whatever way, taught you something. Be grateful for that. Even if the relationship turned sour, you still learned, you still grew so that you could become the amazing, strong and glorious person you are today. So thank that person, even if it is only in your heart and in your head and let that person go. The toxic feelings that come from hanging on to hate and resentment will only pollute the new love that is coming to you or has come to you.

Gratitude is also important in turning a trying relationship into one of positive things. So be grateful for a difficult person for teaching you patience, kindness. You decide. But be grateful. Then, be grateful for the wonderful people you have met. The more you can feel and express gratitude, the more of that wonder and love you will bring into your life.


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