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Born Again - Outrageous 101

Updated on May 17, 2011

The Internet, the information highway came about in the 1990's and it took the world by storm. What was this phenomenon and how did it work? What was it for and who could use this tool? The Internet has been around now for close to 20 years and I don't know anyone who hasn't got it, outside of a few born again people who won't allow it into their homes.

We hired a work crew last year to do some renovations for us and these two teenagers were among this group. They asked if they could go for a swim in our pool and of course I said -- "Go for it." I asked them about school and homework and things like that, just to be sociable. They told me that they were home schooled. "Do you watch any television shows," I asked them and they replied that they didn't have t.v. at home. "Well, do you have the Internet?" I asked, and they politely replied that they weren't allowed to have that either, that they had to go to a friends house to be able to get on the Internet.

I wondered how these kids would ever learn new things going on in the world today and, "how does anyone not have the Internet or television?" But, there are families out there that have a very different concept of looking at things and a learning procedure that is without all these gadgets and contraptions that we simply take for granted. I felt sorry for these two kids as they didn't even know who David Letterman, Jay Leno or Oprah was, television personalities known thoughout the free world, yet here we are, in North America - the land of the free, and these kids couldn't communicate with me about the Internet or television.

Students today are equipped with the very latest in technology in order for them to get a proper education which in turn permits these graduates to be able to go out and function in society with the rest of us when their school days are completed. I don't understand how any parent in the free world can permit their child to grow up without the basic necessary tools that one needs in order to survive in todays jungle called society. It's not fair, it's not right and I would think that there should be laws to prevent this sort of thing from going on. Every child wants to belong but how can they even think of joining in when they lack the required tools and skills.

An electrician who was working here took me aside and started talking to me about religion. Now, I slam the door on Jehovah's but I let him talk. He rambled on for about 30 minutes and how I should repent, that judgement day is coming and if I wanted to enter through the Gates of Heaven, that I should cast out all the evil within me. Well, you know -- I kind of enjoy "Star Trek" and "David Letterman" and I didn't want to really cast these two evils out -- at least not right now. OK - maybe that's not what he was talking about but how dare somebody come into my house and start preaching the Bible to me. What's with these people? Why do they have to push their beliefs on us? I was about to toss this guy into the pool but held back, mainly because he still hadn't finished his electrical job here.

These born again souls remind me of people living in a country similar to Iran or North Korea, places where freedom is not permitted. President I'madinnerjacket of Iran, (or whatever his name is) says his country does not have any gay people there, that this sort of thing only exists in the western world. Is this guy stupid or what? He actually came to the United States, went to a western world University and in front of hundreds of University students claimed that his society is free of such diseases. Of course he was booed and laughed at. "Give me a Break!" Is this the way the born again people think? Is this the way they are raised -- naive, ignorant and socially deprived? I'm a Protestant, not that it matters or is any different from Catholic, Jew or whatever, but I can't seem to fathom the realization that there are so many clueless, uneducated and illiterate people out there who want to have their sons and daughters growing up just like them. Forget about trying to save them from sin or -- for heavens sake, a Playboy magazine. They will eventually find sin. I don't know one sinless person out there and please don't tell me that Priests are without sin or I will, this time, throw you in the damn pool!

I don't need any comments back to me on your religion, your beliefs and so forth. So many wars are started over religion, so don't try to shove anything down my throat that I don't want shoved down there. I'm only writing an article on what I think and for Pete's Sake, Have a Great Day!

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    • MysteryPlanet profile image

      MysteryPlanet 6 years ago

      Great response Ian. I have to laugh because the most recent hub I published.. I had no idea what I was writing when I started it.

    • ianleverette47 profile image

      ianleverette47 6 years ago from Brinston, Ontario Canada

      Point 1:

      Well, I don't watch them anyways, so I guess it would be a good thing.

      Point 2:

      I actually started to write about : How to download current movies for free, when my brain took an alternate route and somehow focused on Born Again. I was led off the original track and so I just rambled away about a little topic from last year. I know lots of people don't have t.v. or Internet for one reason or another but I was committed to Born Again, so I guess they took the brunt of my assault. Oh well --- the next time I write, I'll try and keep focused.

      Thank you for the comment -much appreciated.

    • MysteryPlanet profile image

      MysteryPlanet 6 years ago

      Hmmm I wonder if not knowing who David Letterman, Jay Leno or Oprah was would be a good thing...

      I do think you are mistaken if you are saying that it is only some born again Christians who dont have the Internet. many many Christians do have Internet and television and there are many who are not Christian at all that decide against having TV or Internet for various reasons.