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Saint Vivekananda had a number of disciples all over the world

Updated on March 8, 2016

Swamy Vivekananda


The beautiful nature


A boy under a tree


Scenic point to gaze at the beauty of the wild

Boy Vivekananda was very happy in Raipur. Because Raipur was situated in central India set in scenic beauty with salubrious climate. All around were lush green forests, velvety pastures, enchanting hills, and rivers, cascading water falls, birds calls and animal calls.

The new scene brought dramatic change in the health of Vivekananda of the batter.

Vivekananda felt his soul at peace in the company of the nature. He would go in to the forests for long walks, and sit at home.

Scenic point to gaze at the beauty of the wild.

Fluttering, leaves and branches of the trees, swaying bushes sweet calls of birds, ripping waters flushing streams whispering winds, sweet smell of the soil passed on spiritual lessons to the heart of vivekananda.

He would sit under trees for hours under the spell of the nature, imbibing its spiritual message.

For the teenager Vivekananda walking through the winding hill paths that funnelled into the thick forests felt pilgrimages.

Then Vivekananda started going akara, the traditional wrestlers gym. The push ups and other exercises result in growth of his body in wide chest, broad shoulder and muscular arms and legs.

He looked like a wrestler for more mature than his eyes.

Vivekananda spent two years in the company of his father. During this period the father and son came closer.

Mr. Vishwanath was a good look. He could prepare several delicacies and enjoyed being in kitchen. He taught Vivekananda cooking.

Vivekananda did not feel shy of asking uncomfortable questions to his father.

Swami Vivekananda memorial in Kanyakumary


Chicago religions conference


Chicago religions conference

The sage Vivekananda was the beacon of light, of knowledge. In his short life span, be tried, his maximum to bring the knowledge of truth, among the people of the worlds.

In his very young age sage Vivekananda addressed lakhs of people who gathered in the world religion conference in Chicago (America).

Saint Vivekananda had a number of disciples all over the world. The present book explains in brief about the sage Vivekananda as the beacon of knowledge.

The Chicago religions conference began on 11th September 1893.

An American, lady Mrs. Hail Swamiji inside the Conference campus and arranged for his food and stay.

The Conference began on 11th September 1893.

At zero hour Swamiji's name announced. He gracefully got on the stage and faced the mike. His impressive figure and glowing face made a positive impression on the audience.

Vivekananda, Swami began his speech.

My brothers and sisters of America....' a thunderous applause greeted his endearing address.

Spontaneous flow of words came from his heart as he resumed speaking.

The religions do not teach hatred. Nor do they divide people. A religion brings hearts closer.

Religion is another name of love, compassion, sympathy, mercy, brotherhood and mutual respect. The man is born to create, to create with love. One should not make religion an excuse for destruction, wars or expansion by force.

A religion must teach to live and live. If religion is used for confrontation, the human race will go astray...'

When Vivekananda swami finished his short address the people stood up to give him a standing ovation.

His address was so appreciated that the organisms were forced to include him in the list of main speakers.

After the end of the meeting the sage Vivekananda left the stage, the newsmen from USA and Europe Mobbed him.

The next day, the newspapers printed his speech prominently.

The world Religion Conference became a seminar on Sage Vivekananda thoughts. This made him a much sought after figure respected and loved.


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