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Brahmopadesham ( Munji ) - For Smartha Bramhin Boys.

Updated on June 20, 2014
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

The Compulsory Brahmopadesham.

Compulsory Brahmopadesham for boys.

Among Bramhins we have various sub sects.The smartha bramhins say they are superior to all sub sects among Brahmins,there are two main rivals the followers of Sri.Shankaracharya and the followers of Sri.Madvacharya. ( Both born on the same day.)

The followers of Sri Shankaracharya are smarthas.

The followers of Sri.Madvacharya are Madavas,

There are others also called as iyers and iyangars,pandits and pouraniks,kulkarnis and dixits as also shanbhogs and others who are all bramhins only but inwardly they keep any animosity to themselves and are good friends.However the rich,middle and poor are in their own cocoons and find it hard to get along till few decades back, with 21st century coming with such furious and fast internet the young have gone over the border and have forgotten to practice this Maha Gayatri Mantra and yet keep going on account of their ancestors blessings and this blessings may not pass one generation or two and will get diminished for future generations.

Fortunately there are many who follow the traditional path along with their other activities and one such tradition is Brahmopadesham.

What is Bramhopadesham.

The wearing of a sacred set of 3 similar threads with a knot in each and getting inducted to chanting of the sacread Gayatri Mantra is known as Brahmopadesham.

The Fuction starts as under:-

1 - Consulting a Pundit the elligability of the boy's age.

2 - Fixing a month and date with exact time called also as lagna.

3 - Sending invitations to guests after fixing a convention hall.

4 - Arranging shopping for required items.

5 - Informing the Event Managers to organize.( New hi tech job.who does anything )

6 - Starting the funtion with all required infrastructure.( A Hair Dresser is also needed.)

7 - Conducting the function.

In good old days it was done at home and with few relatives only,now its international.

Interesting points to be told to the Boy.

1. Definition and synonyms

2. The objective

3. Who qualifies for this rite?

3.1 The age according to the class (VARNA)

3.2 The girls’ right to Upanayan

4. Preparations

5.The resolve (SANKALPA) of the boy undergoing the thread ceremony (vrata)

6. The resolve of the one performing the thread ceremony

7. Installation of the deity of the pandal (mandap devata pratishtha)

8. Shaving the head, bathing and tying a string of flowers across the boy’s brow (mundavalya)

9. Gifts from the family

10. The ritual of installation of the pot to denote the auspicious time(muhurta ghatika sthapana)

11. Eating with the mother (Matrubhojan)

12. Performing the thread ceremony

13. Wearing a loin cloth and new clothing (Langoti va Vastra dharan)

14. Wearing the hide of a deer (Ajindharan)

15.Wearing the sacred thread (Yadnyopavitdharan)

15.1 What is the motive behind placing the sacred thread over the right ear lobe during urination or defaecation?

16. The resolve of establishing discipleship

ksharan sankalpa)

17. Prayer to receive the Gayatri mantra (Upasthan mantra grahan)

18. Application of holy ash (Vibhutigrahan)

19.Tying of the girdle (Mekhalabandhan)

20. The ritual of holding the staff (Dandadharan vidhi)

21. The code of conduct preached by the priest (Acharbodh) and the vowed religious observances to be followed by the boy undergoing the thread ceremony (Batuvrat)

21.1 The code of conduct preached by the priest (Acharbodh)

21.2 The vowed religious observances to be followed by the boy undergoing the thread ceremony (Batuvrat)

22. Asking for alms (Bhikshagrahan)

23. The ritual of generation of spiritual intellect (Medhajanan)

24. Farewell to the deity of the pandal (Mandap devakotthapan)

25. Comparative importance of various rituals in the Sanskar of thread ceremony (Upanayan)

26. A mode of wearing the sacred thread.

27.The right time to practice the " Gayatri Maha Mantra )

The practice of Gayatri Maha Mantra has benifits giving positive thoughts and power.This Mantra has been proved by scientific methods such as powerful vibrations like none other.

Time for practicing the Gayatri Maha Mantra.

Sitting with required glass with water,spoon & Plate
Standing with the same items as in day.
Sitting with same items as in day.
Just Before Sun Rise
Mid day 12:00 Hrs
Just before Sun Set.
Time Taken Just about 20 minutes for one round of 108 Rudraksha Beads.
Same as in Day
Same as in Day.
Benefits of practicing, Good memory,Good thoughts, Good Health, Good Habits, Good Life, Good Education,Good progress, Good Sleep,Good married life,Good Children born normally Good Wife,Long Peaceful Healthy Life if done non stop for Life.

Who Qualifies for this rite to Munji.( Upanayana )?

The Class of People.
The Satva component at Birth %
Age in Years at which 30% of Satva is achived.
1 - Bramhan
2 - Kshatriya
3 - Vaishya
4 - Shudra.

15.1 What is the motive behind placing the sacred thread over the right ear lobe during urination or defecation?

In short, it means that since the part of the body above the navel is considered pure and that below it impure, during urination and defecation of the sacred thread which is worn as a chain around the neck and is placed on the right ear. The scriptures often mention the importance of the right ear. Since it is the seat of various deities like Aditya, Vasu, Rudra, Vayu, Agni, Dharma, Veda, Apa, Som, Surya, Anil, etc. mere touch of the right ear bears the benefit of the ritual of sipping water from the palm (achaman). Thus by placing the sacred thread on the right ear which is pure, one is not bound by the restrictions of impurity.

The right ear assumes such scientific importance because the nerve endings and receptors situated here are closely related to the testes. During urination there is a likelihood of passage of sperms in a small quantity. It is well documented by Ayurveda that seminal loss is prevented by encircling the right ear with a thread. The frequency in case of repeated nocturnal emissions can be reduced by keeping the right ear tied during sleep. An animal is subdued as soon as its ear is held. Of the seven causes of scrotal swelling, one is urinary. Encircling the ear with a thread prevents a scrotal swelling due to a urinary cause.

The code of conduct preached by the priest to be followed by the boy undergoing the thread ceremony.

Since you are a celibate (Brahmachari) you should observe the following rules:-

A. Take a sip of water from the palm (Achaman) after passing urine or stools, eating, traveling and sleeping, for maintenance of purity.

B. Perform the ritualistic actions (Nityakarma) of Sandhya Vandana,

C. Do not sleep during the day.

D Refraining from eating salty foods, sleeping on the floor.

E A minimum of 10.32 or 108 Mantras must be practiced daily.

1 - The Smart Boy.

2 - The Convention Hall to sit for Guests.

3 - Everything has to be Videographed,

4 - The Valga Music.

5 - The Boy Receives Gifts & Blessings from Guests.

6 - Time to feed the guests. [ Water first to clean the Banana Leaf.]

7 - The Banana Leaf spread out.[ In Rows.]

8 - Few Guests Reserve their seats by placing their hand Kerchief on the seat.[ No one will sit here.]

9 - The Entire Menu is served as sample excluding the surprise Sweet to be seen only.[Should start eating when announced by the Pundits.]

10 - Once announced to start to Eat all will take water in their right hand cuped palms and circle the sacred Mantra and leave the water in prescribed manner at

11 - All Guests will enjoy a betal leaf with herbs served after taking their meal.

12 - The Herbal Ingredients in the Betal Leaf chewed which makes the mouth Red.

13 - The Panwalla.

14 - All Lady's will be given some gifts and other items.]

15 - The Boy Greets the Guests at the Exit.[ All guests leave one after other.]


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    • skgrao profile image

      S K G Rao. 7 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      Start chanting Gayatri Mantra and see yourself changing to a different personality in few days.

      To start you need to take a shower use a lose comfortable dress and sit in yogic posture,close your eyes and chant 108 mantras with a $10 digital voice recorder recorded with the mantra 108 times ( any pandit in a temple will record 108 times this Mantra free for you but pay him $10 as Dakshina )use ear phones and chant along with the recorded Gayatri Mantra over the audio you hear.After some time you will be able to chant yourself with out the digital audio recorder.