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Brahmin's & Others Festival in India.

Updated on September 11, 2014
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

Ramanavami Festival - Food.

Sri Rama was born on the 9th day ( Navami ) in the bright fortnight of Hindu lunar month of Chaitra.

This festival comes next to the festival of New Year of Kannadigas and in Bangalore every temple and places of worship in several Mandhirs and Mutts Sri Rama's birthday is celebrated in all places starting on the early morning of the day till next day and in some places it continues for 15 days.This celebration is so popular in all places in Bangalore.

We can see young boys and girls going from one place of worship to another as on this day every place where this day is celebrated free panaka and majjige is given for drinking.Panaka is made of water with lemon juice,belada hannu,yalakki,Jaggary to give a very nice juice and Majjige is made of butter milk with water,salt,ginger,green chilli,curry leaves all mixed in right proportion and this is also a drink that is liked by each of the person who visits these places of worship.

In our homes we also prepare in addition to the above Kosambari of two types.We eat this kosambari first and then drink panaka & Majjige.

Kosambari 2 types is made by wetting green gram dall as also bengal gram for 30 minutes and removing the water we add salt,coconut gratings,lemon,green chillies,curry leaves,cucumber grated and vaggarne is poured over it by a special process.

The whole day is spent eating these preparations and drinking majjige as a dessart.

This is a food on this day.

There are many more festival that starts in the beginning of the year which goes on till the end of the year up to November.During December we celebrate Christmas with our christian friends and the year ends on 31st December mid night when the whole city of Bangalore joins to celebrate the New Year.Bangalore being a cosmopolitan city most of the people will have to keep up many other traditional community festival.The govt has made provision to take special leave for all the community festivals to all the working section of the society and even those who have no such traditional festival will be invited to visit for mostly lunch or the lady's of the family will have to go in the evenings when pooja ( Prayers ) and prasad ( Snacks ) after pooja are distributed in a way different in families of different caste mostly upper class of the community..

Festivals of Lingayit Community.

Lingayits are one of the major but minor in number compared to or equal in number to the high upper caste community in Bangalore.Five decades back they used to dislike other community people and they would stay away from traditional functions of even bramhin communities.They are different now both bramhin and lingayait communities invite each other in their traditional communities.Both being very strict vegetarians they have common food preparations,however there are very orthodox bramhins from time immemorial who do not use in their food onions and not eat any type of vegetarian items coocked by lingayits,they will receive and take it home or give it to their domestic helpers who are of different sect or caste.Such domestic helpers come from villages and live in slums as they have no work in their villages.Their comming to urban area is to make some money to meet their family expences.The money earned by farming would not be sufficient for them and so in a large family a part of the family migrate to urban areas and they even send their kids to govt schools where the tution or teaching is free.This section of rural poor when in urban areas pick up some change they see the urban areas and take it to their rural areas when they have to go very compulsoryly for their jatra which in English mean group festval a one day or 2 days fun and feast with in the precinct of a temple which can be as large as a football field where there are many other activities are also held.The most dangerous game they play is bulloc cart race which is some times hurting seriously the onlookers who watch this race.The bullocks which run in pair to the cart are made to drink some native mixture having the effect of some drug and they run like hell.The some other games are Goat fights,Cock fights and mud wreslings by men who are called as heaveyly built Pailwans.When these urban workers go their they flash cash betting on these fights and show off their colors.More people start comming to urban areas.Their group now forms a big slum in urban areas in any vacant land.

2nd Class City Upper-caste people.

They are since several decades migrating to 1stclass city's as they find jobs in growing activities in urban city's in many industries and commercial activities that keep going increasing day by day as population increases every where in the country with family planning activity finding a self imposed activity rather than govt controlled action with some financial motivation to have only two kids then one kid and now no one bothering about kids production.This has resulted in many festivals happening every other fortnight in any corner of the city.Many more Gods have also come to the city from rural folks building their rural god temples in urban areas.The temple activity is now a social activity as people worshiping one god will invite people worshiping the same god.People in urban areas who have never heard of some gods are now worshiping these Gods and even participate in the festivals and donate money to keep the oil lamp burning in these temples.There is no law not to build temples so now there are temples but no primary schools.These schools also have started having their own school functions like festivals.

Money making festivals.

There are other forms of festivals as for example Wine Fest a wine makers festival which goes on in big places like Lalbagh a 400 year old park built by the famous King of Mysore Tipu Sultan,Palace Grounds a place where there is a Huge Palace built by King of Mysore 400 years back,many big personolities who have built parks all around Bangalore and a huge Park built by Lord Cubbon during British Rule in Bangalore.These areas also are hired by private parties to make their own festvals.They are also places where now a days politicians hold their own party meetings and it assumes a festval look with free snacks and meal for every participent who attends these funny named festival like gatherings disrupting daily traffict.There are other types of festivals disrupting traffic in every place in Bangalore.Political party's who have big money in their party funds which nobody knows from where they come do disrupt everything from garbage,traffic and road blocks is another festival for office goers as they inform their office that due to traffic jam they are unable to come to office and go to a shopping mall and celebrate the day as festival.

Govt festivals a day to enjoy like festivals.

In India all over the country in all over the states there is state wide holiday and a central govt set holiday enjoyed by state governments and central governments for example Karnataka has a holiday called 'Rajyothsva' a day when govt spends money with out work for anybody and spends lakha of public money in many unwanted political activiies to advertise what they are capable of spending in one day which amount spent would have repaired a 10 kilometer or more road.There are no footpaths but who cares the chief minister and others dont walk on footpaths or side walks.Thus a non festival is made a festval by politicians and others who are interested in their business.We have muslim holidays just because we have hindu holidays,we have Schedule Caste holidays a governament named caste who get a holidy and almost all castes who have political influence get a holiday called government holiday a festval for spending money on the family as you need to take kids to some place so they get refreshed.

Other festivals which have no holidays.

Food Festivals Like Wine Festivals but no other Hard Drink Festival.

5 star and 4 star hotels conduct food festivals where you can eat food which people in other countries eat.They are very nice for our young generation to select their food when they visit or go for their job or study so that they know what is the best food in any country.Few who of course need not go to any country can get to know what other people in few other countries eat.This type of festival is mostly done when star hotels get chef's from other country or chef's who are in our country but are internationally famous are available to them.This luxury is only for the people of a type who have some sort of money that they must spend,few who have to show off they are rich even though they are not,few who have to bribe people who accept bribe only in kind but not cash,few who must celebrate their family functions on that day so they need not bother to clean up the mess the guests do on their departure.

Wine festival in Bangalore is done by manufacturers of wine,grape growers and people who market the wine that is produced in Bangalore or Karnataka.Here the charm is only to drink the free wine offered to taste their wine in several shops,few who sell their wine cheaper than that that is available in market and for those young boys and girls who clean their feet and crush grapes in a big open wooden barrels cut in half in their feet by jumping up to crush the grapes and enjoy the feeling of smooth feel of grape by the feet.There others who come only as visitors and do not enter any shop.

Flower Show is another festival since over 60 years or more conducted by the department of Horticulture,Government of Karnataka a show that goes on for few days since there are images of famous persons or place made of flowers and they would not stand the dust,pollution and heat for long.Many people after drinking the taste in several shops for several times need to eat and that needs few restaurants and it is here that local hotels come and offer good south and north Indian snacks to eat and enjoy spending the day.This festive time is only on week ends so there is no holiday. .

Hindu Bramhins Festival.Lord Sri Rama's Birthday.


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