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Bravery has Many Faces

Updated on May 12, 2016


At times in life, we are compelled to do things that ordinarily we would have passed to others or even avoided altogether. Saving lives is a form of bravery that has been documented throughout history especially through medical facilities and health clinics. However, sometimes, we are faced with different kind of challenge that requires us to save lives through rescue. The uniqueness to this kind of rescue is that we actually faces tremendous danger in the attempt to save and rescue lives. An attempt to save and rescue lives actually spells out “Bravery”. Many people and animals have been involved in the act of bravery. Some of the examples of bravery act include a man that saves a cat from a snake, a frog that rescued another frog from a snake, and a dolphin that help protect human against sharks.

Man Saves a Cat

Sometimes this extraordinary act involves humans and animals as in the case of a man saving a cat from a snake. The risk undertaken is highly rated because of the approach to rescue the cat. An attempt to rescue a cat from a Boa snake can be very delicate and dangerous. The risk of course must have been calculated.

Frog Rescued Another Frog

Throughout history, people or animals have performed deeds that we sometimes classified as extraordinary whether it is helping someone or animal to gain freedom or helping to feed in the times of difficulties. In another scenario, a frog was observed saving another frog from a large snake. As you ponder the possibility of this act, we begin to think of the chances of such event taking place. I believe the issue is not necessarily the strength involved but the will to intervene in a risky situation. A frog does not have as much tactics and strength as a snake. However, it is the instinct in the rescuer frog that prompted an endless distraction of the predator snake which led to the release of the prey frog. An act that can be truly described as “Bravery”.

To continue to enumerate on such extraordinary acts is to attempt to pursue infinite knowledge. It is an act that will continue to eternity. Every living being has an instinct when he or she was born. Such instinct has helped guide living beings throughout human and animal histories.

Another interesting scenario is that of dolphin saving humans from becoming bait for great white shark. There has been some issues regarding shark’s attempt to attack humans. Bottlenose dolphins have been known to intervene especially creating a scenario where they can form protective barrier for humans. This provides a safe way for escape from sharks.


Clearly, we cannot control our impulses as they are sometimes natural. In times of danger, living beings are often compelled to help. Such behavior is natural. Many people have lost their lives because of rapid response in face of danger. Ordinarily, we consider such people heroes because of their effort to do good to the public. Bravery requires fearless act, and sometimes, can isolate the undertaker.


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