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Creation Gives Birth to Womb Story.

Updated on March 10, 2015

In the beginning God initiated into being space and matter

One To Rule Them All - NOT

Over the course of the past several months I have been researching the first four chapters of Genesis for a video narration I am working on. Some amazing things have emerged from this examination. As a result I wanted to share some of the narration with you. Being that it is for a video production it might be beneficial to make a couple of observations beforehand. The most striking thing that emerged was how much the narrative has either been changed or lost - shocking really. I will leave much of that aspect of it alone so you can experience the impact of what is being suggested as you read it for yourself.

However, for many years I have suggested to people that science will one day catch up with the scriptures. Many think I am joking or as some might be tempted to suggest; I am a joke – it does sound like a ridiculous statement for me to make - but in reality science does support what emerges from the scriptures – they are not in contradiction. Where the rub comes in, is when we try to use the science of the day to reinforce the scriptures. We might even try to suggest that the earth is the center of the universe and as such the sun rotates around the earth - this of course was dictated and reinforced by what the scriptures already suggest - that man is at the center of everything as God intended and created him to be - it was what the church at the time derived its value from and in turn gave it significant power and authority. Anyone who disagreed with this or even worse, produced evidence that disagreed with this – well, let’s just say their life expectancy may have been shortened a bit. In the end Christianity is caught with their pants down and much worse. The reality is Christianity does not need science to agree with it in order to give it credibility or standing, and in attempting to do this we put Christianity at risk of becoming irrelevant as new discoveries are made. So when I suggest that science will eventually catch up with scripture, it is not to suggest that scripture needs the support of science, but that the two will come to agreement and into alignment as we move forward.

Most of the issues science has with scripture – or vice versa – are of the churches own making or the misunderstanding of scripture in general. In the first place, the scripture is not a science textbook – it is the story of God trying to reveal himself to humanity, a people that became blinded to the face and heart of God in the garden event. Adam and Eve weren't hiding in the bushes because they were playing a game of hide and seek. They were terrified of the prospect of who God was and what he might do to them. This has been man’s plight ever since. God even showed up in human skin to try to get the word out. While Jesus is God’s final word on who he is, God continues to work in this regard - to reveal himself to humanity - and will continue to do so on planet earth for the next 1013 years.

Before you read the video narration I am including in this hub, there is one word from Genesis 1 to 4 I would like to address that has significant bearing on the story. The word is translated “rule” in the KJV bible and is found in three places in the narrative. The word means to parable or assimilate but in a dominating fashion. It is first used in regards to the Moon and the Sun which were thus a parable of something else - something God intended to have a prominent place in our thoughts - to remind us of whatever they parable – it will become clear what this is in the narration. Keep in mind a different Hebrew word translated "rule" is used in relation to the Moon and Sun in a previous verse - but in that case it refers to the light they produce - one to rule the night sky the other the day sky. Thus the Sun and Moon "ruled" in two different contexts - one in terms of the light they gave off - the other to parable something that God desired to rule our thoughts - or be mindful of.

The second use of this word "rule" that parables, is in terms of Eve in regards to Adam – in that he would rule over her in some manner. Keep this in mind then - that Adam would be a parable of something else and in this case unfortunately the parable would dominate her thoughts instead of the something else and as a result rule over her in other ways as well.

The third use of the word is in regards to Able in that Cain would rule over him. Here again Cain is a parable of something that would dominate Able’s thoughts regarding Cain. You will see how this plays out in the narration, but it can be easily missed without knowing this going into it. Keep in mind that I have only included the Genesis part of the story - from here the narration jumps forward to the New Testament and the fulfillment of what God started in the Genesis. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am enjoying the writing of it - it is still a work in progress.

At some infinite instance before time began, the plan had to begin.

Let The Narration Begin

Long, long ago – back before time began, the Word was. And the Word was God in intimate relationship with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. A relationship of initiating, receiving, and observing – or as some might call it: ”fellowship.” A relationship so close it can only be described as one - a relationship with no beginning - an unending relationship. A relational existence of union and communion without losing distinction – and from this unchangeable relational context flowed infinite expressions and thoughts of love - a veritable smorgasbord of life flowing with love.

Loving thoughts toward others also emerged from within this relational reality. God imagined others included in this uncreated spirit life that they had always existed in. But how? How does something become part of uncreated?

Good News – a plan was in hand from the beginning – a plan called adoption. God planned a way to adopt others into the family of God – into their life – to join others with this never ending relational life in which God existed – to join the human family with the family of God - by including created in uncreated – what Paul in the New Testament describes as adoption.

This gospel plan of adoption would require four things – Creation, Incarnation, Transfiguration, and Ascension

First: creating a man in the image and likeness of God who would be fruitful and multiply in order to include as many as possible in the adoption plan.

Second: incarnating into the man and all humanity that would originate from the man – in other words, indwelling them without measure,

Third: transfiguring their created bodies in preparation to ascend into the uncreated spirit life of God to participate in the relationship that has always existed there – ascension being the fourth and final leg in the journey to adoption.

This was the plan from the beginning before time began. The plan of adoption has never changed, even though other things were included in the plan and the methods involved adjusted. Because of the garden event the cross event had to be included in the plan, but the plan has always been adoption. To confuse the cross event as the plan is like suggesting a wreck and rescue mission were the plan on a journey from say Florida to California. Humanities journey to adoption has always been the plan – a rescue mission was included because of the big wreck in the garden.

In other words – whether man sinned or not, creation, incarnation, transfiguration, and ascension had to take place in order to include others in the uncreated always existing life of God – in the family of God. Paul the Apostle also refers to the plan of adoption as the mystery of the New Covenant now revealed – it was kept secret to prevent others from interfering with it – This mystery plan of adoption is mentioned 22 times in the New Testament – one less time than the word hell is used – one needs not guess which one people have heard spoken of the most – however it is hell that Paul never mentions in any of his writings – maybe something has been missed – something significant in fact.

At some infinite instance before time began, the plan had to begin.

At the commencement of the plan the Father declared “make it so my son, I’ve got your back and I’m sending the Holy Spirit with you. Let it be done – let it be so.”

And it was so - the plan began.

And God blessed this seventh generation day and set it apart from the rest because in it he had ceased from his labor and entered into his eternal rest.

God Gives a Shout Out


The Word went forth initiating into existence space within himself - filling it with all kinds of matter. In other words – in the beginning God created space and matter – a space within himself – for nothing exists apart from or outside God – and he initiated matter into existence within the space.

Just maybe it began with a Big Bang.

Whatever the case, the matter was without form and void of life. Darkness encompassed this raging sea of space and matter within God – within the uncreated spirit womb of God if you will.

In the instant that followed the Holy Spirit began resonating upon the surface of this primordial amniotic soup of space and matter - initiating time and energy into this vacuum of space that held matter in suspension.

The Word then made proclamation: let there be life - and an umbilical of life burst forth within the darkness with the brilliance of transparent gold - a light of life that shone in and through all things within the darkness - thus distinguishing the encompassing darkness from the light of life that flows within darkness – though nothing within the darkness could see it, comprehend it, or extinguish it.

And God saw the light of life that it was good.

And it was so.

God named the darkness that surrounds and permeates the space and matter: “Night,” and the light of life that saturates the darkness God named: “Day.”

In other words, what is known as night and day and introduced on the fourth generation day is simply a parable of and reminder of the encompassing darkness surnamed “Night” and the infusion of the light of life surnamed “Day” which God initiated and spoke into existence within himself.

Thus concluding the first generation day within the womb of God.


The Word went forth fashioning a sphere within the midst of the space and matter, dividing space and matter within the sphere from space and matter beyond the sphere.

And it was so.

God named the sphere: “Sky.”

Thus concluding the second generation day within the womb of God.


The Word made proclamation to gather together the waters beneath the Sky to form dry land.

And it was so.

God named the dry land: “Earth” and the gathered waters: “Seas”

And God saw that it was good.

The Word made proclamation to the Earth and the Sea to bring forth plant life of every kind – plankton, seaweed, grasses, trees and shrubs alike – and every kind of seed bearing plant - producing fruit after its kind.

And it was so.

And God saw that it was good.

Thus concluding the third generation day within the womb of God.


The Word made proclamation to form bodies of matter beyond the Sky to give light and to visibly distinguish day from night - to let them serve for signs, seasons, and calendaring as well as to give light upon the earth.

And it was so.

The Word fashioned two of these bodies above the sky to appear larger than the rest in order to provide light upon the earth. The greater to dominate the day sky with its light and the lesser to reflect the light of the greater and dominate the night sky. These God fashioned along with all the stars.

These two bodies were also given as a parable reminder of the darkness called “Night” that exists within the womb of God and the light of life called “Day” that shines in the womb of God through the darkness, yet not comprehended by those things within the darkness.

And God saw that it was good.

Thus concluding the fourth generation day within the womb of God.


The Word made proclamation: Let the waters of the Sea bring forth abundantly living souls of creeping and swarming life, winged fowl and creatures the size of great dinosaurs.

And it was so.

The Word blessed them - making them fruitful and productive according to their kind, filling the sea and the sky abundantly.

And God saw that it was good.

Thus concluding the fifth generation day within the Womb of God.


And the Word made proclamation: Let the earth bring forth abundantly living souls after their kind, creeping things, livestock herds, and every beast of the field.

And it was so.

And God saw that it was good.

The Word made proclamation to himself: Let us bring forth man after our relational image and our relational likeness. Let man have oversight of the fish of the sea, the fowl of the air, livestock and all the earth, even every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.

The Word went forth initiating into existence man in his image. In the image of God created he him. Both male and female created he him. Male and female was initiated into being within the man.

In God’s image man was created a relational being in Communion and Union with God yet with Distinction. The same relational context the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have always existed in – an everlasting, always existing, relational reality that remains the same yesterday, today, and forever - a relationship of Communion and Union with Distinction. It is the reality in which God exists - the contextual existence of the uncreated spirit life of God.

In God’s likeness man was created to express himself in infinite ways from this unchanging relational context of Communion, Union, and Distinction. In the same way, God expresses himself in love in infinite ways from the reality of his unchanging existence in communion, union, and distinction – what can be described as CUDL relationship. The eternal and everlasting dance humanity has been included in and invited to participate in - the Great Dance - eternal glorious perichorisis life. The glory of God being fully alive in CUDL relationship – the dance of glory – the Lord of the dance. The same glory humanity was designed for and destined for as created image and likeness bearers of God.

The Word blessed Adam – making him fruitful and productive in order to replenish the earth and guide it toward the productive, to have oversight over the fish of the sea and the fowl of the air and every living soul that abides upon the earth.

The Word made proclamation: Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of the earth, and every tree - in the which exists the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to everything that creeps upon the earth wherein there is soul life, I have given every green herb for meat:

And it was so.

And God saw what was created in the man and behold it was very good.

Thus concluding the sixth generation day within the Womb of God.


Thus the initiation of space and matter within the womb of God was finished, including the host of things initiated and fashioned within it.

On the seventh generation day the Word ended his work which he had made – the Word rested on this seventh generation day from all his work which he had made.

And God blessed this seventh generation day and set it apart from the rest because in it he had ceased from his labor and entered into his eternal rest.

And thus the seventh generation day of rest did not cease and remains to this day and for all eternity.

These are the generation days when space and matter were initiated into existence within the womb of God in the great day of the Lord God when he fashioned space and matter within himself.

Sounds Like a Womb Creation Story

God Engages With His Shout Out

Now before any seeds were initiated in the earth, before any herbs grew from the earth, and before there was a man to till the soil, no rain fell upon the ground. But instead there went up a mist from the earth which watered the whole earth. God initiated into being a system of cycling the waters.

It was after this that the Word fashioned the man’s body from the dust of the ground and breathed his life into the man’s nostrils and he became a living soul.

The Lord God took the initiative to plant a pleasurable tree garden to the east of the place he created man - a pleasurable tree garden known as Eden - well, since Eden means pleasurable tree garden.

And God caused to grow out of the ground, every tree that was pleasant to the sight and good for food. In the midst of the garden were also the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And a river flowed through the pleasure garden and went out of it in four directions.

The first that went out was called Pison and flowed through the whole of Havilah a land with the finest gold as well as bdellium and onyx stone.

The second flowed through the whole of Ethiopia and was called Gihon.

The third flowed east toward Assyria and was called Hiddekel.

The fourth river was the Euphrates.

God placed the man in the garden to care for it and to protect it from intruders - to keep it from those that did not belong.

And God made proclamation to the man “Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat of it: for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.

In due time, Adam - which means "the Man" - failed to keep the garden from intruders and he befriended Satan – that old serpent. In the end, Adam rejected his relationship with God and the glorious relationship he had been designed for and destined to be included in through adoption. He fell short of the glory God had designed him for – created him in – the glory of CUDL relationship. Thus through one man sin entered into the world. In his rebellion Adam fell short of the glory of God. Adam had sided with the serpent.

And God saw what had happened and said “it is not good for Adam to remain in his rebellion.” As a result of rejecting the life he was destined for, physical death came into the world. Adam would die and cease to exist. Since Adam was created in the relational image and relational likeness of God – God could not allow this to happen – for to do so would have been a violation of the sovereignty of God – the violation of the CUDL relationship that God existed in, the very image and likeness of God in which Adam was created. As image bearers of God – God went all in with humanity – annihilation was not an option.

Thus God said ‘let us make a rescuer for him”

Now God had already formed every beast of the field and every fowl of the air and had brought them to Adam to name them and whatever Adam called them, that became their name. He named all the livestock, the fowl, and the beasts of the field. Obviously there were not any animals among these that could rescue Adam from his rebellion, physical death, and the annihilation that would have followed his death.

The Lord caused Adam to go into a deep sleep, and while he slept God took from Adams side his female part and fashioned a woman with a womb through which God could rescue Adam - also re-forming the man as male and no longer male and female.

This is why a man will abandon everything, including his family, even father and mother to become reunited with himself through the female and cleave to her - in this, God reunites them making the two one – they become soul mated for life which no man can separate – neither the husband nor the wife – this relationship is reflected in and consummated in the context of a sexual relationship.

The Lord brought her to Adam and recognizing some of his missing parts in her, he understood then that she had been formed out of his body and declared: “since this is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh, she shall be called woman.”

Yet in all of this Adam and his wife did not see the shame of what happened – even as they stood before each other completely unclothed – that God had to take something from the man in order to rescue him from himself, his violation of CUDL, his certain physical death and the annihilation that would follow.

Flesh is born of flesh and spirit is born of spirit - ye must be born of water (a womb) and of spirit - and you had nothing to do with either birth.

The glory of God is the Godhead fully alive in CUDL relationship. The plan is to include everyone in it.

God's Shout Out Is Intruded Upon

Now the serpent that Adam had befriended and allowed into the garden was more subtle and cunning than any of the beasts of the field which the Lord had made from matter. Thus he set out to get the woman to join him and Adam in their rebellion.

One day as Adam and the serpent were strolling through the garden they saw the woman resting under the tree of knowledge of good and evil. As they approached her the serpent asked her “Did God suggest to you that you should not eat from any of the trees in the garden?”

And the woman answered him “God has said that we may eat from all the fruit trees in the garden except of a particular tree in the midst of the garden. You shall not eat of it, neither shall you touch it, lest you die.”

Adam had told the woman not even to touch the fruit of it, hoping it would dissuade her from the possibility of eating it - an extra layer of protection if you will – a Hedge of Thorns for those theologically minded folks. In the end the hedge itself may have become an ensnaring thorn.

And the serpent said to the woman “you shall not surely die, for God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened and you shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.”

And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and pleasant to the eyes – as well as a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took a fruit from the tree and ate it.

At the same time, she gave some to her husband to eat. What was Adam to do? Here the serpent whom he had befriended convinced his wife to eat the fruit – how would it look if he did not eat it as well. He was trapped – the pressure to great - so he ate. In the end Eve had been deceived by the serpent while Adam looked on - but Adam ate willfully – continuing in his path of rebellion against the glory he had been created for – destined for – an adoption into the uncreated spirit life of God.

In that moment their eyes were opened to the shame of their nakedness as distinctly male and distinctly female beings, now realizing what God had to do to rescue humanity from Adam’s rebellion. To this day humanity continues to struggle with and compensate for their identity as distinctly male and distinctly female beings. Adam and Eve recognized they were only half the person God intended them to be in their bodily form – now either male or female. God never intended humanity to be sexually oriented beings – he intended humanity to be relational beings that also multiply - but even in rescuing humanity through the woman, God has preserved relationship within our sexual orientation, even making it a most pleasurable experience.

Some might argue that sex is the biggest thing going. However, apart from “becoming one flesh” in relationship - sexuality and sexual orientation will ravage and tear apart the soul. Others might argue that sex is the biggest thing going very badly. In our distinctive nature as male and female and the desire for oneness, it is difficult to grasp that something so good and pleasurable can also become so destructive. What God has given for our good and our pleasure gets twisted in our blindness and ultimately becomes harmful. Just as gravity was created and exists for our benefit, jumping off a cliff ends badly – it does not make God or what God created evil.

As a result of eating from the forbidden tree, Adam and the woman were also thrust into a new frame upon which to see and judge themselves – a non-relational frame of good and evil – a frame of seeing themselves, God and all of humanity in a moral context rather than a relational context. A context to live in based upon the perception of what is agreeable and disagreeable rather than what is relationally beneficial. In a non-relational frame of morality, man could justify doing just about anything to anyone – and has – history declares it. The church even suggesting that God is morally just in allowing billions to be eternally tormented in a place called hell.

The man and the woman lost consciousness of CUDL relationship and became driven by a conscience rooted in morality. It was called the tree of knowledge of good and evil for a reason. It is to live in death. Described in the scriptures in many ways – as the carnal mind, the flesh, blindness, and as some describe it – the fallen mind – the carnal mind is death as the apostle Paul suggests – this is the death Adam and the woman experienced when they ate from the tree.

With the introduction of sexual orientation, driven by a desire for oneness and wholeness along with a non-relational moral frame driven by conscience that resulted from our blindness to a consciousness of CUDL relationship now also existing as distinctly male and female, humanity finds themselves in a fine mess.

Keep in mind that Adam and the woman did not die spiritually as some suggest. They were not created with a spirit – In and through Christ man would become spirit – new creatures in Christ – spirit creatures – body and soul intact – creatures born from the spirit womb of God as new spirit creatures to participate in the uncreated spirit life of God. Just as all humanity is now born from the womb of a woman, all humanity has been born again from the spirit womb of God as new spirit creatures – And there is not one person who had anything to do with either of these births in regards to themselves – however all things are possible with God.

God never intended humanity to exist in the created spirit realm that the angels exist in – God intended to include humanity, through adoption, in his uncreated spirit realm – and he has – thus there was no purpose for man to be created with a spirit – man became spirit. Being born into creation as human and being born again from the spirit womb of God as spirit, has become part of humanities journey toward adoption – the methods have changed, the destination and process have not. Creation, incarnation, transfiguration, and ascension are all still required for adoption. Even though all have become new spirit creatures in Christ, we still await our transfiguration and ascension to come.

As a result of the garden event humanity now seeks identity in what they originated from - from identity emerges meaning, value, and purpose, - The man seeks identity from the earth and the woman from the man - neither make good god's nor have the capacity to offer humanity the identity they seek - meaning value and purpose is lost - welcome to America and the American Church.

God Engages The Shout Out Intrusion

As would happen on occasion, Adam and the woman heard the voice of the Lord as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day. Immediately Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the lord amongst the trees of the garden

The Lord called out to Adam “where are you?”

Adam Responded “ I heard your voice and was afraid , for the naked reality of what I have become I now see the shame of it – for what God had created as distinctly male and female became distinctly male and distinctly female – the female being made in order to rescue man and all humanity.

And God said “who told you that you were naked – Have you eaten from the tree I told you not to eat?”

And Adam said “The woman you made to rescue me, she gave me the fruit from the tree and I ate it”

And God said to the woman “What have you done?”

And the woman said “the serpent deceived me and I did eat?”

Thus began life on planet earth based on the perception of what is agreeable and disagreeable and laws to enforce it or prevent it respectively. Humanity began to seek life within a non-relational view of themselves – he’s bad, she’s good – it’s his fault – she is to blame – you will never amount to anything – I will never measure up - this is agreeable - that is not. Such has been the plight of man for the past decade of millennia. Man has been hiding in the bushes and behind his aprons made of fig leaves ever since, just as Adam and the woman did after they ate the forbidden fruit. Humanity has been left trying to make sense of who they really are, where and how to fit in and if they fit in at all. God has ever since been trying to reveal to them their true identity that exists in him and originates from him, an identity in CUDL relationship, but tragically in their blindness they cannot see the heart and face of God – it became impossible for humanity to see their true identity as image and likeness bearers of God.

Since there was no one else to blame, God made proclamation to the serpent “because you have done this, you are cursed and made lower than all livestock and the beast of the field: upon your belly will you crawl and the dust of the earth will be in your mouth and nostrils all the days of your life. And there will be great friction between you and the woman through whom God will rescue humanity and between her offspring and your offspring. But you can be sure that the rescuer shall crush the heads of you and your offspring and you will strike a mere bruise to the rescuers heel.

Unto the woman God said “because this has affected the journey of humanities inclusion within the life of God it will unfortunately affect you when you give birth to children. For what is in the heavenly is reflected in the earth. The birth of humanity from the womb of God into the uncreated spirit life within the realm of God became painful – corrupting all of creation, including humanity. This journey to adoption has become painful and travailing for all- even God – especially God. And thus is reflected in the womb of the woman - in sorrow you will give birth to children. You shall also seek your identity through your husband – your desire to find your identity through him will rule your thoughts – but he can never replace your true identity in CUDL relationship that you lost sight of – the very image and likeness of God you were created in – in his failure to satisfy your identity you will seek to control him even abandoning and tearing away the relational intimacy of becoming one flesh – seeking your identity in him and through him ultimately destroys the soul life that exists in him and in you”

Unto the man God said “because you followed the same path of your wife and have eaten the fruit from the forbidden tree which I instructed you not to eat: The earth has been corrupted and knocked out of balance as a result – each seeking its own. Until man is transfigured and ascended the earth will have imbalances of rain and snow - heat and cold – also in seeking equilibrium and balance it will produce earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and any number of other calamities. It will consume itself in seeking restoration – flesh eating flesh – vegetation consuming vegetation. – such as viruses and bacteria turning upon other flesh - Or thorns, thistles and parasites choking out other vegetation – where raising livestock and crops will be in sorrow and travail. Tragically you will also seek your identity in the earth – just as the woman seeks her identity in what she originated from – the man – you will seek your identity in the earth – ultimately seeking to control it and those that reside in it. Your life will be consumed in seeking an identity in this way, which ultimately sucks the soul life out of you and those within your sphere of influence. By the sweat of your brow and to the point of exhaustion will you seek satisfaction in partaking from the earth until the day your physical body returns to the ground from which it came.

There is no lasting satisfaction in an identity found in the earth or in a husband. Lasting satisfaction in the earth and the husband only comes when people come to see their true identity in the image and likeness of God that exists in CUDL relationship and in that context participating with the earth and in relationships with others. A participation in what is beneficial in preserving union and communion without losing distinction - what is beneficial for each person, humanity, and all of creation in the journey toward adoption.

In the end Adam recognized the need for God to rescue him from his rebellion and physical death by declaring so - by naming his wife Eve - which means the one who brings life to man or as some suggest the mother of the living. Through the woman one would come that brings life back to man - a man who would rescue humanity from annihilation and free him from the blindness to his true relational identity in God.

God also made provision for Adam and Eve by providing them cloaks made from animal skins and clothed them. In this one act of kindness, God demonstrated that he had them and all humanity covered. Through Adam, death entered into the world, yet God demonstrates through the animal cloaks that he has things well in hand, even death. He is not afraid of death and in fact would use physical death to rescue the man from his rebellion, physical death, annihilation, and sin – rescuing him from everything that resulted from Adam falling short of the glory he was designed for – the glory he was destined for in adoption. In rescuing Adam, God became the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. In his death all died - in his resurrection all were raised - in his life all have life – in his ascension all are seated at the right hand of the Father with him – in him.

In the garden God offers them a covering for the shameful reality of themselves as they looked upon themselves. They realized that Adam had become half the person God intended him – at least in terms of his physical body - in order to rescue him from himself. Eve in a very real sense became the better half even as many like to suggest - through which God would rescue humanity from Adam’s sin.

There is no shame in the fact that we are male and female, but they are however a visible reminder of the tragic loss that occurred in the garden event and the extent that God had to go to in order to rescue humanity from its demise. In fact there is not male and female in the spirit life of God as Jesus reminds those in hisday. However, man continues to compensate for his state of being as solely male or solely female in many destructive ways, completely blind to the reality of what God has already accomplished on humanities behalf through Christ.

God then speaking to himself in the presence of Adam and Eve said – the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he take also a fruit from the tree of life, and eat, and live forever in his carnally minded reality, he must be put out of the pleasure garden of trees. For apart from physical death remaining part of the human experience there would be no way for God through Christ to rescue humanity. For Adam to eat from the tree of life would be to doom humanity to an eternal life of living in death. An everlasting hell on earth.

Following the partaking of the forbidden fruit, physical death had to remain part of the human experience or God had no way to rescue humanity from their plight. The tree of life became off limits to keep humanity from an eternal life of hell on earth.

God Pitches A Shut Out

So God removed Adam from the garden that had provided for all his needs and thus began to work the earth – the very earth from which he came – seeking out a new identity within the context of creation. God set Cherubim at the entrance of the garden with swords that flamed in all directions to keep it as Adam had failed to do and now also found himself banished from it. In so doing, access to the tree of life was protected and prevented.

It came to pass that Eve became pregnant by Adam and she gave birth to a son and called his name Cain. Eve was delighted for she knew God would rescue humanity through her womb. She declared– God has given me a rescuer for humanity – The Lord. Soon she bore another son and called him Abel who became a keeper of sheep while his brother Cain became a tiller of the soil. All lived in the anticipation of God rescuing humanity through Cain – the Lord.

Cain came to resent this about himself and the way others looked at him and treated him. The expectations put upon him seemed unfair and even more so unattainable – really how was God going to use him to rescue anybody? And don’t even talk to him about his little brother Abel, who kept reminding him of his responsibility to mankind – his obligation to seek to rescue humanity – can he just shut up about it.

Cain came to resent God for his life and the circumstances he was born into as “The Lord” – whatever that meant. So as Cain brought an offering to God from the harvest he had grown from the ground as was the custom – his heart was in another place - raging over the resentment that had accumulated in his soul towards his life, others, and even God. And God asked Cain - why are you so angry? How can I accept an offering from you when your anger rages against me and your family – and especially your little brother?

Cain became even angrier at the implication that God might not receive his offering. Especially since he knew God had received his brothers offering of firstlings from his flock.

God said – Cain if you bring offerings to me in celebration of what has been provided to you through the design of creation – do you not know that I will gladly receive it from you even though I do not require it? If you remain angry regarding your life and those that love you and want to believe you will rescue humanity – you cannot see the terrible things that lie at your door and what horrible things you will be capable of. In fact your brother will continue to look up to you and find his identity in you as the Lord – the one destined to rescue humanity – you are simply a parable of what will actually happen through me thousands of years from now, but in your families eyes the thought of you being the rescuer consumes their thoughts – your mom and dad long for the days they spent in the paradise garden. Your brother will continue to identify you as Lord and identify himself in that context – rescued to the paradise garden by his brother. If you don’t deal with your resentment toward him the door for regret is wide open before you.

As was bound to happen Cain and Abel were out in the fields alone together. Abel with his favorite topic upon his lips and Cain still angry over God’s rejection of his offering, he struck Abel and killed him just as the most religious of Jesus day would do with him. Even today humanity desires to make Jesus the Lord of paradise here on earth, when our ultimate destiny is adoption into the uncreated spirit life of God – it is irrelevant where paradise is – for where the spirit life of the Lord is there is peace – this is humanities destiny – this is what they have been designed for.

And it came to pass that God inquired of Cain – where is your brother? Cain responded – how should I know – it’s not my job to look after him.

God said – what have you done? The life of your brother’s shed blood cries out to me from the ground. Therefore the earth which opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hands has rejected you and all your efforts – the very thing you seek your identity in – when you till the soil, it shall not yield to you its bounty with crops nor with livestock and you shall become a fugitive and a vagabond the rest of your days upon the earth.

Cain having lost the only source of his identity in the earth and overcome with regret, having stepped through its door, cried out to God in desperation – the judgment of the earth and the loss of my brother are more than I can bear. In one day have I descended from Lord in the eyes of the earth and looked upon with favor by God to one to be pitied and spat upon and killed who can no longer see the face of God looking upon him.

In the events of Cain's life God declares to humanity – there is a day coming when one innocent of the blood of men will live Cain's life of judgment in victory over sin and death. And in that day the declaration of it will be made - "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men." and in that day humanity may at long last finally come to experience for themselves the glory of God, peace, and the good will toward all humanity that they seek.

Blindness to it is what remains. God through Christ's incarnation has included us in his plan to get the word out. Tragically along the way the institution we call church lost the narrative - the true story of what actually is - and has continued to plow the unproductive agricultural field without realizing the treasure buried in it has already been found and revealed - it was always there we were just blind to it - enter therefore the Sabbath rest that began on the never ending 7th generation day of creation. The treasure of our original design has been rediscovered - our destiny in adoption of created into uncreated has been revealed. Your identity is not found in plowing the fields of non-relational structures - of seeing each other in terms of good or evil, or morality, or what is acceptable or not acceptable - palatable or not palatable - tolerable or not tolerable. It is found in what we have been included in but became blind to - a relational context of union and communion, with distinction - expressed in love.

"For we all now with eyes wide open, behold once again, as one looking into a mirror, the glory of God in the glory of our original creation in the image and likeness of God, but now also in the glory of our inclusion in the uncreated spirit life of the Godhead through Christ." (2 Cor. 3:18)

What is most shocking about this narrative of the Genesis story?

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