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Breaking The Speed Limit Passing The Angels

Updated on December 13, 2012

Breaking The Speed Limit Passing The Angels

Breaking The Speed Limit Passing The Angels

Have to tell everyone what I just heard.

Jesus is almost ready for His Coronation,

Tell all you see , keep passing the word !

Tell those you see what is about to happen,

The greatest thing ever since time has begun.

Everyone on earth needs to know it is near.

We must tell all of earth's inhabitants,everyone..

We must shout it from the highest mountaintops,

And to the people down in the valleys below.

We do not want anyone to miss the coronation

Of the Lord Jesus so many of us love and know.

Please hurry now and go tell all the people

That the last invitations are now being sent.

No one on earth should ever want to miss it,

For it's a one time only life time event !

We all know there will be people miss it ,

They will all find many other things to do.

We don't want others to miss this life changer,

Tell all that you meet, tell your loved ones too.

It won't be long till we hear Gabriel's horn

Sounding out from Heaven so loud and clear .

Joy to those who have accepted His invitation,

Wonderful news to them all. King Jesus is here!

Clara Kish


I know this one is a little different but it is

what The Lord gave to me. I hope it will

give everything something to think about,

We can not make people believe but let them

know what will happen in the near future.We

do not know how long we may have here on earth

we should warn those who will listen. Bye for now,



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    • profile image

      Clara Kish 5 years ago

      That is a good subject . I will think about it. He has too many things and people to watch out for , His family should come first ,wife ,before any one else ,They have already cut back at the post office ,he used to get overtime but they have cut that out,too. It used to be a good job but those days are gone now. When he comes he is just in and out, I guess when you are hyper you never grow out of it. The last time on there I couldn't find a place to leave a comment . Love, Cherry

    • profile image

      Tessie Payne 5 years ago

      Breaking the Speed Limit-It is true! I feel that when we die that God has already come for us in one sense of speaking as there is no going back to right the wrong we have done. Saying is, "As a tree falls so shall it lie." We must get it right the first time around. Life in not a DRESSED REHERSAL it is THE FIRST AND ONLY PERFORMANCE so we must get it right the first time around or miss Heaven.

      It has been a very long time and many song postings since I have had a comment from you on YOU TUBE. Surely John has been to your house since way back then. If not, tell him Tessie wants to talk with him about a little time for his Mother while she is still among the living! I feel sure he can and should make a little time for you. Our Post Office is in consideration for closure or cutting back to 6 hours a day. Maybe, the Post Office that John is working for will close or cut back and make a little time for you. That is another Poem, "A LITTLE TIME FOR MAMA," Get your pen and start writing! Love you, Tessie