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Breaking down ungodly Blood Covenants in prayer?

Updated on May 27, 2017
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Louis Fourie born again in Yehoshua, baptized with water and Fire and a true Follower. I have Pitch my tent with Elohim my Friend.

With Getting a tattoo, innocent blood flows and a blood covenant is made with Satan.

Innocent Blood Gives Satan Right to Earth's Domain

Adam was given the dominion over this Earth by God in Gen 1:26:

No evil spirit or demon has the right to be here on the earth, legally. The only way they can be here legally and be active, is when there is a blood covenant with or for them. These covenants can only be made by people, deliberately or by lack of knowledge, with a blood offering.

If we look what happened in the Garden of Eden where Man fell into sin, Satan had a legal way into the Earth and the dominion thereof through “sin”. God said that Adam and Eve would surely die if they ate of the tree of life. God killed the first animal in their place (the first sacrifice for sin), and from the skins He made coats to clothe them. The first blood covenant was between Adam and God Himself, showing to the Lamb of God, who would redeem humanity. Satan wanted to kill Adam and Eve but couldn’t lift a finger to do so because there was an offering for sin.

Then we read the story about Cain and Abel. We see that no children were born in the garden, but outside it. We read in Gen 4:4-11 that Cain killed his brother and in verse 10 - 11 we see something interesting. “The voice of your brother’s (innocent) blood cries unto God”. Then God said Cain is now cursed from the earth because the earth opened her mouth to received Abel’s blood.

Blood Covenant between God and Man

So what happened here?

Satan wanted to kill Adam and Eve legally after they sinned but God stopped him by making a blood covenant with man, so Satan had no legal blood covenant.

Satan then used Cain to kill his brother and by complying, the innocent blood was spilled onto the earth, erecting the first blood covenant between Satan and man.

This blood altar gave Satan the right to the earth, and if you make a study of this, you will see that most deceptions come from Cain’s bloodline.

So what blood covenants do we still make today with Satan?

Blood that is been spilled on this earth, by sacrifice or by spilling innocent blood makes a blood covenant and it gives him the legal right to rule over areas or persons. This leads to bondage and even demon possession, and that certain sins prevail in certain areas.

Blood Covenant is a Binding Spiritual Law

Close up tatoo, see the blood.

Examples of these Blood Covenants are:

  1. When a virgin girl gives up her right before marriage, where her blood became the shrine for Satan. This gives right to Satan into her life as well as the person she had sex with, bringing bondage and even demon possession. She will never be the same afterwards and her marriage will also not work without Jesus, because Satan will destroy it and her life and that of her children.
  2. Rape gives the enemy rights. Remember that semen contains blood from the male, so even if she does not bleed, blood is involved.
  3. When people or children are beaten and blood is spilled.
  4. Drug abuse, when a needle is used or they place glass in the drugs to cut your nose linings so that it bleeds for better absorption.
  5. Blood sacrifices as per witchcraft or “sangomas”
  6. Human or animal blood sacrifices.
  7. Killing of innocent people.
  8. Abortions.
  9. Accidents where someone is killed or hurt and the person responsible was drunk or drugged, or even spiteful.
  10. Bullying people.
  11. Tattoos, they use needles and there is blood.
  12. Self mutilation, like cutting or piercings.
  13. Moshing or head banging.

Any place or way where blood is shed unnaturally

Satan will claim his right

Everywhere innocent blood is spilled, there Satan will claim a Blood Covenant and rule over that place, person or situation. It is scary to know, but true.

So how are we going to stop Satan from been active having a right to operate here on Earth? Rev 12:11 says that we overcome Satan by the blood of the lamb and by the word of our testimony and that we do not love our lives to death.

We have to renounce these blood covenants that Satan has with us, and bind them and cast them into hell. In their place we must apply the blood of the Lamb and not make another offer. We have the right to break covenants over our families and children, ask forgiveness for them and apply the blood of Jesus to those areas in their lives.

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Tattoo is wrong even placing a Cross on your body.

Prayer of deliverance.

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© 2013 Louis Fourie


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    • profile image

      Bethany Thomas 

      18 months ago

      That’s not true god will deliver you from that he delivered me!!!


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