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Brenda Nicholas and "Aura Soap"

Updated on October 10, 2015

Brenda Nicholas

Nicholas (46) of Seattle worked mainly as a palm reader, under the name Monica Marks.

A Dark Turn

In 2007 Nicholas was working a street fair when she met an elderly women who wanted some help improving her life.

Brenda Nicholas
Brenda Nicholas

Enter the Aura Soap

Nicholas told the women she had a gray aura, and claimed that it could be improved by using a special soap. (Read more about auras here).

Nicholas ended up giving the women pills that made her feel strange, seeing her every few days and getting her to make large cash withdrawals.

The woman ended up paying Nicholas over a million dollars. The victim was left unable to pay for her assisted living facility.

Many people believe in auras and feel that certain spiritual or meditative practices can "clean" them of psychic debris. However the use of a tangible product like soap for this process is ludicrous whether you are a believer in psychic phenomena or not.


I fully respect honest people who are in a psychic or clairvoyant trade. And of course people are always free to use these services. But when it comes to vulnerable people who may be depressed, unwell or not thinking clearly, it is important to distinguish between visiting a psychic and being outright exploited as in this case.

No honest practitioner will ask a client to pay more than they can reasonably afford. So if you feel a vulnerable person is being exploited by a psychic fraud, do not hesitate to contact the police.

More About Psychic Soap

In sites like eBay you will see people selling "magic" soap that they claim will bring the user wealth or romance, or break curses. The makers generally do not strike me as people with any real standing to expertise. It just seems to be one more way to try and get people to pay more for a product that is not worth very much.


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    • profile image

      ann 2 years ago

      This Brenda lady was also connected to a murder. She did more than scam and drug the elderly.

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 5 years ago from New Jersey

      Thanks for warning people about phonies, Nouveau Skeptic. I am an astrologer and tarot reader, and nobody should be charging large amounts of money for such services. The calculation and interpretation of an astrology horoscope should run between $75-$200.00. It takes about 5 or 6 hours to interpret it. But for that price, the astrologer should be giving the client either a hand drawn or computer generated chart (a circle with all the planets in it) and at least spend 1 hour explaining it, and also giving them a tape or CD of the reading, especially in the higher price range. Tarot readings generally are $25 for a 15 minute reading, and $50 for a half hour reading. They don't usually go longer, because I know when I read, after a few half hour ones, I start to lose my voice. If the reader says they can tell you more for a large amount of money, that's your cue to get out of there. Nobody should ever be taken advantage of like that. Thanks for sharing this story.


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