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Brian Carnes Orders Assault on Congregant

Updated on July 3, 2012

Prophet Carn

False Apostle Leon Emerson

Prophet Brian Carn Orders Assault on Congregant

Prophet Brian Carn, while guest speaking at a local church in Denver Colorado (Now Faith Church), along with church pastor Leon Emerson, ordered the physical assault of a congregant who protested their conduct of lies, womanizing and charging excessive 'donations' for purposes of enriching themselves.

Among many misuses of the Biblical record witnessed these men offering regular olive oil, which they called anointing oil, offered to congregants for a price. The scam was this - congregants were told to come in front of the church, write their names on the oil jars and whomever wrote their names of the jars, would later be charged a 'Holy fee' for the privilege.

Much to the horror of several present, another preacher announced (utilizing emotional blackmail and 'brow beating') - "We have to raise money because we put the Prophet (Carnes) into a top-of-the-line (expensive) hotel. We want him to have the best."

This organization is well known locally as 'get rich or die trying', fundraising outfit whose main purpose is to provide Leon Emerson money for the purposes of paying excessive speaking fees to national speakers (which brings in more funding) and buying expensive clothing, vehicles and other amenities reserved for top tier church leaders.

For years, Emerson has lived a luxurious lifestyle of donations and claiming, despite biblical evidence to the contrary, it is GOD who wants him to be blessed with trappings of the rich.

While homeless, needy and desperate people have no food to eat or place to live, Carns and Emerson drive luxury vehicles, stay in five-star hotels (which Carns uses as a love nest to seduce young female congregants with) and pay national speakers $10,000 - $20,000 per speaking engagement.

Around 15 min. into Carns' misrepresentations and being cheered on by Emerson, a local Denver man stood up and biblically confronted Carns about his misrepresentations of the Bible. The response to this protest was both swift and violent.

Carns, knowing the man to be speaking truth along with Leon Emerson, ordered and then stood by as three other male congregants assaulted the protester. The assault victim was physically seized and dragged into a back room, slammed on a table and viciously pinned up against a wall.

Shortly afterward, the protester was thrown out of the church. More than 400 congregants witnessed the assault yet none came to the victim's aide. Christian aide was replaced with wild cheers and encouragement from the Christians present. So much for the 'Good Samaritan' teachings of Christ.

Two men who had accompanied the victim, yet took no part in the protest, were forced out of the church also. Their crime, according to the violent response ordered by Emerson and Carns? Nothing more than sitting in the church like 400 others.

The victim shot video and has audio of the assault and was so concerned about these actions that he sent the below email to Carnes the following day. (email pictured below)

What was further alarming was while preaching the message of living for God, Carnes is a known womanizer who tells young female congregants, none of which he is married to - "God wants you with me (or to have his child)."

When reached for comment, the victim offered - "What occurred was something which legally, could've been prosecuted as a physical assault. I'm not going to press charges on Emerson, Carns or the three male congregants will either ordered my assault or carried it out."

The victim ended with - "I couldn't believe the things they were doing in the name of God. What is worse is that ignorant congregants carry their young children and young adult women to these places to be preyed on by the likes of Carns and Emerson. This is not an issue of someone offering an opinion which those who carried out the assault haven't heard and most often, say that they agree with. The biblical scriptures I quoted to him (Carnes) and Emerson came from the same Bible that they read from. What did I do wrong to be assaulted?"

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