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Broke Down

Updated on February 14, 2012

He Did it Again

It was a Saturday, April 16, 2011. My old truck had been giving me some trouble starting. I kept putting off buying a new battery for about a month when I finally decided to make a trip to town and get one. The nearest store is a 45 minute drive through no-man's land.

It was mid afternoon when I started out. My kids were all involved in what they were doing so I went alone leaving them with a promise I would be home well before dark.

My truck is a gas guzzler but its all we have. Every time I take it out I'm guaranteed a trip to the gas station as well. On this trip for some reason I thought I could make the trip to town with the gas I had in the tank. I would definitely need gas on the way home. I miss calculated my fuel and decided to take a slight detour to a nearby town to add some fuel. I did not, under any circumstances, want to run out of fuel in this desolate area. I pulled up to the first pump and fueled up. When I tried to start the truck it cranked over but wouldn't start. I thought, "No way. Here I am on my way to get the new battery and the truck dies. NO way." Yes, way. Try as I might the truck wouldn't start. I advised the gas station attendant of my situation. Then I called a tow truck. I decided to call my kids while I was at the payphone and let them know I would be running a little later than I previously thought. I assured them a tow truck was on the way and he would jump start the truck and I'd be rolling again. With that we hung up, I could feel their apprehension on the other end, Mom might not get back til after dark.

While I was waiting for the tow truck the gas station attendant was kind enough to offer her husbands help, "We live right there. If a jump is all you need I'm sure he'll be happy to help". As promised her husband was there within five minutes with a pair of jumper cables. He had our vehicles hooked up and ready to jump within minutes. I turned the key, nothing. He moved the cables around, I tried the key again, rrrrrrerrerr, nothing. He moved the cables around again, rrrrreeerrr, rrreeerrrrerrr, nothing. He apologized to me and shook his head, "Its not the battery. If it was it would have started just now. I can't help you." I thanked him and told him a tow truck was on the way.

The tow truck arrived thirty minutes later. He tried, as the attendants husband had, to jump start the truck, nothing. He revved up his engine, reapplied the jumper cables, nothing. At this point the sun was going down, it was getting dark. I went to the public phone and called my kids again. "I won't be home for a little while. It looks like the tow truck guy can't get it to start". They weren't happy about that at all. Its dark out and Mom's not home and won't be for a little while.

The tow truck driver decided it was the starter and not the battery that was causing the problem. He climbed under the truck and started banging on the starter with a hammer then hollering up at me, "Try it now!" Rrrrrrrer, rrrrrrererer, nothing. This went on for a good hour or more. It was getting around nine o'clock at night. I called my kids again, "He can't get it to start, but boy does he keep trying. He'll give me a ride, it'll cost me, but he will have to tow the truck home I'm sure because it just isn't going to start." Their tension was at its peak. Mom's not home, its dark, and its almost bedtime. We can't go to bed without Mom here its too scary.

The tow truck driver was becoming so frustrated with the truck he called a friend to assist him. He had put a valiant effort into trying to get this truck to start but absolutly nothing was changing. My kids were home alone and upset, which in turn was causing me to become upset and stressed. I began to wonder why this guy wouldn't give up and just tow me home regardless of what it would cost me. I'd been at this gas station, blocking this pump bay for nearly six hours now! Nothing was working. He tapped on the starter with his hammer, then I would turn the key, over and over again.

I was tired and frustrated. I kept thinking of my kids at home alone and upset. The tow truck driver's buddy had taken over trying to turn the truck over after he banged on the starter. I leaned on the bed of my truck with my head down on my arms in defeat. I began talking quietly to myself but really that's how I "pray" to my higher power, God. I talk quietly to myself but addressing Him. With my head still bowed down resting on my arms I clasp my hands together and prayed. I had a pang of embarassment that someone may see me in the prayer position so I clasped my hands as casually as possible. I said quietly "please, just let the truck start one more time, please. I can't afford this, I just want to get home. My kids are scared, I'm in the middle of no where, please, just one more start, please".

While I stood there with my head bowed against my truck, my hands clasped in hidden prayer, I heard the tow truck driver banging on the starter again. His partner was now at the truck door waiting for the signal to turn it over...again....for the fortieth time. "Turn it over" he yells, but this time.........THE TRUCK ROARED TO LIFE!!! I screamed and threw myself back from the truck! It was so sudden and so loud, strong,undeniable start of a strong engine, I was shocked out of my mind!! Just as suddenly as that truck roared to life a huge smile crossed my face and tears filled my eyes.My first thought was, "You, oh, you!" Then aloud, "You freak me OUT when you do that! You know you do!" I'm laughing and choking back tears.I just kept smiling, I couldn't stop, shaking my head saying over and over "You, You, You!!! You know that freaks me out when you do that! Thank you, thank you, I'm going straight home like I promised. I think you do that just for the effect You can have on me" I'm walking around my truck aimlessly, excited, laughing and crying at the same time. "I asked for just one more start and You gave it to me, I'm going straight home. You are so awesome, thank You!" The tow truck driver and his assistant were surprised as well. I could see they were surprised the truck started and with such ferocity! They were also wondering what the heck was up with me?! I must have looked like I lost my mind as I walked around the truck talking to nobody in particular, crying and saying thank you as I looked skyward. At that point I didn't care. It was between me and Him. I needed to thank Him and I didn't care who saw me! All the way home I kept thinking about how he's done this several times in my life. Act's like this. Undeniable, distinct, just after I pray directly to Him, something severely affects my life that is so undeniable His work, His deed, in answer to my prayer. It turned out to be more than six hours I was at that gas station with the tow truck driver banging on the starter to try and get it to start. Yet, it was less than one minute from the moment I said my prayer and the truck roared to life!



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  • Msmillar profile image

    Joanna 5 years ago from Valley Springs

    Hey dmop, Thanks for the welcome! I had to start writing down my experiences since they happen soooo often to me. What better place to write than the hubpages!

  • dmop profile image

    dmop 5 years ago from Cambridge City, IN

    Great inspirational story. I've never had an answer quite so profound, but he lets me know he's there. Thanks for sharing this, and welcome to HubPages.