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Broken and Repaired

Updated on October 27, 2011

We have to be broken to know repair. We often go through life wondering why. Why does evil thrive? Edmond Burke said that “evil thrives when good men do nothing.” When we sit on the sidelines and watch the injustices and evil that men do to each other, we are just as guilty. We are to be the wrench that is thrown into the gears of hatred and wickedness. We are to go against the flow and fight the currents of darkness—however, the truth be told, most of us are silent and sit back just allowing Satan to have our world. Christ came, he saw and he conquered. I know, if I were a general who had gone to war, and through blood sweat and tears fought for the freedom of my people, I would want them to appreciate what I had done. And, imagine the same people, whom I brought from the brink of death, to turn and betray me—use me—and ultimately kill me, that would be something that would leave me not wanting to wage the war.

The war that is fought for the souls of man is one of strife and suffering. But, why should it be? Why do we even give Satan the time of day to use his tricks and devices against us when the prize of salvation is ours for the taking? So weak and unreceptive are we when God shed his grace upon us. We allow all the evils of our imaginations to run wild. We no longer discipline our children—so, in turn, we get horrible children. We have allowed our marriages to break down, we have allowed our families to be broken, and we have allowed our churches to be bombarded by greed, ego and evil. The key word in these two previous statements is that we ALLOW these things to happen. We allow the evil to thrive because WE DO NOTHING.

Imagine if we stood up and told the world: No! We will not allow you to control us or our faith in Christ! We want to pray in public, in our schools and at our jobs. We want to tell others of Christ no matter where we are. Imagine if we stood up and said—No, we will work on our marriages, they are not deposable, they are not just for a fun time—our marriages are holy and are a pact with God. In the movie, “V for Vendetta”, V says: "We should not be afraid of our governments—the governments should be afraid of us.” We are the people. We are the ones who need to stand up and fight against the oppression of the Christian. Anything said against any other religion in the world and we are condemned for it. But, when people talk about Christ and Christianity—none of us stand up to the plate and fight against it.

When it all comes down to it, we will be judged by Christ for our actions—whether we did something or not. We need to show our children how to stand against the evil. We need to prepare them for the war that is not only here—but, the one that is coming.

I hope that you all reading this do not take this a ranting of a madman. I have experienced so much evil and wickedness in my short 37 years of life that it drives me mad to think of what is to come. How perverse and wicked the world has become from even when I was a kid. There are no boundaries of good and evil—there is only good or evil—period. In the book of Isaiah, he tells us in the “latter days man will call evil good and good evil.” They will not know the difference. Is that not happening now? I am a Christian and I am doing my all to do what I can do to make a change in this world. Am I doing enough? No—I want to do more, we can all do more can’t we?

However, going back to my first statement, I have been broken many times and through that breaking I have experienced God on a deeper and more loving level. He has helped me and guided me though all the heartache and pain I have experienced. He has raised me from the muck and mire of the tides of wickedness and I see him as the loving gracious God who saved me from the burdens of sin. Remember we are not alone. He will never leave or forsake us, even when we feel like we are alone—we are with him!


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